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Chapter 3

by Andrea1991

Edward brings Roy into his home.

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After a very long—and for Mustang, arduous—walk, the pair arrived at Ed’s new home. But even though the building itself was new, the place was not.

Roy’s mouth opened in shock. “Isn’t this-?”

“Yep,” Edward replied casually. “This is where my childhood home once stood.”

Mustang swallowed, regaining his composure. “It’s a beautiful home. And a beautiful spot.”

Edward stepped forward, beginning the short march up the hill to his house. Besides the fact that it was a small, two-story home, it did not bear much resemblance to the place that he and Alphonse had burned to the ground in their youth. This house was a light blue with a big brown door.

“This is pretty tame, considering your typical sense of style.”

Ed laughed, rubbing the back of his head. “Yeah, Winry and Granny kinda talked me into something a little more ordinary. I built it with my own hands.”

“Is that so?” They stepped through the front door into a quaint living room. It held little furniture but compensated this fact with a large collection of research journals and science texts piled high on an overwhelming bookshelf. After a quick glance at some of the titles, Roy asked, “How are you holding up? Without being able to perform alchemy anymore?”

The younger man sighed. “Well, to be honest it’s been a hard transition. I can’t deny that I miss it. It’s like a musician losing his ability to hear. It seems a little hopeless at first. But some deaf musicians can overcome their obstacles and still compose music. Just like those musicians, I can find new ways of doing what I used to be able to accomplish.” He grinned and removed from his pockets bandaged fingers for Roy to see. “Even if it’s not as easy as before.”

He nodded in understanding. “Well said.”

“Anyway, you’re probably exhausted. Why don’t I show you to your room so you can rest for a while?”

Mustang inwardly let out a sigh of relief. The thought of standing much longer was appalling to him. “Yeah, I could use some time to recover from the train ride.”

“Follow me.”

Edward led his guest up the stairs and down a narrow hallway. He stopped at a door halfway down. “This is your room. It’s not very big, but you’ll have your own bathroom right across from you.” He pointed a thumb over his shoulder to indicate another door directly across the hall from the guest room.

The taller man gingerly stepped into the room and looked around. “It’s perfect.”
Some time later…

Roy’s eyes finally fluttered open. He was sprawled across the bed, almost too big for it. But even so, he could not remember the last time he was so comfortable. So… relaxed. Languidly, he placed an arm across his face, shielding his eyes from the sliver of light creeping in from under the door. His military habits made him suddenly wonder what time it was, but then he realized that he didn’t care.

I’m “on leave”. He half-heartedly joked to himself. I can do whatever I want now.

The thought drew his attention to Edward. Just thinking his name created a tight feeling in Roy’s stomach. For a brief moment he imagined his hands sliding up Ed’s shirt, his fingertips touching his beautiful body and arousal flushing the younger man’s cheeks.

Mustang flipped onto his stomach, pressing his hardened member into the mattress. He had never been so aroused by such a simple image. But then, he also hadn’t allowed himself to have thoughts like these in a long time. Becoming furher and paying his debts to the Ishbalins had taken up most of his energy and time. Spending time to think about as personal and crude things as sexual desires had seemed like an insult to his mission. However, now he had no responsibilities and no one that needed him. For the first time he allowed himself to fantasize about whatever he wanted, and what he wanted was Edward.

An image of Ed lying seductively face-down on his bed flashed into his mind’s eye. His groin throbbed, yearning for more. Mustang thrust his hips, shoving it more forcefully into the mattress. Next he imagined the sound of Edward muffling moans with a pillow. He ground into the bed again.

Flipping onto his back, Roy’s hand crept down to take hold of his erection. He imagined it was Ed’s hand, teasing him by flitting his fingers along various sections of skin. Stifling a moan, his thumb rubbed along the tip.

A huge crash and a yell suddenly came from downstairs. Mustang was yanked out of his fantasy in alarm. Quickly leaping out of bed, he stumbled through the door and down the stairs.

The bookshelf was toppled over, books and pages strewn all over the floor. Edward lay pathetically pinned under the heap of wood and texts, his face showing both annoyance and hilarity at the situation.

“What happened?!”

“Well Mustang, it looks like I need to build a better bookcase,” Edward replied with a groan.

The darker man moved forward and grabbed Ed’s elbow to pull him out from the heap. It took less effort than he expected. While he exerted a lot of effort to assist his host, he was still able to do so without completely spending his energy.

“You look a lot better,” Ed surmised, brushing the dust off of his slacks.

“Actually, I feel better.”

“Looks like you really did need a vacation from work. I’m sorry if I woke you.”

“No, I was just waking up when I heard the bookcase fall.” Mustang heard embarrassment thicken his voice slightly. He quickly left the subject. “How long was I asleep?”

“I guess about fourteen hours. It’s six in the morning. Here, I’ll get some coffee going.”

The young man left the wreckage in the living room and strode into the kitchen. Shaking his head, Roy chuckled softly and rubbed the back of his head. Maybe coming here wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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