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Chapter 2

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The next morning there was a knock on Keavagh's door, the knock had woken up Ash. Ashley looked at his watch and strached his head it was only about 5:30am. Ash was wearing his boxers, he was still half asleep when he opened the door. He yawned. The person on the other side looked up at him. Ashley's face dropped, he looked down at his boxers and slammed the door shut. He couldn't believe he had just seen Niamh at Keavagh's door. He lay down back down and weeped. The slam of the door had woken Jamie up. He walked down stairs with his Thomas Tank blanket sat up so Jamie could fit on the sofa with him and switched on the TV and they both watched cartoons. A little later on Keavagh got up for work but Jamie told her he didn't feel well just so he could stay home with Ash. Dru got up and just avoided the living room. He left the house and slammed the door shut. He hadn't even said bye to Jamie.

Over in New York Olivia told Stef the news, he felt like he didn't know whether to cry or jump. He thought that seeing the boys might help him be happy again but he didn't know. Olivia was so much more bothered about seeing Ash,Keavagh, Dru, Jamie and Niamh. But not as excited for Niamh as she really disliked what she did to Ash espeacially at a time when they were spliting up. Stef and Olivia sat down on sofa flicking through the channels. There was nothing on again.
"You know what I miss most about England?" Stef said looking at Olivia. She looked up at him and shook her head.
"Soap opera's" he replied pointing at the TV. She just laughede and shook her head.
"Well you did enjoy your Eastenders didn't ya?" She said nudging him and winking him trying to get him to laugh as he looked down. He smiled a little. He didn't feel upto it. He kept looking at his phone to see if he had any twitter mentions of the boys or any texts. But he hadn't. He just wanted to hear from either but none of them could speak to eachother. Olivia struggled to speak to Stefan about the lads because she never knew what to say and how Stefan would re-act if she did.

Weeks passed and Ash kept visiting Keavagh's to see Jamie and Dru kept seeing less of his family. Two weeks had passed where Dru had seen Jamie once. He hadn't seen Keavagh at all but Keavagh wasn't as bothered about that as she was about Jamie. Dru made a promise that'd he'd always be there for Jamie but Keavagh felt asif he was breaking his promise. Keavagh looked at Jamie and Ash playing she thought to herself that that should be Dru in their not Ash. Keavagh texted him.
'Dru, you said you would be here
for this family. You have heardly
seen Jamie all week? Do you
really want him to end up like
you not knowing who his dad
is? Please Dru come HOME. We
love you x.'
Dru read the text his face turned red, he knew that Keavagh didn't mean it horribly, he just feared the fact that if he didn't come home he may turn out to be just like his dad.
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