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Like A Band-Aid

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Chilled yoghurt causes trouble.

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Okay, so between juggling moving house, work and band practice I finally got this piece down. Oh and for anyone who is still interested, I'm still doing the card thing. This chapter includes Truest-Blackout's contribution. I have no clue if she's still on this site but it's worth a shot
Chapter Ten: Like A Band-Aid

It took a while for the tears to finally stop and by then it was time for Gerard to have lunch. As the nurse brought in the tray, she gave Mikey a look that said firmly, yet sympathetically: “You need to leave now”.

As the Way family waved goodbye to Gerard, Mikey saw the nurse begin to turn on the charm.

“Alrighty Mr Way, time for lunch!”

Gerard cringed inwardly at the nurse’s—her name badge read ‘Elise'—obviously false happiness. It seemed ironic that she should be so unnaturally happy when he had been given possibly the worst news of his life.

Elise set the tray on the makeshift table and, noticing the fallen notebook, retrieved it and handed it back to Gerard, who accepted it with a small, forced smile. He ripped out the page where he’d had his creative tantrum and tore it into little pieces, sending them fluttering into the bin next to his bed before scribbling a note to his nurse. He wasn't fishing for sympathy; her bubbliness had proven itself to be somewhat irritating.

Elise, do you know I might never be able to speak again?

As soon as she read the note, all colour drained from her face, the bubbly charade dropped from her like an unstable cliff ledge and she seemed to retreat into herself.

“I’m so sorry, Mr Way, I had no idea. My daughter—um, sorry I really shouldn’t be bringing that up now, should I?”

Gerard managed a smile and scribbled another note.

It’s ok.

Elise remained silent for a moment, playing with her hands before taking a deep breath, spinning the table out in front of him and pulling a card from the pocket of her coat.

“Listen, umm, I know this isn’t the best time, but my daughter heard about what happened and when she found out I’d be the one taking care of you, she made this for you, so…”

She cut herself off and handed the card to him which he took with a grateful smile and scanned the front. On it was a hand-sketched picture of a female vampire lying in a pool of blood. She had jet-black hair as most female vampires apparently do, covering one of her emerald green eyes and was dressed in a black and red scheme, from her crimson gown to her necklace of rubies and black diamonds. A small cross lay in front of her and above the drawing, in curling, old-fashioned lettering (black with red fringing, of course), bore the words ‘Dearest Wishes and Vampire Kisses’.

Gerard smiled and opened the card, scanning over the inscription inside:
Dear My Chemical Romance,

How's Gee? I am so worried. Take care of him, 'cause . . . You guys saved my life multiple times. My prayers are with you.
Love, Carly.

Gerard smiled and set the card next to him and then bent over his notebook once again.

Dear Carly,
Thanks for the card and the awesome picture. I’m doing okay right now and so are the rest of the guys so you don’t have to worry any more. Your mom is taking very good care of me.
Love, Gerard.

He signed the page, tore it out and handed it to Elise.

“Thank you. She’ll love this and I know this was an awful time to bring it up—“

He held up a hand.

Don’t worry. It’s actually kinda cheered me up a bit.

“Oh, that’s good. Hey uh, I think you should try eating again. It’s the same thing as before so there’s no surprises really,”

She left him and he stared at his horribly boring lunch as if it were something awful stuck to the underside of his shoe. It was the same as it had been the last few days: A bowl of plain vanilla yoghurt and a tall glass of cold water.

They HAD to chill it, he thought, looking disdainfully at the perspiring glass of water.

Gerard’s stomach growled loudly but his instincts held him back. The same thing had happened every time he tried to eat; rather, tried to swallow what he was eating: an intense pain in his throat like someone had stabbed him with an icicle. He was still on painkillers (thank fuck), but he had to have food with them. And there stood the problem.

Just do it. Get it over with.
Gerard’s hand was trembling slightly as he loaded the cheap, plastic spoon with yoghurt and lifted it to his mouth.


Quickly, he jammed the spoon into his mouth and swallowed just as fast, and as predicted the pain came like cold fire. His eyes squeezed shut on instinct, and patiently he waited for it to be over.
An hour and a half later, the bowl was empty, the glass of water drained, and Gerard Way was weeping silently into his pillow once again.

Elise came to collect the dishes and administer his painkillers, and her maternal instinct kicked in when she saw him crying. It wasn’t the first time, although, every other time he would wipe away the tears quickly when he saw her come in; this time he didn’t bother. Elise hurried the dishes onto her trolley and sat down next to him in Mikey’s usual chair.

“What’s wrong, sweetie? That old battle wound giving you trouble?”

Gerard turned his head to look at her and he nodded slowly. He sat up quickly and swiped at his tears, then fumbled for his notepad.
I don’t want to be a bother.
A slight smile twitched at her mouth. “That’s what they pay me for. What’s on your mind?”

Suddenly Gerard felt awkward. He was never one to complain. Not formally anyway. His hand hovered over the page as he tried to think of how to put it. Finally he decided, fuck it, just give it to her straight.

The food’s too cold. It really hurts to swallow. Sorry, I don't mean to complain./

“No worries,” Elise replied with another smile, a true smile that showed the crow’s feet at the edges of her eyes. “Would room temperature be okay?”

To be honest, he didn’t know.

[/It’s worth a shot. Thank you.

As it turned out that night at dinner, room temperature was just fine.
YAY! Another chapter always, please feel free to tell me whether you love or hate it; all feedback is welcomed with open arms and Frankie-shaped cookies!
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