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When The Earth Split In Half

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In the year 2858 the earth splits in half. Once the halves were fully seperated, one half, known as the second half, was shaded by the first half. Years later, Danni Avis watched her brother get m...

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The year is 2998.
When most people think ‘future’, they think hover cars and fancy buildings but however it’s not like that. The streets are narrow and dark. Pollution made the air thick and dark and the place was deserted. Now you have to fight to survive because the world is now a cold, dark and empty place.
Now, you might be thinking, ‘what happened?’ well, let me explain. In the year 2858 and the moon split in half, thus (somehow?) making the earth split in half. Over the years the two half’s separated. One half closer to the sun and the other half was shaded by the first. Shaded from sunlight, the second half got angry and then started a war. The war didn’t last long and the first half won so most of the population of the second half moved to the first half. Now the streets are empty and people are just waiting to die.
I was born in the year 2981 which makes me seventeen now. When I was seven, the first half killed my parents, so from then on me, my brother and my brothers friend looked out for each other and lived together in an old shed which was our home. But things changed when i turned fifteen. Me, my brother Danny and my brothers friend Leon were walking and Leon was teasing me and Danny by calling us Danny One and Danny Two since I was called Danni and my twin brother was also called Danny. Anyways, we were just walking and talking when two men dressed in black from the first half grabbed my brother by the neck and shot him in the head, right in front of me and Leon. We just stood there and watched, mortified.
After about half an hour of staring in complete horror, my tears kicked in, reviving my dead brothers dried blood which was splatted on my face. Leon was sat on the floor, head in hands.
After that day, Leon and I had a new start. We did intense training to take over the first half to avenge my brother’s death. With the time of a year, we had managed to put together an army of around thirty people. I know it wasn’t a lot but it was enough.
We were ready.
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