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FrightFic One - Thearosa's Bridge

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Durning his tour of the US after high school, Frank is in central Kansas at the start if August. There, he goes on a local adventure that he pushes to the back of his mind. Until, that is, the whol...

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"I feel weird." I said as the bus rolled to a stop again.

"You look weird too." Ray smiled at me. Gerard threw another cheeto in his fro as Bob threw in bits of paper.

"What's up?" Mikey asked as he rubbed a towel in his wet hair.

"Are we near Valley Center?" I asked the driver.

"Just passed the sign." She shouted. A chill rolled down my spine.

I say back down and crossed my legs. "You guys remember when I traveled that summer after we graduated?" They nodded. "Did I ever tell you about Thearosa's bridge?" Heads shook, Trains showing paper shite and chips.

"What's that?" Mikey asked, leaning forward slightly.

"It's a bridge. It's haunted." Another chill passed through me. "When I passed through here, a bunch of kids wanted me to go with them."

"Did you?" Gee asked, looking at me with huge eyes. I nodded.

"We all got in this guy's truck and I sat in the back with three pretty awesome girls. When we got there, there was a crerpy ass trail.

They didn't start down it till about two-fifty in the morning. It felt like we were walking forever.

And every few minutes, there'd be a creaking sound behind us." I remembered it all like I was there again.

"All we had were three flashlights. And the trees were all over grown and the braches were sharp as hell.

Then we were in a huge coursing with a pretty average sized creek with am old beaten ass bridge. It didn't look too good in the moon light.

But we all went onto it. Nothin happened, so they turned off the flashlights.

They started saying things like 'Thearosa I have your baby' or 'Thearosa, your child will die.' I thought all that was prettu fucked up." I shook my head.

"Then what?" Mikey asked. I noticed the guys had fallen silent and sat in a small half circle around me.

"I'm not too sure." I frowned. "One second I was standing next to one of the girls and the next I was falling over the side. I got sooo many splinters..." I glared slightly.

"When they pulled me back up, I was pretty mad. One of the girls had a bunch of scratches in her arms and another had her hair get pulled."

"Bull shit!" Ready shifted on the floor.

"I'm dead serious. We all sat down and one of the guys had a tape recorder. So he turned it on. He told me to ask Thearosa a question."

"Did you?" Mikey asked.

"I asked her who pushed me and why. The guy who'd brought it played it back and I sounded weird. A second later, there was another voice."

"What'd it say?" Bob, Mikey abd Gee asked at the same time.

"I want my baby."

Oooooooo scary.

It's actually real.

Next one later.

Hugs and Tickets,
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