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Parties, Heartbreaks, And First Dates.

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Sasha Finally Gets To Speak To Her Mystery Crush, Hazel Eyes.

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"Oh My Gosh I'm So Sorry She Did That." Hazel Eyes Said Helping Me Pick My Things Up. 

"Oh, Uh-I-Um, It's Okay." I Stuttered, Standing Up And Staring Right Up Into His Eyes. 

"Oh, Kay, Well Uh, My Name's Ryan. Ryan Ross."

Ryan. What A Beautiful Name.

"Oh Uh, Hi Ryan" I Said, Never Breaking The Gaze.

"Sasha Bell Right?"

"Um, Yeah, Nice T-To Meet You."

" Is Anything Wrong? Is Something On My Face. Damn Lunch"

That Made Me Giggle. He Is So Perfect And He Doesnt Even Know It. 

"Hehe, Oh No Nothing At All."

"Well, Okay Then, I Guess I'll See You Around"

And He Walked Away.
Not Even Saying Anything Else.
I Felt Heartbroken. I Know He's A Boy And I Usually Never Fall In Love Like That, I Really Dont Believe In Love At First Sight. But With Him, My Whole Perspective On Love Changed.

"OH, HEY! SASHA!"  Ryan Said Running Back To Me

"Uh Yeah Ryan?"

"You Got A Number?"

"Yeah Let Me Write It Down Quick" 

"Thanks, I'll Text You Later!"

Man That Boy Made My Heart Melt. I Finally Took All Of Him In. He Had Brown Hair That Fell Perfectly  Around His Face And He Had A Slight Mohawk. He Was Reeeaally Scrawny. He Had Long Legs And Wore Black Skinny Jeans With A Plain Black T-Shirt. He Was Fine. Now I See What All Those Girls Drool Over. 

Friday Came Fast And The Past Few Days Ryan And I Talked Quite A Bit. 
We Sat Together At Lunch And Hung Out Four Times After School. 

Then As Soon As I Know It We Were Out If School And It Was Almost Time For The Party. 
I Got Home And Took A Long Shower Letting The Water Gently Run Down My Body Like A Warm Waterfall. 

I Got Out Of The Shower And My Phone Rang, Smiling As I Saw The Name, I Picked Up.

"Hey Ry"

"Hey Sash Almost Ready For The Party" 

"Yeah Almost"
"Sweet, So Pete Asked Me If I Could Pick You Up, He's Staying There Tonight And Didnt Wanna Drive, So I Was Thinking Maybe We Could Grab Something To Eat Before Eating Gross Party Food"

"Sounds Great! See You In A Few Ry."

And I Hung Up. He's Such A Sweetie. I... I Really Did Fall In Love With Him. 

1 Hour Later And Ryan Was At My Door Looking Sexy As Usual.

"Hey Sash Ready To Go?"

"Yep Let Me Grab My Phone Quick."
And We Walked Out The Door. Hand In Hand.

(At Subway)

" Sasha I Kinda Wanted To Talk To You About Something. "

"Yeah Ry?"

"I-I , I Uh, I Really L..."


"Nothin It Doesnt Matter"

"No Ry I Want To-"

"Anyways Are You Excited For The Party? "

"Um Yeah Sorta"

"Why Sorta?"

"I Don't Know I Just, I'm Not Always The Party Type..."

"Well You Seem Fun When I'm Around"

I Blushed Slightly At The Comment

"Well Thank You But There's A Difference From Fun And Partying."

"Not Really.. Anyways Almost Ready?"

"Yeah Let's Go"

Well That Was Awkward. After That We Got In Ryan's Car And Drove To The Party. Once We Got There, The Whole Yard Stunk Of Alcohol And Vomit. Teens Were Stumbling About, And To Be Quite Honest, It Disguisted Me. 
We Walked Inside And It Was So Packed We Almost Couldn't Walk Through. Ryan Went To Find Me A Drink, And I Used That As My Chance To Escape To Find Pete. 

"Hey Pe-"

Oh Yeah, I Found Him Alright. Liplocking With Another Woman...

"Pete". I Gasped.

"Oh Sasha" 

A Single Tear Fell Down My Cheek.
"Sash, I'm Sorry.But That That Girl Was Hot" He Slurred And Tried To Kiss Me. 

"No Just- Please Just, Don't."
I Turned Around To See Ry Standing Right Behind Me. Looking Slightly Confused And I Quickly Ran To Find The Nearest Bathroom. 
Once I Found It, The Tears Were Already Pouring Out. Pete Made Me Feel Like Shit, And I Know I Shouldn't Be Mad Because He Was Drunk, But He Still Did It. And It made Me Feel Crumpled Inside. This Feeling I Was Having Sucked. 
My First Real HeartBreak.

5 Minutes Later Ryan Came In, Looking Worried, He Softly Embraced Me In A Hug.

"Sash Are You Okay?"

"I-I, I Really D-Don't Know Right Now, Ry. He Hurt Me. I Don't Really Know If I Ever Want A Chance At Love Again. I'll End Up Being The Lonely Cat Lady" I Wailed.

He Laughed A Little. 
"I Know I Know Sash, And A Girl Like You Deserves Better Than Him."

Damn Him He Always Knows How To Make Me Blush.

"Thanks Ry, Can I Just, Can You Take Me Home?"

"Sure, Um Give Me A Minute And We'll Leave."

After That Ryan Took My Hand And Led me To His Car, Running Back To The House Quick. Sitting In The Car, I Glanced At The Porch And Did A Double-Take, Seeing Ryan Making Out With Another Girl. God Dammit Two Heart Breaks In One Night. Must Be A Record. At This Point, I Just Want To Go Home, Fall Asleep, And Never Wake Up. 

After He Finished His Make-Out Session, He Walked Back, Realizing I Saw Him And That Girl. 
The Ride Home Was Pretty Silent. Then He Finally Spoke Up.

"You Know She Really Doesnt Mean Anything To Me Right?"

"Oh So You Just Make-Out With Women, Fuck Them, And Then Say They Mean Nothing To You? You Really Are Some Heartbreaker. I'm Surprised Everyone Still Runs Back To You. You're A Real Dick. "

"Sash Calm Down-"

"Ok, DON'T Tell Me To Calm Down. NEVER Tell A Woman To Calm Down. Never Ever." 

".... I Really Love Your Feistiness. Do You Wanna Go To A Movie With Me Sometime?"

Of Course. He Makes Me Blush. Once Again. I Hate When He Does That. But He Makes Me Feel So Bubbly All The Time.

"Ryan. I Don't Know. I Don't Wanna Be One Another One Of Those HeartBroken Girls. I Know Your A Player Ryan. I'm Not Stupid."

"Yeah I Know You're Definitely Not Stupid. But I Just Want To Take You Out." 

"...Maybe Tomorrow?"

"Sounds Like A Plan. I'll Pick You Up At 6:00 For Dinner And Then A Movie."

And We Pulled Up To My House. As Awkward As It Was, I  Never Wanted That Car Ride To End. I Never Want Any Moment With Him To End. Ever.

"Thanks Ry, See You Later." 

And I Regretted Closing That Door. I Wanted To Tell Him How I Felt. Right Then And There. To Tell Him That He Means Everything To Me. Because He Does. I Never Stop Thinking About Him. 
As Soon As I Got Home I Ran Up To My Room And Just Laid On My Bed. 
I Was So Excited For Tomorrow. I Closed My Eyes And Just Pictured Him. He's All I Think About Anymore.
Him And His Beautiful Smile,  

This Morning  I Woke Up  exhausted. I Hardly Slept. I Was So Excited For Our dinner And Movie Date. 

I Got in the Shower And As The Time Was Passing, I Got More And More Nervous About The Date. What If I Said The Wrong Thing? What If I Wasnt Dressed To The Occaison? Oh No. So Many Possibilities. 

Finally Around 5:45 Came. Holy Shit. I Can't Do This. I Have To Call Ryan And Cancel. 
Just As I Pulled Out My Phone Someone At The Door Knocked. 

It Was Ryan. 
Oh Fuck Oh Fuck Oh Fuck Oh Fuck.

"Oh, Ryan."


"Listen I Do-"

"Im SO Excited For Our Date. We're Gonna Have A Lot Of Fun."


"Uh, Yeahh. Fun."

"Almost Ready To Go now?"

"Um Actually Ry I-"

And I Looked into his Eyes. I Coudlnt Just Cancel On Him. Id Be Known As The New School Bitch. He'd Never Talk To Me Again. Im So Confused Right now. I Cant Cancel On Him, I Just Cant.

"Yes Ry. I'm Ready To Go."

We Got To The Restaraunt And The Waiter Seated Us. Then There Was That Awkward Silence Again. God I Hated When This Happened. 

Then I Felt his Eyes On Me. Never Leaving. God Fucking Dammit This Is So Uncomfortable Right Now. I Finally Looked Up At Him, And He Smiled At Me. That Was The Most Beautiful Smile I've Ever Seen. His Pure White Teeth Showing And His Lips Curling At The Edges. And That's When I Knew. I Wanted To Marry This Kid. Marry Him And Have His Kids. Be With Him For The Rest Of Our Lives. I love Him. His Personality, His Looks, His Talents. He Was perfect In Every Way Ever Physically Possible. 
Then I Realized I Was Still Staring At Him. 
"Uh Sash. Yur Kinda Staring."

Well This Was Awkward.

After Dinner, Ryan Paid And We Got In His  Car And Headed For The Movies. 
Once We Got To The There, Got Our Drinks, Popcorn And Candy, And Sat Down, I Was Already Extremely Beat. In The Middle Of The Movie, I Forgot To Turn Off My Phone, And I Got A Text From Christine.  Before I Could Even Look At It, I Got One From Ryan. Then Brooke. Then Sami. And Like 8 From Caitlyn. God Damn Guys Done Yet? I Opened The Texts And Read Them Carefully. Each One Was Of Them Yelling At Me For Not Hanging out Or Not Talking To Them. Shit. I've Been So Caught Up With Ryan That I Completely Forgot About The Only People Who's Been There For Me No Matter What. What A Great Friend.

"Sasha, What's Wrong?"

"Nothin Ry."

"Your Lying"

"No I'm Not"

"Put It On All Your Bestfriends Lives?" 

".....Yeah. Of Course."

The Movie Seemed To Drag On Forever. Once It Was Over I Quickly Rushed To The Car, Wanting Nothing More Than To Go Home And Fall Asleep. 

"Sash I Had A Good Time Tonight." Ryan Said, Eyes Never Leaving The Road He Was Driving On.

"I. I Actually Think. I Might Be Starting To..." He Trailed Off. 

"To What?"

".......It's Just. It's Nothing.

"Ryan Something's Up. I've Only Known Yu For A Short Time, But I Know When Something's Wrong. Just Tell me."

"Okay. Well I. I Think I. I Really Like You Sasha...."

Silence. Just Silence. 

"Wait, You What" 

"Uh, Nothing."

"Ryaaaan.." I Whined.

"Ok I'm Gonna Be Completely Honest Right Now. I- I, Um- I Really Like You. And I Hate That We're "Just Friends. I Hate It. I Really Just Want To Move Past The Friend Zone With You. I Really Do. "

"Uh Ryan I-"

"No Sasha. I Understand. You Don't Feel The Same. It's Fine, It Really Is."

"Ryan. I Like You Too."


"Ever Since The First Time I've Layed Eyes On You."

That Was Probably The Hardest Thing I've Ever Had To Admit. He Isn't Just Another One Of Those Pretty Faces, He Means The World To Me. I Love Him. Not Just His Looks. But His Personality. It's The Best I've Ever Seen. 

He Smiled At My Comment. Damn That Smile. Then I Blushed And Things Got Slightly Awkward Once Again. Story Of My Life. 

"So. What Does This Mean? Are We Like. Are We A Thing Now?"

"Oh Ry. I Don't Know. I Just Got Done With A Horrible Break Up Last Night And You Know That. Yu Were There-You Witnessed It!"

"Yeah. I Know. I Understand..."

"But. I Am In Love With You Ry. I Really Am. And. I Would, Well I, I Guess What I'm Trying To Say Is That I Would Love To Be In A Relationship With You."

Just Then His Face Lit Up. We Pulled Into The Driveway. He Stepped Out Of The Car And Came Over To My Side, Opening The Door And Helping Me Out. It Was Then That I Saw No Cars In The Driveway, Realizing My Parents Were Up In Madison, My Brother And Sister-In-Law, Dj And Erica, Were Just Moved Into Their New Home, And My Brothers' Justin And Nick Were At Their Girlfriends' Houses. Probably Getting Laid. Wouldn't Doubt It. As I Was Walking To Mu Doorstep, I Turned Around To Face Ryan.

"So. Ryan. I Had A Great Time Tonight. Now You're My Boyfriend. And No Body's Home So, Would You Like To Come Inside For A While. I Mean- Only If You Want To. I Guess I Just Really Want You To Come Inside Because If You Didn't I'd Feel Really bad Because You Gave Me A Great Night And-"

"Sasha. I Would Love To Come Inside Your Beautiful Home."

"Great." I Said, Feeling Slightly Relieved. 

We Got Inside And It Was Completely Dark. To Be quite Honest I  Was Terrified Of The Dark, And  Was A Little Nervous That This Was My First time Sneaking A Boy In My Home. It Was Weird In There, Because My House Is Never This Dark And Quiet. I Come From A Big, Loud Family. Our House Was Always Bright And Lively, Filled With People Laughing And Having A Good Time. 

"Sasha, Your House Is. It's Amazing."

"Thank You,Ry, Wanna Watch A Movie? I Got Mean Girls!"

"HAHA Oh Geez.Mean Girls? Hell Yeah!"

 I Put The Movie In And We Both Sat On The Couch Together. His Arm Around My Shoulder. A Little Bit Later We Started Making Out, And After That We Lay Together On The Couch, Him On The Inside Behind Me, Wrapping Me Up In The Warmth Of His Arms. And I Felt Myself Slowly Drift Off In A Gentle Sleep. 

At About 3:30 I Heard The Door Open, And In Walked Two Young Girls, Of Course, My Most-Likely Future In-Laws, Gabby And Danielle, With Nick And Justin Quietly Following Behind. I, Trying For Them Not To Notice Me, Kept My Eyes On Them, Watching Them Closely, Hoping They Don't Notice Us.

"Oh, Hey Sasha." Danielle Said Nervously. Danielle Was Nick's Amazingly Nice Girlfriend Of 3 Years. And Gabby Was Justin's Beautiful Girlfriend, Of 6 Years. 


"Uh. Sasha. Who The Fuck Is On The Couch With You?" Justin Asked.


"You Know Exactly What I'm Talking About Sash. Who Is He?"

"Weeell... It's My Boyfriend. Ryan. You Can Meet Him Tomorrow, If Yu Let Him Stay. I Promise We Didn't Do ANYTHING At All, Just Please. Don't Tell Mom Or Dad About This."

"Fine. But Only Because You've Known We Snuck Danielle And Gabby Here Multiple Times And You Never Told.... And Won't Tell About Them Now. Deal?" 


"Alright Why Don't You Two Go Upstairs And SLEEP. Nothing More Than Sleep. If I Find Out Anything Else Happens I'm Gonna Cut Ryan's Dick Off You Hear Me.?" Gabby Said. She Was Also Like One Of The Sisters I Never Had. She's The One I Always Went To For Help Or Advice. And She Treated Me Like Her Own Sister. And She Was Extremely Protective Over Me. 

I Rolled My Eyes And Laughed 
"Okay Gabbz. Love You Guys. Night."
I Said Shaking Ryan To Get Him Up. 

"Ry, C'mon We're Going Up To My Room."

He Groaned And Sleepily Got Up, Trailing Behind Me Up To My Room. 
I Turned On The Light And he Slightly Hissed, Covering His Eyes With His Arms Like A Vampire. And I Giggled.

"C'mon Little Vampire, Get In Bed."

"Sasha I Gotta Get Home. You're Brothers Are Gonna Beat The Living Hell Out Of Me If They Find Out-"

"Relax Ry, They Said It Was Fine. They Snuck Danielle And Gabby Here And If We Don't Tell They Won't Tell." 

I Went To My Closet And Put On One Of My Crappy Blink-182 T-Shirts And A Pair Of Volleyball Shorts. 

"Do You Need Clothes To Sleep In?"

"Mhhm" Still Covering His Eyes While Laying On My Bed. 

"Okay, Lemme Go Get Some From Nick."

I Walked Into Nick's Room Without Knocking, Just As he Was Pulling Danielle's Shirt Off. His Shirt And Pants Were Already Off. Dammit Why Can't I Learn To Knock?

"Uh Nick. Can Ryan Borrow Some Shorts?" 

He Jumped Up, Startled That I, His Little Sister, Was In The Room With Him, No Pants Or Shirt, And Danielle, No Shirt. 

"Yeah They're In The Third Drawer To The Top."

"Okay Thank You." I Quickly Grabbed A Pair Of Basketball Shorts And Awkwardly Walked Out Of The Room, Not Making Eye Contact And Trying To Avoid Any Further Conversation.

"Here You Go Ry. I Hope Your Happy. I Just Pretty Much Had To See The Beginning Of Nick And Danielle's Sex. I Will Forever Be Scarred For Life Because Of You."

"HAH. Well Thank You Very Much Sasha." 

It Was Tragic Trying To Sleep.
Between Nick And Danielle Next Door To Me, Goin' At It All Night.It Was Disturbing Seems As Though Danielle Was Enjoying It. And Justin And Gabby Laughing They're Asses Off Downstairs Watching Movies, It Was Useless To Try And Sleep. 

"Ry Are You Still Up?"

"Who In Their Right Minds Wouldn't Be?"

"They're So Fucking Loud And Obnoxious."

I Walked Downstairs To Where Justin And Gabby Were. They Sounded Like A Pair Of Hyenas Who Were Having Breathing Problems. 

"Justin, Can You Be Quiet? And Tell Nick To Shut The Hell Up?"

He Listened For A Minute, Just Now Noticing Nick And Danielle's Screams Of Pleasure. 

"..........NICK SHUT THE FUCK UP!" 

I Laughed At That. Justin And I Were Always The Jokesters Of The House, Always Making People Laugh. Hell, I Pretty Much Just Picked Off Of Him. 

"Thank You Justy, Night, Night Gabbz!"

"Night Sash!" They Yelled Together As I Made My Way Back Up The Stairs. I Lay Back Down On My Bed With Ryan, Glancing At The Clock And Noticing It Was Now 4:30. Yay Me. Ryan Wrapped His Arms Around Me Once Again. Noticing The House Fell Silent, I Quickly Relaxed Into Him. He Felt Like A Big Soft Teddy Bear. And I Felt Like The Little Girl Who's Been Waiting For Him All My Life. 

"Goodnight Little Vampire" I Whispered Falling Into A Deep Sleep. 

  Well, He is  The School Hottie. You Guys Had Him, And Now He's Mine Bitches.
I've Waited In Line For Him Just Like Everyone Else. I Waited My Turn. And Now He's Mine. Mine. I Loved Being Able To Say That. I Don't Care How Selfish This Seems, But He's Mine. And Mine Only. I'm Not Sharing An Inch Of Him With Anyone Else. And Then I Realized. This Definitely Could Be The Start Of Something New. Our Future. Together. 
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