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Concluding Emotions

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*Sequel To Playing With Emotions BVB/MCR* It has been over a year since Louise returned. Nicola has changed alot. Thing seem to be going perfect for the twins.. until life decides to be a bitch again

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Me and Co-writer Dani have started the sequel c:

Hope you enjoy it ^w^

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- 1 year later -

Louise was out with Dani. "I can't believe i am over a year married," Dani said.

"Yeah, your wedding anniversairy was two weeks ago, hard to believe," Louise smiled.

They sat down at the small window table in their favourite cafe. A shopping day for just the girls, it was perfect.

"So how's Nicola?" Dani asked drinking her hot chocolate.

"She's good," Louise said blowing on her coffee.

"I barely ever get to see her," Dani sighed

"Yeah, she is always out with her friends now," Louise said.

"They grow up so fast!" Dani chuckled.

"Don't even," Louise laughed.

"Feel old?" Dani laughed.

"Yes actually!" Louise said.

They walked through a few more shops before heading home to Louise's house. Dani and Andy had been out visiting. They lived in L.A and Louise, Gerard and Nicola still lived in New Jersey.

"Just one more stop before we go home?" Dani begged. Before Louise could even protest, Dani grabbed her arm and pulled her towards a very sexy lingerie shop.

Louise raised an eyebrow and gave her sister a meanigful look. Dani blushed and muttered something about surprising Andy when he get's home from the studio some night. After buying some revealing underwear they caught the bus back to Louise's.

"Hello!" Nicola smiled opening the door. She had changed alot over the last year.

"Fuck, you are home, i'm shocked," Louise said walking into the living room.

"Well i got hungry!" Nicola winked at Dani before heading into the kitchen. Dani grinned...she'd always knew any daughter of her or Louise's would be rebellious.

"It's your fault she's like that," Louise said slapping Gerard's arm sitting down.

"Me?" He said, feigning innocence which looked adorable on his cute face. Louise smiled and reached up for a kiss as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Louise wrapped her arms around his neck deeping the kiss furthur.

Dani left the room quietly to give them some privacy. She crept to the guest bedroom where she and Andy had been staying and slipped inside. The light was on and Andy was lying on the bed fast asleep.

He'd been so tired lately from recording the new album that she didn't have the heart to wake him. She studied him for a moment, taking in the rise and fall of dhoulders, the way he snored ever so gently, his peaceful face.

Nicola walked out of the kitchen. "MUm, DAD," Nicola said dropping her sandwhich. Louise laughed at her covering her eyes.


"Not an excuse!" Nicola said still having her eyes shut. "Ew," She moaned as she dashed upstairs.

She paused at the top to yell down "Someone owes me a sandwhich,"

"Tough!" Louise called back. Nicola walked into her room and lay down texting.

Dani got into the bed beside Andy and fell asleep next to him.

Dani was awoken a few hours later by Nicola poking her.

"Ew, aunt and uncle sex is almost as bad as parent sex," She groaned. "Anyway, dinner will be ready in 10 minutes," She skipped out of the room.

Andy groaned and rolled over rubbing his eyes.

"Hey sleepy," Dani grinned and nuzzled his neck. He grinned sleepily and ran his fingers through her hair. They sat looking at eahcother in the eyes. Andy leaned over and kissed Dani softly before standing up, taking her hand and walking downstairs.
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