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Chapter 9

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We went back to bed after Adam's dad and Neil and his dad left. But, before we fall asleep, I can't help but to ask, "You fell for me?" He looks back at me, and a small smile flits over his face.

"Brad, I thought I died and had somehow gotten into to heaven when I first saw you. You looked like such a perfect angel." His smile grows larger, his blue eyes filled with honesty, as he speaks.

"R-really?" I stumble over the one simple word. White teeth show even more on his face as he unbuttons his shirt.

"You're so adorable when you stutter. But, yes, really Brad. The only thing I would change about you is the fact that you're underweight." The soft lullaby of his voice is making me tired all over again. "Now, bed. Before you pass out on me." Buttons begin to be undone with his help, and after a minute the shirt and the pants are off. Soft covers slip over my body as I climb into the bed, and he's next to me within in a second.

"Adam? I think I fell for you too." I mumble before drifting off, but I see his slight smile before I'm gone.

When I next wake up, it's by Adam shaking my shoulder gently. Blue eyes are gentle and he's already dressed.

"Brad, I have to go. Joe, Hailey, Ronnie, and Billie Joe are waiting outside for you. They are to stay with you at all times. None of them will hurt you, they are some of the most trustworthy people I know. Joe and Hailey tend to play fight a lot, don't get between them." The words from his lips barely make sense, but I listen anyway.

"What time is it?" My words slur, but I think he can understand them. Really, I just want to curl back up and sleep. Covers weigh down on my body, and I'm beyond comfortable.

"10:00. Bye, sweetie." Obviously, he understood me. A kiss is pressed lightly against my forehead. Doors close, and I'm alone. I might as well get my butt up, and properly meet my bodyguards. I grab one of the outfits we got yesterday. A simple olive green, long sleeve shirt, and a pair of blue-jean skinnies.

When my hair is properly brushed and my now blonde bangs are somewhat neat, I walk out the door. Almost immediately, two girls jump on me.

"HI!" Comes a really bright voice from one of them, I can't tell which right now. Finally, they get off me, and I recognize them from..... What happened to Kyle. The one with the blue hair was making sure that he watched Adam and I. The one with the mass of curls is the one who went with that guy to get the bucket of water.

"Hi! I'm Hailey!!" Comes from the curly haired one. She smiles widely, looking more like a loving sister than a killer. The one with blue hair has dimples that are beyond adorable. The two men behind them just wave, leaving the excitement up to the girls.

"I'm Joe, and this is Ronnie," The one with the blue hair says, gesturing to the man with the longer black hair, "and Billie Joe, he prefers Billie." A gesture is made towards the other man. "Well, we have, probably the whole day. Watcha wanna do?" She questions. My shoulders raise into a shrug, not really knowing.

"I KNOW!!! MOVIES!!! I REALLY WANNA SEE THE LAST HARRY POTTER!!!" Comes an excited yell from Hailey. "We can invite Cale and Jeremy, and just have a good time!!" She jumps up and down, and I wonder if that smile of her's hurts. Ronnie looks at her, an eyebrow raised.

"Really? Hailey, you murder people for a fucking living, and you're getting excited over a movie for children." He rolls his eyes, lighting up a cigarette.

"Actually, Harry Potter really does sound good....." Stumbling mutters make their way from my mouth. Hailey looks at me, yet again grinning from ear to ear. "And Harry Potter isn't for children, it's a legacy." Joe looks at me, a chesire grin across her face.

"I guess it's settled then! Harry Potter!!" She says excitedly.

So we walk downstairs, make popcorn, and find ourselves on the couch watching a Harry Potter marathon. Hailey and Joe cry. And when it's over, it's 7 PM. We had to get a total of 14 bowls of popcorn. Billie and Ronnie managed to find a stash of chocolate, and we pigged out on that too. It was fun.

But the highlight of my day was Adam getting home. Immediately I was hugged by the raven-haired man, who was, miraculously, blood free. A hesitant kissed was placed to my lips, as if he was sure that he had permission. I'm the one who deepens the kiss this time. A chorus of Awwwww's goes around the room. Adam flips them off, I can tell.

Our relationship started off fast, but at least this wasn't the first date.
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