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The Day I Flew Home

by FrankieDanger 1 review

Misson and ending.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2012-10-01 - Updated: 2012-10-01 - 244 words - Complete

I embarked this mission with a great question bearing down on my shoulders. How was Frank ever going to get home without a mode of transport? I searched a nearby shack for supplies of any significance. Unfortunately, my search ended with a frustrated sigh. The only other place that could be searched was a place that haunted me from the very first week I woke up. The same location where I fell foolishly under the spell, where I lost my beloved to a boulevard of broken dreams. Although the retches of my mind held me to my spot in the sand, I still promised to save Frank. Edging closer to decapitated hope, I will wave goodbye to all as I lose myself in the memories.
I can feel myself choke on the tears that paved trails down my face. This is why I never came up here, I remember him, I miss him and I love him. The broken pieces of my heart continued to shatter; my only life support was slipping away. I couldn’t take on this pain, not again. As I picked myself off of the floor, I heard a mumble at the door. My head whipped round to see a sleepy Frank yawning. I’m sorry, but I had to break a promise. I kissed him on the head and told him, “Keep Running, kid”. I clambered onto the window sill and jumped. That was the day I flew home.
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