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Hunted Hunter

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It was the best thing I have ever smelled. I just wanted to taste him. Just a little, itsy bitsy taste....

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I loved house parties like this. Drunken teens who didn't know any better. Pretty girls, beautiful men.

From my seat on the soft plush couch, I watched as a boy knocked back another drink. He's kept my attention for a while now. Much longer than anyone else I'd ever felt the need to hunt.

He was a drunken, stumbling fool on his feet, but when he danced, it was amazing. Mouthwatering.

I smiled and put out my cigarette on the heel of my shoe, tucking the remainder behind my ear as I stood. This boy would be mine tonight.

As I got closer, my muscles clenched. It'd been days since I'd eaten, and I was feeling it. His scent.... God it was so good.

It was the best thing I have ever smelled. I just wanted to taste him. Just a little, itsy bitsy taste.

I placed my hands on his hips, swaying with him to the beat of the metal music vibrating the floor. "Hi." I murmured into.his ear as he froze.

At my voice, his body relaxed and his hand found my neck. The smell of the whiskey in his veins was dulling his blood.

I could onky imagine what it smelt like clean. We bounced to the music until the long song changed.

Suddenly, he turned and attatched his lips to my neck, making me moan and grip his hair lightly. He bit down, making my hips thrust forward.

"You're a great dancer." He breathed as he licked up to my ear.

"You too." I groaned as he suckled on my earlobe "Oh..." I felt something touch my heart.

It was nice. Kinda warm. It made my muscles hurt way less.

"Couch or screw up someones bed?" He breathed, his breath stank of alcohol.

I smiled. "Bed of course." I pulled him down the hall to an empty room. The bed was straight across from the door.

He gasped as I picked him up and wrapped his legs around my waist, seating him on my hands. I carried him to the bed and settled him down, laying on top of him.

I eased him down into a laying position, hovering over him. He shivered under me as I stared into his eyes. My mouth watered again as I licked up his neck.

His hands tangled in my hair tightly as he shifted his weight and thrusting up into me. I groaned and grazed my teeth over his neck.

He moaned and shoved my face closer. I couldn't resist. My teeth pierced his skin.

"Ah!" He writhed under me as his sweet blood filled my mouth. "I'm Frank." He moaned as I took my fill grin his neck.

"Gerard." I purred, pulling away after I licked his neck. I fumbled with his pants as he rubbed me through my own.

My breath hitched as I pulled his down to his knees, exposing his underwearless crotch. The face he made as I panted over it, his hips lifting and circling before falling back, it fucking hot.

I put three of my fingers to his mouth. He circled them with his tongue, taking them into his mouth suggestively.

Once they were slick, I licked among the head of his cock. His mouth opened in a loud moan and I took the chance to take my fingers back.

I placed one at his entrace and pushed it in, moving it around and in and out slowly, his moans and hip rolls making me even harder. The second joined the second finger soon joined the first, scissoring into him.

He gave me the pleasure of his blood already, but for once, I wanted his body in more than that. I wanted to make him scream my name.

I nudged his prostate, making him gasp loudly and his hands clench in my hair. Teasingly, I bumped against it lightly, making his body jolt every time.

"P-please! Fuck me Gerard!" I grinned at his words and pulled back, standing up. "W-wait." He breathed, sitting up.

I looked at him with curious eyes as he kicked his jeans off and sat on his knees on the low bed. He put his hands on my hips and unbuttoned my shirt while I took his off of him.

Tattoos danced along his skin. I smiled a he slipped the fabric off of my shoulders.

His hands traced down my chest, mashing me close my eyes. "You're beautiful." He breathed, seeming sober now. His hands worked at my button and zipper.

Finally, my erection was exposed to the cool air of the room. Only for a moment, though. His hot, wet mouth took me in deep, making me groan and grab his shoulders for support as he held me by my hips.

The pure physical bliss are at me until I felt the tingling clench in my stomach. I pulled him away by his hair gently, during him to look up at me.

I kissed him hard on the mouth, tasting myself. His arms curled around my waist as he pulled me down on top of him. Short as he was, I fell into the right position easily.

Taking his hips in my hands again, I placed my to at his entrance, letting him brace himself for about half a second before I pushed into him slowly. He moaned, his nails digging into my back.

His muscles clenched around me, making me moan as well and bury my face in his shoulder. As he adjusted to my large size, I rubbed at his cock, making me smile at his whimpers.

When he relaxed, I pulled out and snapped back into him, hitting his prostate head on. "Ohmigod!" He screamed.

I smiled and held myself in the same position as I thrust into him roughly. "" He moaned.

"If you insist." I smiled, gripping his hips hard enough to leave a bruise as I pounded into him. Humans couldn't move this fast or as hard as this.

In seconds, he was milking himself between our stomachs. His muscles clenched so tight that I lost it.

I exploded inside of him with a loud moan. "Frank!" I held into his hips.

He whimpered as I pulled out of him. "Y-you know, when I first saw you, I knew." His hands moved to his neck. "When I kissed and bit your neck, I wanted to kill you so bad. But I'm glad I didn't." He smiled, his arms falling around my neck loosely.

"What?" I looked at him. As an answer, he rolled on top of me, pushing me into my back. "I..."

He silenced me with his lips softly before he moved them to my neck. His hand covered my mouth and turned my head to the side.

I felt his teeth against my skin then nothing. In that area. "Frank." I breathed against his palm, putting my arms around his hips.

After a moment, he pulled back, my blackish red blood on his lips. His eyes were a dark purple now.

He liked my blood away and kissed me. "We can't do this, just so you know. You'll always want my blood and I'll always yours."

"I think we can work that out." I smiled at him. "Vampires take what they want."

"So do demons." He smiled back. I took a deep breath and hugged him to me.

"Besides, us immortals need to stay together." I kissed his face.

"That, and you're the best guy I've been with." He smiled widely, his eyes turning back to brown.

I smiled back. "Wanna go kill some humans?" He nodded, scrambling up to his feet, flinching.

"Damn, you fucked up my hips." He pulled on his pants. "Ow shit." He whimpered.

I laughed and kissed him long and hard before I got dressed too.

So....yeah. A smutty kinda weird one for ya. I'm kinda tired and I'm pretty sure I'm sick.

R+R and all that. Sorry the note is so short this time. Anyway...

Hugs and Pencils,
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