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Chapter Five

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Harry Potter is moved to Severus Snape's home for protection after number four is demolished. Can Harry survive the summer at Snapes home? Prehbp HPSS

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Harry was awoken the next morning by a man's voice "Sir? Sir! It is time to get up! Master Snape wishes to see you immediately!" Harry gowned and rolled over, covering his head with a pillow hoping to block out the voice. "Sir? SIR! NOW!" yelled the voice next to his bed. Harry rolled over and glared at the portrait that was next to his bed.

"Fine!" Harry nearly shouted, annoyed that he was getting woken up by a painting. He threw off his covers. "Where does he want to see me?"

"In his study." The portrait replied matter-of-factly.

"Right...and where would that be?" Harry asked as he pulled on the trousers he had on yesterday.

"The door at the top of the stairs." The portrait said before leaving it's frame and walking away, leaving Harry to get ready by himself.

"Stupid portraits." Harry muttered to himself as he walked into the bathroom to wash his face, and brush it teeth quickly before hurry out of the room. Why in the world would Snape want to see him this early in the morning. Didn't he know that summer was meant to be a time when you could sleep in! Harry tried to shake off his remaining drowsiness before knocking on Snape's door, but before he even touched it the door opened inwardly to reveal Professor Snape sitting behind a large plain desk, covered with stacks of parchment and an assortment of jars containing potion ingredients.

Harry was caught mid-yawn when the door was pulled open and he quickly tried to stifle it but was unsuccessful. "Tired, Mr. Potter?" Snape drawls as he motions Harry into the room.

"A little, sir." Harry replied. In fact he had, had a bad night. He had not been able to sleep because his mind had kept drifting back to the Dursleys. And when he had finally achieved sleep, dreams of Sirius had haunted him, but he would not go and tell Snape that.

"Do you want Dreamless sleep potion in the future?"

That caught Harry off guard. "What?"

"The portraits told me you were thrashing about all night, having dreams" Snape said simply, before picking up a piece of parchment on his desk and reading it.

"It is okay, sir. They really don't work all that well for me anyways..." Harry trailed off. He had not been planning on revealing that little bit of information. Ever since Sirius's death, the dreamless sleep potions began to seem to loose an effect on him.

"Is that so?" Snape muttered to himself, examining Harry pensively.

"Yes, sir. I was also wondering why," Harry yawns, "... why are there so many portraits here?" Harry asked, still not fully awake. Snape stared at him for a long while, and for a second Harry thought that Snape was not going to say anything else, and took a step backwards to leave. But, before he could leave though Snape began to speak.

"This house, as you have noticed, has many portraits. They are all of different researchers throughout the ages, from all different backgrounds. And if you ask nicely, the will lend you all of their notes on their studies and some of them have printed work they will give you." Snape explained lazily to Harry as he went back to examining the paper in front of him.

"Oh, okay." Harry said, "So it is like a library?"

"Yes, Potter. Now if you don't mind, I have things to do." Snape motioned for Harry to leave through the door he had come through only a few minutes before.

"Alright," Harry said and turned around to go out the door, but before he could leave Snape's voice broke the silence again.

"Potter, I will look into making a dreamless sleep potion that will work for you." Snape said quickly.

"Thank you, sir." Harry replied before exiting the room, a small smile picking up the corners of his lips. Maybe Snape was not a complete jerk all the time. But, then again, maybe not. That had been the only nice thing he had done the entire time Harry had been here, except of course, agreeing to look after Harry in the first place. Harry continued back to his room, determined to ask one of the portraits there to let him see their work.
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