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The New Girl

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Who is she, he wondered to himself

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Authors Note: Ok, for this story lets bring her back to life, and yes I realized I named one of the characters in this story after myself, but I've always wanted to be a character in CotT, so if you don't like it, I'm sorry, you don't have to read the story if you don't want to, please read, review and rate

Disclaimer: I do not own Class of the Titans, but I do own my story and characters

Archie woke up, he felt a little groggy.

Yay, Monday morning are always fun he thought sarcastically

He had his shower, brushed his teeth, got dressed and went down to breakfast.

"Morning Arch" Jay said holding a mug of hot coffee in his hand

Archie looked around the table of breakfast eaters, their where two missing

"Where's Neil and Atlanta?" he asked

"Neil's still in the bathroom and Atlanta had to go to school early for some kind of club meeting of some sorts" Odie said as he ate his toast

Archie grabbed a bowl and some cereal

"I think I need a break from this hero business, I wonder if evil gods hate Mondays too" Harry said as he was stuffing his mouth with waffles (hmmm, waffles)


Archie walked through the front entrance of the school. He walked over to his locker near the west entrance when he saw Atlanta walking in through the door.

She wasn't wearing her usual blue-green tee and cargos, but instead a navy colored long sleeved shirt pushed up to her elbows and baggie jeans, with a toque on top of her head covering her vibrant red hair.

"Atlanta" Archie called, she didn't turn around

He closed his locker and ran up to her, she started to open a locker, he'd never really seen where Atlanta's locker was, he never really thought about it.

"Hey Atlanta, didn't you hear me?" He said when he caught up to her, by this time she had gotten to her locker.

"Sorry, you must be mistaken" she said as she pulled her toque off, under it, was semi-long brown hair swept into a pony-tail at the back of her head "Hi, I'm Lynn" she held out her hand to shake his own.

"Hi, I'm Archie" He replied

whoa that's so weird, she looks just like Atlanta he thought

"Sorry about the confusion" He added

"It's ok, it was nice meeting you Archie" she gave a smile and continued putting things into an unusually empty locker.

Archie walked back to his own locker to find the real Atlanta leaning on its door

"Who's she?" she asked

"New student I guess" He said back opening his locker again and retrieving his books

"So your like what, the new welcoming comity?" she laughed "By the way, you can put those back, Ares wants us all for a surprise training session" she added

Archie put his books back in his locker and started to walk down the hall with his friend. He couldn't help looking back at the new girl though as he reached the end of the hallway. The longer he stared the more she looked like Atlanta. He must have slowed down because when he turned his head around to face forwards, Atlanta was already waiting for him at the janitor's closet.


Authors Note: Ok, first chapter, I'm going to give you a fair warning, I might be doing a little more tampering and/or altering than most authors do in a fanfic but don't worry I'll keep the character as in character as humanly possible

P.S: Granted i get a couple reviews, expect an update later on this evening or early tomorrow
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