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Julius is going to buy Delilah some flowers for her birthday, but everything goes wrong

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(a/n: Hey everyone, I decided to do another chapter, instead of this being one-shot. It's rare I do a humour fan fic, so yeah, I thought of putting a whole bunch of short funny stories together. One of my favorite reviewers, Princessofyourownworld, said I'm obsessed with pregnancy and chip bags from my other stories, LOL. Don't worry, this story an't gonna have no more of that, LOL)


Julius knew Delilahs birthday was coming up. He knew he had to get Delilah the perfect gift...but what? After thought, he did the most simple soulition to all

A few minutes later, Julius thought it would be nicer to walk than to drive to the flower store called "Flower Affairs." So off he went.



Julius found some beautiful dozen roses. Delilah would love these, he told himself. He picked the roses up, and a nice vase. He went to pay for them, and sighed. This is all the money I have, he thought when the lady told him the price. Being a spy doesn't give you much money.

Julius had the bigggest smile on his face. Delilah is going to have the best 17th birthday bash. Julius put one hand under the vase, and the other hand on the side of the vase. He had a tight grip on it. The ground was pretty muddy, for it rained last night.

Along comes a big, fat kid going fast on his bike.

"Look, mom, no hands!" cried out the kid, taking his hands off the handle bars.

you guested it. The kid rammed his bike right into Julius. The little kid went flying head first into a mud puddle, and started to cry. Julius flinched in pain, as he dropped the flowers right into the mud puddle.

The glass vase shattered, and most of the pedels fell of the roses in the mud. Julius cursed under his breathe. This is why I hate little kids! Julius had no more money. He couldn't even buy her chocolates that he was so broke! boy, was he screwed!



"Happy birthday, Delilah!" cried out Julius happily.

"Thanks, Julius." Delilah said.

Delilah accepted the messly wrapped up present. When she opened it, she couldn't hide her dissapointment. It was a broken vase put together by masking tape, and a dozen almost leaf-less roses.

"Is this some kind of a sick joke?!?" asked Delilah.

She punched Julius right in the ribs, and ran off.

"DELILAH!" cried out Julius, following after her. "I'm sorry!"

xxDarkness' Kidxx
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