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Down You Fell Deep Into Your Mind.

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First day of school for Frank. Isn't it awesome when you spend half of it in the nurse?

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Chapter Two: Down You Fell Deep Into Your Mind.

I felt myself come conscious again but i didn't dare open my eyes, though with my eyes closed i could see red, the red you saw when you knew a light was on and i wished it wasn’t i wished it’d go away everytime i awoke like this, i knew where i was, it had happened so many times these couple of years, i had ended up in a place like this, almost every week at least once sometimes up to 3 times, i would end up laying on a seat like this, i’d end up at the nurses office, sometimes it was due to being badly beating other times it was my on my own fault, it was the sickness that overcame, right i never told you, i’m anemic and its getting worst, sometimes i’d be at home or at school and i’d just collapse, fall into blackness. most of the time a teacher would see me and take me to a nurse occasionally it was skylar, the closest thing i had to a friend, she was one of the only people that knew i was sick along with my mother. for those of you who know nothing of this illness, its when you lack blood cells, its mostly cause by not getting enough iron, or simply not eating, in my occasion it was both, one, i’m a vegan so i don’t get too much iron, then i also hardly eat, and no i don’t “starve” myself i just simply forget, or just don’t feel the need to eat, but anyway i’ve sidetracked, like always, this time it wasn’t my sickness or a beating that brought me here, i was suddenly being hit by what had happened, i had walked blindlessly into something, or was it someone, and hit my head hard on the floor.

I finally decided to open my eyes and was hit back by how bright the room actually was, as my vision started to clear i saw hazel eyes staring right at me, they were outlined by charcoal black eyeliner or shall i say, guyliner, he looked straight in my eyes then walked out. seconds later a mid-thirties looking woman walked in, i assumed she was the nurse.

No shit sherlock!

Oh shut up.

I would if you weren’t so goddamn stupid!

Nice, calling yourself stupid!

Oh, right, oh well WE are quite stupid.

“Good, you’re up!” She said with a huge smile on her face.

“Yeah,” I mumbled, taking a breathe inside, i had actually gotten to know the old nurse at my old school given i was there a lot.

“So, what’s your name, the kid, what’s his name, uh i can’t remember it, but well he said he bumped into you in the hallway but doesn't know you.” she said.

“Frank, Frank Iero” I answered.

“Alright then Frank, let me just pull up your information, just a sec” she said, she seemed nice, not like most people i’ve met. I just sat there in silence.

“Hmm, are you new or something, there isn't a file for you yet?”

“Umm, actually, yeah, first day,” i said.

“Oh well, nice to meet you, i hope we won’t be seeing each other too much, you seem like a good kid, so stay out of trouble,” she said, giving me a small smile

I tried to give her a smile back but truly couldn’t, cause even though i hoped i wouldn’t need to see the nurse to much it was my fate.

“Alrighty then i’ll just do a little check up on you, just to make sure you don’t have a concussion, then you can go,” she said.

After, she did her “check up” i was good to go she even told me where my classes were, it was 3rd period i apparently was out cold for a bit more than two hours, and for those two hours, mysterious boy had been by my side, Kelly, the nurse, as she said to call her, said he refused to leave even after she told him i’d be fine.

I walked down the hall, the same exact hall where i’d fallen, thats when i started to wonder, how did i get to the nurse, had he carried me there?

I tried to get those piercing hazel eyes out of my mind yet i couldn’t, i wondered why, but there was no time to think of that, i had a class to get to.


I turned the knob, instantly all eyes were on me, i awkwardly walked towards the teacher, who looked up at me, questionably, so i handed her my schedule.

“Frank, is it?” she said, squinting at the paper.

I simply nodded.

“Alright, lets see here,” she got up and scanned the room for a bit.

“Why don’t you take a seat next to Ivan over there,” she said.

i just stood there, awkwardly, like always.

“Oh, right, Ivan raise your hand,” she announced.

A skinny kid with curly hair, rose his hand.

I went to take a seat and as soon as i did, i zoned out, in seconds i was transported somewhere else, like a parallel universe, where all these kids were different, where they understood me, somewhere where they understood my love for music, but just as i was going to roam around this world, something brought me back, more of someone, well someone’s foot, i was being kicked by the person in front of me, i came back and looked straight at them dubiously.

“Hey! Hey! kid!” He said.

“What?” I answered.

“Hi! Well my name’s Brandon! What’s yours?” Great! It was one of those extremely nice weird kids.

“Frank,” I said might as well be nice or courteous on my first day.

“Cool, I like your shirt, i saw them live just last month” he said, wait did i hear that right, i both loved this kid and hated him.

“You what?!?! You lucky bitch!” I said, well more of screamed, causing the class to turn, and the teacher to glare at me evilly, you see Green Day are one of my favorite bands, i learned guitar just looking at the god that is Billie Joe Armstrong.(because he is a real god!)

“I know! they’re amazing though!” he said with a huge grin.

I like this kid.

A/N: Ello! c: hope you enjoyed this, would you be so kind as to tell us what you think, i promise the next couple chapters shall be shall we say intresting.

Love, Ivan (Silver_Electric), and Coffee (Detonating_Bunny)
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