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A small note on why boys suck.

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Hey guys.

So you know that amazing boyfriend I had? Yeah, we'll, as of last night, he's my ex.

And it hurts.

But I know I deserve better than somebody who tells me they don't love me, and all the affection they showed me last Tuesday was "proof" that he "is an excellent actor."

Cue my heart shattering.

I've never cried so much.

But see, I have these lovely friends. Really lovely. You guys, I consider you family. cyanide and Eddie are like my big brother and sister, really. I miss you guys both tons. Eddie, be cool like you always were. Ryan.... Be careful with those horses. Seriously.

I'm working on the next chapter, hoping writing fluff can mend my broken heart.

Oh, and there will be a contest of some form, posted in the tumblr in making for this story and it's sequel, which lets you get sneak previews of each chapter!

All my rage and all my love

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