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Just an authors note about a few things. Just randomness and a few key points YA ALL NEED TO SEE. I'll shut up here now Xp

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' Let's do the monster mash! (The monster mash) The, monster mash!! ~ spaz dancing ~

I'd rather do the horizontal monster mash ~pervy smile and creeper laugh ~

Wow, I am way off topic and I haven't even told you guys what it is yet.

So, one of my favorite months is October! And it starts in about a week.

Now you might be thinking ' Why October Lala?' Well stop. Cause I will stab you with a piece of candy corn.

Just kidding, just kidding. Or am I? ~ evil laugh ~

I really am. But even though winter is my favorite tome of the year, October has Halloween.

And I f&@©ing LOVE Halloween!!! Why? I get to scare whoever I want when I want for a while day AND I'm goin to a circle meeting this year.

Which means I'll have to scare the kids at school. Which totally works for me. Buncha pussies anyways...

Wow, off topic again. While I love scary things, my gf does not. Which is kinda sad.

Anywho, the reason for you all to start creaming yourselves is that, in sight of one of THE BEST days ever, I'll be writing a frightfic every week featuring our lovely ~gestures to MCR poster on wall~ My Chem boys.

And yes, I still see Bob as part of MCR cause he is FOREVER AWESOME.

If ya wanna join the frightfic party, review! As Halloween is on a Wendsday, we shall start this Wendsday and get a scary oneshot up every week until ghosts fill the air and I'm pumped up to scare!

I just inadvertently rhymed. LET IT BE KNOWN I DON'T LIKE THE GRERN BAY PACKERS!!!!

Ha. If you got that refrence, I love you.

If ya wanna join, keep an eye on my profile. Every Tuesday, I'll give you guys the theme for the frightfic.

Let's see how many people we can get to do this! For each frightfic you write, title it Frightfic (whichever number we're on)- (whatever title you want to give it)

Also! It seems WCC is just gonna go with the world Hetalia Day date. So.....that's, pretty much it.

Hugs and Scares, Lala
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