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Auditions for War :)

by Cookie_monster 11 Reviews

Auditions for War :)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012/09/16 - Updated: 2012/09/16 - 64 words


  • Auditions for War :)

    (#) XCherrikidXD 2012-09-16 05:16:18 AM

    Name: Lucy May
    Nickname: lu lu
    Killjoy Name: Cherri Kid
    Eyes: Sea green
    skin/weight/height: pale, skinny with slight curvs, 5'1.
    Killjoy Outfit:
    Likes: chocolate, drawing, playing guitar, sarcasum, comebacks.
    Dislikes: spiders, lifts, dracs, very anoying people, people who scream at everything, people who can't take a joke.
    Special Skills: plays guitar, quite good at shooting, quite logical.
    Anything Else: I'm auditioning for the 'Badass' part, she's allergic to cheese...

    hope that was okay =)

    ~Lu lu xoxo
  • Auditions for War :)

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-16 05:48:48 AM

    Name: Jennifer Flores
    Nickname: Jen
    Killjoy Name: Atomic Revolver
    Looks: Black, wavy hair, up to shoulders, light brown skin, wide brown eyes
    Killjoy Outfit: Black leather jacket, black skinny jeans, black converse, a red and blue t-shirt and a small mask that covers her face a bit. It:s black with red and blue stars all over it, much like P.P's mask in Na Na Na.
    Likes: Drawing, singing, night time , and things that go "Boom".
    Dislikes: Dracs, people calling her "Jenny", and hugs.
    Special Skills: Has good aim, is good with computers, and is very smart, naturally.
    Anything Else: I'm auditioning for Doctor D's wife OR the Badass girl. Hope I make it :)
  • Auditions for War :)

    (#) NoPainNoGain 2012-09-16 05:51:07 AM

    This is for the Wimpy little sister
    Name: Danielle
    Nickname: Dani, Four-eyes, sneak.
    Killjoy Name: Sunshine Baby
    Looks: small and skinny. Big brown eyes that are great or the puppy dog look. Short blonde hair that's almost white. Thick square glasses.
    Killjoy Outfit: black shorts and tan tights with grey and black converse, a thin grey v-neck and black jacket.
    Likes: Hiding, reading anything she can get her hands on, eating anything in sight.
    Dislikes: fighting, loud noises, when she doesn't know where her sister is.
    Special Skills: archery, fitting herself into the smallest of spaces, stealing food without anyone noticing
    Anything Else: er... She cries a lot :(

    Thank you
  • Auditions for War :)

    (#) tmbfucks 2012-09-16 05:54:28 AM

    Name: Jodie Chambers (Or whatever last name you need) for the badass's wimpy sister.
    Nickname: Jo, but prefers her full name.
    Killjoy Name: Memory Madness
    Looks: Long, wavy, black hair, no fringe at all, and piercing blue eyes.
    Killjoy Outfit: This isn't mine, but I think it would suit her well, just more darker purple -
    Likes: Reading, her older sister, music, quiet, sleeping, daydreaming.
    Dislikes: Being the center of attention, being made to talk, conflict.
    Special Skills: Because she reads so much and she's so clever, she's good at tricking people with words, and she knows how to keep herself hidden.
    Anything Else: She's really shy, and hates it when something bad happens to the people she's close with, because she's barely close to anybody.

    I hope this is okay. XD xx
  • Auditions for War :)

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-16 05:54:44 AM

    How old is Dr.D's child? I want to make up an OC.

    Author's response

    5 or under I don't mind :)

    Love Hozzie
  • Auditions for War :)

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-16 06:09:36 AM

    Name: Prudence (insert last name XD)
    Nickname: Pru
    Killjoy Name:
    Looks: Has light brown skin, black hair up to her neck, and has brown eyes
    Killjoy Outfit:
    Likes: Candy, books, and she loves running around to rock music.
    Dislikes: When her mother leaves her, strangers who look mean, when she has to stay still for more than 5 minutes, and she hates girlie things.
    Special Skills: "i can count to 10!" :D
    Anything Else: she's like her mother, pretty much.

    I didn't include the Killjoy name and outfit because shes 5 years old. If you want, I can include them! :S
  • Auditions for War :)

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-16 06:10:48 AM

    I meant ":D" not ":S" XD
  • Auditions for War :)

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-16 06:23:09 AM

    Name: Maxine Greene
    Nickname: none
    Killjoy Name: Radiant Repeater
    Looks: Has pale skin, dark brown hair up to her neck, and has green eyes,
    Killjoy Outfit: Green skinny jeans, has a blue t-shirt, and has black shoes. She also has a yellow coat.
    Likes: Killjoys, being a Killjoy(or trying to), everything Killjoy related.
    Dislikes: Not being a Killjoy.
    Special Skills: She's pretty fast.
    Anything Else: This is for the "Somebody that wants to be a Killjoy" thing. She's pretty naive and needs a lot of training. She's also a bit too eager.
  • Auditions for War :)

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-16 06:25:14 AM

    Sorry for spamming, but for Jennifer's audition, for her appearance, I forgot to mention that she has bangs that cover her forehead, and she pulls her hair up into a ponytail before she goes out.
  • Auditions for War :)

    (#) ItsM0llyBitch 2012-09-16 08:59:41 AM

    Name: Molly Carroll
    Nickname: Molls
    Killjoy Name: Adrenaline Dreams
    Looks: Bright blue eyes, long wavy platinum blonde hair with a green sweeping fringe, short, slim, pale with freckles across nose, short nails, tattoos and piercings
    Killjoy Outfit: Red skinny jeans, white t shirt, brown belt hanging down, black army boots, black waistcoat, bracelets
    Likes: Drawing, funny things
    Dislikes: Spiders, bugs
    Special Skills: Plays bass, good fighter
    Anything Else: Not really

    I'm happy with any part, good luck x

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