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House on the Beach

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My first story. I also wrote this for my English Homework...

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I stared at him intently. Only for a while, but long enough for me to figure him out. He was broken and in need of my help.
You could just sense that he was broken. His frame looked weak, too small to be here, in a place like this. His eyes showed no glimmer, no sparkle, just the reflection of this ugly place. The rain drops were threatening to harm his ramshackle hair, a raven faux hawk with a fringe that cradled his cheekbones so gracefully. I couldn’t stand to let the weather damage him even more than his frail body was expressing. I rushed out into the grey abyss, called home.
I stood next to him and silently acknowledged him. This startled him and he stumbled over backwards onto the damp sand.
“Hello. My name is Bambi, and I live in the house over there. Um... can I offer you a hot beverage? I have Earl Grey, Chai, Oolong, Green Tea, Espresso and Macchiato. Or juice? I have juice too,” I said as I reached over to pick him up.
“Uh... my n-name is F-F-Frank. Iero. Frank Iero,” his mouth stuttered out, “I’m sorry I intruded your island, ma’am, I was in a shipwreck with my friend and...And-“.
“Come on inside, its cold,” I mumbled as I started dragging him towards the house.
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