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Chapter 4

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It was all soon to awkward for Ash so he returned home without saying goodbye to Stef or Dru. Keavagh looked at Olivia and shook her head, not like she was disgusted, it wasn't her fault, Keavagh just couldn't believe that it had just happened. Dru poked his head the door to see Keavagh staring and Olivia who was sitting on the stairs with her head in her hands. Dru stepped out the living and shut the door behind him. He walked over to the stairs and folded his arms waiting for an explanation. Olivia looked him and stood up looking like she has just killed someone shaking and looking at her best friend. Dru looked at them and his eye's widened, he knew straight away and also who it was. He stood in front of Olivia and told Keavagh to leave them be. She walked back into the living room and spoke to Stef, he kept asking her what had happened but she wouldn't say and kept switching the conversation. Dru had quite a loud voice so Keavagh put on some music. Ofcourse it was Midnight Beast, it was to give them memories of when they were together and how much fun they together. Stef tried to listen what Dru was saying but Keavagh got the children in to distract him.

After about 10 minutes Dru and Olivia walked back into the living room and nobody said anything. Keavagh put the kids to bed and called Bethany round to babysit whilst they went out. Ash later arrived with flowers for Oliva but she was out and the door opened where he saw Bethany. He smiled at her and puffed up his hair. She let him in wherethey both sat down and drank some tea. They began talking and Ash realised he really liked her. He could hear them all coming back so Ash got Bethany's number and went out the back door as they walked in the front. They were being really loud, ofcourse they were all drunk, some things just never changed with them. Olivia received a text from Ash.
'There's some else, sorry X'.
Olivia read it and let out a big sigh and kissed Stef. She looked at Keavagh and smiled. They were so glad it was over. Dru sat down and Keavagh sat on his lap, it made Dru laugh.
"How we are sitting reminds me of one of Ashley's chat up lines." Dru giggled, Keavagh looked at him confused.
"Sit on my lap and let's talk about the next thing that pops up." They all began to belly laugh. It became silent. No one wanted to say anything. No one could say anything. They all looked to the floor. Keavagh and Dru went to bed leaving Stef and Olivia in the spare room. In the middle of the night Olivia received a text, the noise woke Stefan up but not Olivia. He reached over her and read the text.
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