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Music Video one shots

by ItsM0llyBitch 13 reviews

Kind of personalized one shots but with a twist

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So as some of you know I posted a Frerard one shot yesterday based on the music video for You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift and if you didn't know that, feel free to go and read it

Anyway, I'm working on a new one which should be up tomorrow (Yes it's Taylor Swift) but what I wanted to know was if I should write more and what they should be

So what I want you beautiful MCR fans to do is leave a review saying what music video (It doesn't have to be MCR and no I won't judge if it's kind of embarrassing e.g Miley Cyrus) and what pairing it should be about (Frerard, Frikey, Rikey etc) even if the pairing is an OC/band member

It doesn't even have to be love if it is a music video that could include all the guys that's cool too

So please leave a review and if I write them I hope you like them

Molly x
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