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Benjamin Levi Madden... Another Note

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Joel finally gets hilary as a girlfriend and Benji finds the girl he wants. He plans on leaving Brittany a letter thats shaped as a heart.. Hilary finds a heart shaped letter in her bag that says "...

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Ch. 2
Benjamin Levi Madden... Another Note

Hilary and Joel walked out of the school hand in hand


Joel looked over and smiled, "Hey bro!" He yelled waving

Hilary looked over and blinked

Benji ran up, Joel's twin brother. He had a lot of piercings, on his top lip, three on the bottom lip, both ears pierced, and his tongue was even pierced. He had tattoos everywhere on his arms and some on his neck. He was an inch shorter than Joel. Benji also had brown eyes and dark brown hair. If Benji didn't have all the crap on his face and little tattoos he would look just like Joel. Benji loved to design his hair in different styles, spikes, Mohawks, dying it any color. Today he had spikes, huge ass spikes. He makes the word punk.

Benji stopped by them breathing heavy, "What... was... today's... Math... homework..." He asked putting his hand to his chest

Joel sighed and looked down then at him, "Yeah where were you today in Math?" He asked

Benji stood up straight and smiled, "Well..." He hit his chest some, "I feel special cause you know Brittany?" He asked

Joel blinked and smiled, "No way! Dude you did that during Math class!" He said

Hilary blinked watching them

Benji smiled, "Hell yeah! I scored!" He said

Joel laughed, "Geez! Well I will give you the assignment at home... It's not that hard..." He said

Benji looked at Hilary like he just saw her, "Hey!" He said smiling

Hilary smiled weakly and waved some

Benji looked at Joel, "Did you ask?" He asked

Joel nodded, "I did... we are going out now... Cool huh?" He asked smiling

Hilary smiled feeling better and leaned on Joel

Benji blinked and smiled, "Yay my sissy in law!" He said hugging her

Hilary blinked gasping some and closed her eyes and smiled and hugged him thinking, "Got he did... he stinks of sweat! Nasty!" She pulled away smiling

Benji blinked and sighed, "Geez... don't like me?" He asked looked at her

She blinked and shook her head, "Oh no! I like you Benji! Really!" She said and smiled thinking, "If I like stink bombs!" She giggled lightly

Benji smiled, "That's good!" He laughed and grabbed a note from his pocket, "I need to give this to Brittany! See it's folded like a heart" He said and smiled

Hilary looked back as a guy is walking past her with his hood up, she could see him

Joel smiled, "You do that! Hilary and I are gonna go..."

Benji smiled and nodded, "Right!" He looked over past Hilary, "Hey there she is!" He walked past Hilary

Hilary watched the guy with the hood blinking

She shook her head again and looked back at Benji. She blinked seeing her bag open a ways, "Oops..." She grabbed the zipper and zipped it. She looked at Joel, "I better get home and do my homework hun..." She smiled and kissed his cheek

He smiled leaning in against the kiss on his cheek, "Course! See you tomorrow Hilary." He kissed her cheek and took off running the way Benji went

Hilary smiled watching him then walked off

At Hilary's

Hilary walked into the house, "Mom! I'm home!" She called

No one came

She sighed, "Oh yeah... mom worked noon to ten." She said to herself and started up the steps

A Miniature Doberman puppy ran up to Hilary as she started up the steps, she started barking

Hilary looked back at her and smiled, "Lucy Lu!" She bent down and picked her up

Lucy wiggling in her hands started licking Hilary's face

Hilary started laughing, "Stop it!" She smiled and started carrying her up the steps

Lucy kept wiggling not to get away she was just over active all the time

Hilary walked into her room and set Lucy down shutting the door

Lucy headed straight for the bed and stood there watching Hilary her stub for a tail wagging a way

Hilary smiled and walked up to the bed, "Calm down Luy Lu!" She laughed and sat down putting her bag down by the bed, "You don't need anymore attention then you get." She smiled and started petting her

Lucy jumped of the bed and started towards her toy

Hilary sighed and smiled, "Ok... once... but then I got to do my homework!" She said and grabbed the toy and started pulling on it lightly

Lucy fought for dear life for the toy to keep it

Hilary sighed and let go, "I'm doing my homework now Lucy..." She grabbed her bag

Lucy stood there toy in mouth and watched her with a tilted head

Hilary opened her bag and tipped it over and all her books fell out.

A note fell out

Hilary blinked, "What the..." She grabbed it and gasped, "It's folded like a heart... just like Benji's" She started opening it, "I shouldn't..."

She opened it all the way

"Don't look behind you..."

The words said in blood red letters again

Hilary jumped as her window shattered and a brick landed on the floor

Hilary screamed and ran out of the room and into her moms room

Lucy ran behind her barking

Hilary grabbed the phone and started dialing 911

A car started up

She ran up to the window and dropped her phone

Her car was rolling backwards out into traffic, "No stop!" She screamed

A car hit her car and another hit that car

Hilary bent down quickly and grabbed the phone and put the phone to her ear, "911! Someone tried to break into my house then they put my car into reverse and made my car go out into traffic! Two cars hit my car! Get someone down here please!" She put the phone down and ran out of the room and downstairs. She stopped

The door was wide open and her keys were gone, there was no sign of something breaking the door open... the door wasn't forced open

Hilary looked around, "Who the fuck..." She gasped, "Benji?"

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