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fall to pieces

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part II i hope its better then the last one also see if you can see the magazine names in the story also ;) . London heads toward a uncle but dose he help or make things worse?

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... a few hours later...
1. London’s eyes flew open as the night sky casted it's shadow in his room he felt too sore to move but scared enough to get up and see that it was midnight he had to get out of there he found a piece of scratch paper and wrote to his family "dear mom dad and cash I’m leaving and not coming back mom please don’t blame yourself cash your my brother I’m going to love you forever I’ll never forget you and dad thanks " London folded the paper and closed it and set it on the nightstand tears began to sting his eyes as he opened the window and stood on the roof and jumped down he had no fear of heights he ran to the bus station "Washington please " London said as he climbed aboard a small bus going to the one place he knew cared his uncle duff's well blood wise he wasn't his uncle but he always had called him that he enjoyed the ride there he loved to see things like lights of the taller buildings he begged his dad to take him on tour with him but he was always told no “mom will love this “ London said as he took a photo of a city building lit up with Halloween lights it was only 12 days until October 1st but nobody cares for that it’s close to Halloween right? He took a few of a store front for cash he loves them but I don’t really care too much for them too scary for me but he is my brother “Seattle next exit” the bus driver said then stopped I gathered my stuff and walked out into the streets I wasn't scared much duff takes me all over this town I got two street markers the motel on spin street and the small church on Revolver are the two things I see when I enter town then on the left is duff’s house I hadn't had the pleasure of a mirror so god knows what I look like . I walked up to the door the steps under it creaked I was scared of everything but duff never had to be he is calm but firm he’s a lot of fun and dad won’t look for me here. I rang the door bell and waited forgetting how cold and raining it was in Seattle I waited for a answer I was wet cold tired and scared and beaten . Duff came to the door thank god “London?” duff said looking at the wet shivering cold bleeding young child in front of him “hey uncle duff can I stay with you for awhile?” I asked I was scared that he shut the door “uhm sure why are you out here alone did slash drop you off?” duff said again allowing me to come inside the warmer house it was beautiful and warmer thankfully “uh I took the bus” I said I looked over to see a mirror I looked scary my lip was busted bruises covered my body dried blood under my eyes and a black eye to match. “London what happened to your face?!” I was taken back at his tone I took three steps back he noticed my fear “sorry but my god what happened to you?” he asked softer I couldn't lie to duff his eyes pierce into my skull I felt tears take over so did the pain of it all “dad lets just say he isn't happy with me” I said hoping he’d get the point “you don’t mean?” duff said in fear his best friend wouldn't he didn't did he ? duff though “well yeah he did it” I whispered as tears stung my face “oh London “ duff said holding on to me “I ‘m so sorry you can stay here your not going back to slash ever again “ I cried half the night “London want to watch TV” duff said handing me the remote he is a sweetheart i said to myself “ axl rose and guns n rose are doing a las Vegas residency “the news anchor said I felt my eyes light up duff giggled at my brighten eyes as they continued to talk about axl and stuff “you’re eye balling the man like a British guard “ duff laughed at the child who didn't hear a word “I would love to see him he’s my idol in a way “ I said in awe of the redheaded singer on the TV “why? Didn’t your dad make a fuss over that” duff said it struck a sore cord in my heart I began to cry “hey London shh don’t cry is that why he beat you?” duff said knowing now how scared he was of his dad it broke the elders heart . I nodded not really bothering with it as my idol was on TV afterward “I’d give anything to meet him but he hates dad so he dose me too I guess “ I said duff looked at me funny then sighed “I talked to the wife and ….you…..can’t stay here man I’m sorry I am really I wish you could though you’re going back to slash “ duff spoke not making eye contact my heart broke “YOU LIED TO ME !” I screamed he sighed and tried gave me apology but I was too mad to care “you know I wanted to stay away from dad but I can’t even care but sure send me back to be killed “I said before slamming the door I’m so scared I hate the cold I found the bus stop I jumped back on the bus in tears I hated my dad and my life but those who crumble rebuild right?
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