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some results.

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Yepp. There are still a lot of great parts left!!

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  • auditions!!

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-18 05:22:35 PM

    Thank you so SO much!
  • auditions!!

    (#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-09-18 05:23:38 PM

    Yea, make my character a dude....and yea Gerards BF would work
  • auditions!!

    (#) Shayla_boo 2012-09-18 05:55:56 PM

    Name: Shayla Grace Becker

    Nicknames: Say, Beck, Gracey

    Nickname: Gracey

    Age/Grade: 16, tenth

    Sexuality: unsure. .

    Stereotype (ex: The Jock, The Nerd, The Cheerio): the cheerleader

    Appearance (Be DETAILED!):

    Actor/Actress (Who would portray them?): ermuhgerd I dunno! :O

    Personality (NOT A LIST OF WORDS):

    Fashion Sense (Goth, prep, boho, etc.): vintage indie prep

    Family: An older sister Sydney- we don't get along well, a mom Jane and a dad Carl.

    History (Childhood, family life):






    Their theme song (What song speaks to them?):

    Biggest Secret:

    Biggest Insecurity:

    Love Interest (ANYONE is fair game. Let's get a love triangle in there. If you have two OCs who like each other, just say so. I'll allow that.)

    What you'd like to have happen to them in the story (I'll try to work it in, but no promises):

    It;s 8:54 p.m. and I need to sleep. . if you will still except my audition I will finish it tomorrow! I apologize. :/
  • auditions!!

    (#) CrimsonRevenge 2012-09-18 06:37:11 PM

    WOOOOHOOOO MIKEY'S GIRLFRIEND!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!
  • auditions!!

    (#) LaurentheHuman 2012-09-18 07:12:16 PM

    Fuck homework, let's do some auditioning baby! Reading this, you may think she has MPD or something, but don't worry, I just wanted you to see how she thinks (then how everyone else/me sees it.) xD

    Name: Megan Dennis

    Nicknames: (Meg to her face, Slut behind her back, Dear by her boyfriend)

    Nickname: (please see above :P)

    Age/Grade: 17/11th

    Sexuality: Straight. I'm not like those freaks. That's just gross. (closeminded, much?)

    Stereotype: Cheerleader. Haha cheerio. I get it CHEERio. (oh clever.)

    Appearance: Dirty blonde shoulder-length hair, small dark blue eyes. Skinny. Short, like I dunno, I'm not good with numbers. I'm like really pretty and it's all natural. (Okay, she always straightens her hair and freaks out if even one stand is out of place. Clips her bangs back out her clear, heart-shaped face. Wears shit loads of makeup. Skinny, in that musclely cheerleader kinda way. Bout 5'2. Extremely tan, thanks to the tanning bed. Sorta pretty, but her ugly personality takes her little bits of beauty away.)

    Actress: Kirsten Dunst probably (yanno, that 'bring it on' chick?). Or Taylor Swift. Yeah, she's pretty. Not as pretty as me, but I mean, who is?

    Personality: I'm like really nice. To everyone. Except the weird kids. They don't deserve my niceness. People can't get enough of my beautiful personality. (No one really likes her too much. She's mean to everyone. Especially her boyfriend, who's just the sweetest little thing. Cheats on him constantly, and claims herself loyal. She's completely full of herself, she's just full of shit.)

    Fashion Sense: Hehe, I'm like totally a hipster. Wait...that's what's cool now, right? (pretending to be something you're not to "be cool", yeah. That's soo cool. Everyone, well the smart ones, see her as a fake.)

    Family: Daddy, Mummy, I would count my brother since he lives with us, but aren't "family" supposed to be people? Freaks aren't people. (C'mon you just gotta laugh at the fact that this kinda narrow-minded stupidity exsits. xD)

    History: (She gets everything she wants. Always has. Growing up, her parents gave her whatever material items she wanted rather than the love she craved. That's why see looks for attention now wherever she can get it.)

    Likes: makeup, being popular, cheerleading, shopping, boys, One Direction

    Dislikes: emo kids, homosexuals, my boyfriend, chipped nail polish, children, puppies, (anything different from her)

    Talents: Oh, I can do everything. (as long as it involves a bed and no clothes. Also good at putting others down.)

    Friends: Everyone, except the nobodies. I mean who wouldn't love me?

    Enemies: Those little emo freaks at school.

    Their theme song: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson. I mean she's like a fucking lyrical genius. (dear lord, a little piece of me died typing that. xD)

    Biggest Secret: How many guys I've slept with...63½. Shh, it's a secret. ;)

    Biggest Insecurity: My sexual history.

    Love Interest: Patrick Stump (dats mi baybay). I fucking hate him. But hey having someone like him beside me makes me look even more amazing. He's just another one of the the little weirdos. And I'm not afraid to tell him that either. (aw, my poor baby). I'm too good for him.

    What you'd like to have happen to them in the story: Whatever ya want to happen to her. I mean she can get eaten by sharks with freakin laser beams attached to their heads for all I care. She seems like a bitch anyway. :P

    Anything else?: (Was this alright? :3 I don't know what the heathers or whatever is, sorry. So if this character doesn't work at all, feel free to change whatever ya need/want to. xD Excited to read this!)
  • auditions!!

    (#) tmbfucks 2012-09-19 01:03:28 AM

    YAY!!!! Thank you so much! I love you! Gahh! XD xx
  • auditions!!

    (#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-09-25 05:22:30 PM

    START THIS PLLEEEEAAASSSE!! It sounds so good O_O

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