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And They Will Buy You And Sell You For Celebrity Status

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Mikey's tired and that can lead to strange things, based on Celebrity Status by Marianas Trench. Mild Language

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A/N: Hey, I’m back again with another music video one shot (finally) and this is loosely based on Celebrity Status by Marianas Trench which was kindly suggested by XEvil_AngelX who I would like to thank for suggesting one of the funniest music videos I’ve seen for a while so thank you and I hope you enjoy and it doesn’t disappoint too much. Don’t forget to review and tell me where I went wrong/right
Molly x

I let out a heavy sigh and push stray strands of blonde hair back in place as I walk into my cluttered, dark living room and collapse onto my black couch. It’s been such a hard day and all I want to do is relax. I reach to my side and grab the remote, pushing the on button and making a bright light blare out of the screen. The familiar sound of a shitty sitcom fills my ears

“And what did he say?”


“POMEGRANATE?!” The man exclaims before throwing himself over the couch and onto the floor as the faint sound of a laughing track starts in the background. I let out a light chuckle “Ooooh man” The man continues, pulling a hideous face. Wait, he kind of looks like me? Man I must be tired.

Shortly after, the opening titles start and I watch as a group of four guys mess around on the screen…a group of guys who look strangely like us? As the screen flicks back and forth between the guys and the stars, I get more and more freaked out of how much they look like us. One with bright red hair, one who is short enough to be legally classed as a midget, one with hair bigger than a cloud and the last with knees so awkward, they may as well be a teenage girl all on their own. This isn’t right.

I quickly flick to another channel getting increasingly freaked out and land on a music channel which has none other than My Chemical Romance playing. Nothing abnormal there. I calm down a bit

“I must be seeing things,” I mumble to myself, shaking head vigorously before changing channel again, I can’t listen to my own song. I land back on the same channel where the other two characters are getting their close ups and it freaks me out even more when I realise I wasn’t seeing things they actually look like us. I stab the button on the remote and land back on the music channel

“For fucks sake” I mumble pressing down hard on the button again to see a men’s aftershave advert. I roll my eyes great another guy with his shirt off…

“Holy fuck! Is that Gee?” I shout to the silence, blinking vigorously and rubbing my eyes hard. I pull my hand away from my face and the man still looks like Gerard. I shiver heavily when the man starts to pull at his undone jeans and boxers. I pull the remote up and point it dead at the TV, blocking view slightly so I can change channel but of course I land back onto the sitcom

“Always the same shit” I say pointing the remote blindly and changing back onto the music channel

“Oh come on!” I shout, attacking the ‘channel up’ button again this time to land on a cooking channel. Oh this looks good, and normal, I’ll just sit back and- is that Ray and Frank? Since when do they cook? The Ray look alike starts to chop something very fast before it switching to him slamming something into a grill. I push myself forward to lean on my knees, intrigued by what I was seeing. I stare blankly at the screen for a while before changing over again to see CSI.

The screen is zoomed into a yellow ‘Evidence’ sign and the camera swings to the muddy ground where the man is picking up evidence with tweezers. The shot then changes to a man…who looks just like me…wow he’s kind of handsome. He walks over to the dead body and kneels down next to it. I look at the dead body and see a man who looks like Frank

“Shit, he’s dead!” I say grabbing my hair “Oh my god, oh my go- wait, this is a tv show” I grumble loudly and change over to an exercise channel. A man who looks exactly like Gerard is leading the group of men in brightly coloured leggings and is doing stretches on the floor. Hehe this is getting kind of funny. I look back to the screen to see the man doing the crab and pushing his crotch up and down

“EW no oh good god” I say, shielding my eyes and pressing a random button. I land on the music channel again where we are still playing

“How long is this fucking song?” I ask before looking around and realising I am alone. I decide to answer myself “Exactly five minutes and eleven seconds” Wow I need a life
I turn onto a court show where apparently I’m suing Ray for stealing my car and crashing it. I get agitated and throw a pen at him making him stand up straight and start to protest before Judge…Frank steps in

“You better watch your step buddy, or I’ll get Gerard to kick your ass” He says pointing to the bodyguard next to Ray.

I continue to argue and when Ray tries to interrupt, I stick my hand in the air to stop him. Gosh, I am so rude I can’t watch this anymore. I press a random button to land on an All Classics music channel where three guys, who look like Frank, Ray and Gerard, are in golden suits doing a dance under a disco ball. I then come shimmying past with one hand on my golden blazer and the other held in the air bearing a Michael Jackson style white glove, I then stop halfway and jump up, landing in a terrible version of the splits. I blink slowly at the TV, unsure of what to think anymore. My eyes feel dry and start to lower themselves. I open them back up to see the man getting back up and spinning round. I rub my free hand down my face and press another random button to land on a Copz show. Ray...I mean a man is holding his middle finger up to the camera

“Oh how badass” I mumble in a weak, sarcastic tone

I let out a loud yawn as the commercials come on and the screen turns white with a black ‘Gap’ symbol in the middle. The brightness blind me slightly but I continue to watch as I lead a group of dancers around the screen to advertise that shit. I pose stupidly as the others dance and I eventually join them, taking one girl by the hand and dancing just with her. I then come right up to the screen and I start to ask for help, knocking on the glass and asking myself to let me out. I frown at the TV in confusion. Can I see me?

I decide it would be best to lie down and try to rest, the exhaustion clearly getting to me. I manage to navigate my way onto the Telletubbies, the big colourful things dancing around the screen in front of a rainbow. I feel my eyes flutter shut as I change the channel once more to see Inspector Mikey putting on a pair of dark sunglasses. I yawn one last time before losing control and falling asleep…


“Mikey” I hear someone’s voice faintly and I feel them shaking me “Mikey…MIKEY!” They end up shouting. I open my eyes to see Ray

“Dude, you fell asleep in our meeting,” He informs me

“Wait, what? But you were cooking with Frank and Gerard was modelling shirtless for some deodorant and-” I explain quickly but Ray interrupts me

“Bad dream? Come on, it’s late, I’ll take you home” Ray holds his hand out gesturing for me to take it. He drags me up and holds me steady so I don’t fall over because I’m still not fully awake. We walk out to his car where I climb into the passenger seat, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Ray joins me in the car and puts the key in the ignition

“So, am I gonna hear about this dream?” He asks, sounding curious

“Well-” I begin.
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