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A Pointless Adventure of a Man and His Dear Dog 4

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Paul and Martha find themselves in the Ancient Pyramids.

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When we last heard from our adventurers, Paul and his dear dog, Martha, they were sleeping in a corn field after the strange occurrence of the Gargoyle and the aliens. Because all of this happened through the night, they slept the day away and traveled when it grew dark the next day. Somehow, they made their way to the Ancient Pyramids.

“Look, Paul!” Martha barked. “This looks so interesting!”

“Indeed it does,” replied Paul. “Let’s take a look!” When they got to the front entrance of one of them, they realized it was being guarded by an owl that was strangely in a state of repose.

“That’s odd,” Martha said. “Aren’t owls nocturnal?”

“Yes,” Paul answered, “but then again, animals and gargoyles don’t normally talk, now do they?”

“Never mind that. Let’s go inside!”

The two of them snuck past the owl and went deep into the pyramid.

“I’ve never seen so many hieroglyphics before,” said Martha.

“Me neither,” agreed Paul. “Look at that one! It looks like a wolf!”

“That’s no wolf!” Martha argued. “That’s a dog!”

“Is there really a difference?”

“There’s a HUGE difference!”

The two of them vacillated until they heard a strange sound. “Wh-what was th-that?!” Martha asked.

“I-I don’t know...” They looked around the dark pyramid cautiously.

Suddenly, the sound came again as the guard owl flew in. “What do you think you’re doing in here?!”

Martha cowered behind Paul’s legs. “We’re s-sorry...” she squeaked.

“We are sorry,” Paul said. “We just got curious. We’ve been on a big adventure for quite some time and thought these pyramids could contribute to them. We can leave right now if you need us to do so.”

“Right you shall!” squawked the owl. “It’s lucky I was on guard and not someone else!”

“Hey, wait a minute!” Martha said. “You WERE on guard! But you were sleeping on the job! That’s why you didn’t catch us until now!”

Flustered in his feathers, the owl turned a red that most owls couldn’t even imagine turning. “Heh heh... Y-you’re not going to tell my manager though... R-right?”

Martha smirked a doggie smirk. “There’s a chance we’ll keep it to ourselves... IF you get us off the hook for intruding!”

“Oh... Fine! I’ll leave you with a warning!” replied the owl. “But only one warning, and that’s it!”

“Thanks!” they said as they left the Pyramids.

“I never knew you could be so devious, Martha!” Paul exclaimed.

“Oh, it was nothing,” Martha said. “Now how about we finally get a good NIGHT’s rest?”
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