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A Note To My Readers

by atomickilljoy 5 Reviews

If you read my stories, read this!

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  • A Note To My Readers

    (#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-09-09 04:04:30 PM

    NO.. I don't know your name O.O Well either way Imma miss Ryan my favorite pushy virgin (and the fact that thanks to you everytime my english teacher says 'Annosense' I giggle like an idiot imagining Ryan flipping out yelling "Abstinence" Okay? And yeah high-school's a bitch :( But you'll make friends (hell I even made some..well 3, more of I know 2 of them SLIGHTLY and more of friends with 1..but still)

    Author's response

    I hope I can find the time to update. I laugh, too. Trust me XD Thanks. :) I'll try to update
  • A Note To My Readers

    (#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-09-09 04:45:19 PM

    Thanks :) I know the feeling (I say that a lot but it's like "GAH I need to update but I can't..cause freaken teachers giving us freaking homework for their own freaking amusement" :P

    Author's response

    I know this feel. It's frustrating
  • A Note To My Readers

    (#) electricviolence 2012-09-09 06:22:38 PM

    Dude, I totally know how you feel! School started back a couple of weeks ago, and the bus won't come to where I live, so I have to walk for like 30 minutes to get to it. ;.;

    My teachers apparently think I'm frickin' superhuman or something with all of the homework they've given me.

    Also, I have detention for the next two weeks (Which may or may not be because I snuck into the back of the gym after assembly and started playing music over the loud speaker....... But In my defense the priest did say rock music is evil, and he did use my favorite bands as examples....)

    Yeahhhhh, that was my bad.

    Also some guy came into class yesterday and gave us a lecture on abstinence, and I swear the whole time he was speaking, I couldn't stop thinking about Ryan. ABSTINENCE! XD

    Wow, I'm practically telling you about my whole life, here. Sorry, I get carried away. Haha, byezzz!

    Author's response

    I enjoyed reading this XD The teachers are ok in my school, but they need to chill a bit with the homework. I hate taking the train and walking. In the neighborhood where I have to walk, people get mugged a lot. Gahh. I feel like going to your priest and talking to him in a Satanic voice. ABSTINENCE ABSTINENCE ABSTINENCE Ryan should totally go to schools and speak about abstinence :3 I'd crack up XD
  • A Note To My Readers

    (#) electricviolence 2012-09-09 07:17:49 PM

    Someone should E-mail him, I'd totally pay money to see that! XD

    Author's response

    I'd pay GOLD XD
  • A Note To My Readers

    (#) Mirazal 2012-11-06 08:45:06 PM

    I just got rawss rolld.

    I was looking at it for a minute until I finally realized what had just happened.


    Author's response


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