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Slash cringed slightly as he felt a set of mischievous lips grin wide into the side of his waist.

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Slash hung his head over his guitar. He didn’t feel like playing. All he could muster up the strength to do lately was stare and drink. Pushing the neck of the bottle between his plush lips he chugged the sour sweet liquor sucking slightly onto the bottleneck as he lowered it with a loud smack.

He missed his Izzy. Stupid Axl had to kick him out because Slash was paying more attention to Izzy and not him. It wasn’t that Izzy was fed up with Axl or because Izzy was the only one clean. It was the supposed open relationship the two best friends had. Everything was perfect. Slash and Axl hooked up when the singer didn’t have a girl to keep him warm. There weren’t too many nights that that had happened, but when it did those nights were long hot fuck sessions. The rest of the time Slash was free to have anyone he wanted. That is anyone but Izzy Stradlin.

It wasn’t like he had planned to fall for the rhythm guitarist, but there was something alluring about that dark haired wise ass. His strong face framed by long choppy black hair, that sly sneer, his deep-set umber eyes. His hands were always sweet and loving, but rough with the years of devotion to the music.

Slash loved watching and performing with Izzy It was like watching the most sensual act of pleasure one could ever have the privilege of feeling. He was fully dedicated to the performance and they played off each other as if they shared one soul. Not to mention, Izzy always had a renewed energy in bed after sweating his heart out on stage. Slash liked that. The crazy calm guitarist could shred every ounce of life out of his guitar and still find more riffs and intensity at a split second.

His guitar. Slash cocked his head upon spying the Les Paul 335. The ex-guitarist must have left it behind in the maelstrom of fists and yelling upon Izzy’s departure. He picked it up cradling it to his bare chest as he crossed his legs. Warm blistered hands stroked the body inching up slowly over the shiny black paint. Just like that sneaky he-devil, a solemn color that was anything but innocent, he thought solemnly. Tenderly clutching the neck, his long fingers extended to pluck lithely at the taught strings.

Fisting the long fret board brushing harder over the strings, turning his pain into something. In his belly a fire began to stir kindling into an inferno as he kept stroking the guitar, an oddly familiar sensation. The instrument grew warmer, flaring with a ravenous fire that lapped gently over Slash’s bare belly.

He froze as he felt the weight of the guitar grow heavier. As he attempted to shift one leg from under the other he became aware of a body lying in his lap. A wily smile gazed up at him behind fringed bangs. Wide eager brown eyes grinned almost mockingly at him as red lips parted to reveal pearly white teeth.

“Well don’t stop now.” Izzy chided. He threaded his toned arms around Slash’s neck cradling him stroking the dark curls. “You’re just getting to the good part.”

Slash snapped out of his stupor to gaze into Izzy’s adorable face.

“Iz…” A lone fingertip was placed against his lips shushing him. The mischievous digit brushed lightly over his slackened lush lips teasing the corner of his mouth. The familiar touch sent a paralyzing jolt of electricity down Slash’s spine to his groin.

“Izzy, h-uhmm…” Slash tried to speak, but was silenced as two slender fingers slid into his mouth. His ravenous lips were all too happy to accept the invasion. Closing around the succulent digits he massaged them with his lips as his tongue curved around them tickling them as it gyrated against the soft skin.

The guitarist rolled his head slowly around his shoulders moaning softly as he watched his lover pleasure him with that beautiful mouth. The curly haired guitarist smiled and began to hum around the long fingers enjoying watching his former boyfriend in throws of rising passion. He longed to have Izzy on his back tossing and withering again.

Pulling himself forward by the nape of Slash’s neck, Izzy licked a line from the Slash’s chin up his jaw to his ear. Slash jerked for a second as the rhythm guitarist pushed away his veil of curls sucking that sensitive spot just below his ear.

“Love you Slash.” Izzy breathed heavily into the Slash’s ear sending a sharp thrill through every limb of his body.

The slender brunette smiled into the coffee colored neck as he removed his fingers from his mouth. Slash immediately attached his lips to Izzy’s shoulder biting and sucking softly leaving a small passionate purple bruise and causing soft groans to escape the guitarist’s pursed mouth. The darker man moaned against Izzy’s skin. Izzy was real. He was here, his again.

Izzy ran his slicked fingers down Slash’s bare back before disappearing between tight denim and luxurious skin. Slash threw his head back gasping as his body arched up into the other guitarist knocking Izzy onto his back.

“Izzy…” Slash panted as the rhythm guitarist continued to smile and stroke the curly brunette’s crack. Izzy bumped and ground his hips up into the other guitarist’s building a rising rhythm as his calloused hands ran over Slash’s back to his ass.

The small brunette mewed fiercely as Slash reached down between their heated bodies giving the guitarist a quick squeeze before undoing his jeans. Slash pulled back to undo his own jeans as Izzy bucked his hips up in search of much needed friction. Slash panted from the guitarist’s bump and the cold air that hit his nude flesh. The rhythm guitarist quickly captured the plump ass in two strong hands squeezing them hard earning a cry of pleasure from the dark haired man.

Slash ground hard into Izzy’s crotch. The guitarist in return gripped Slash’s hips urging the curly haired brunette on and pushing back just as hard and just as fast. As their cocks rubbed together and began to quickly fill from weeks of pent up desperation Slash was taken back to another time, a time when this was a normal occurrence. Before Axl decided to be a prima donna, before all the fighting, when he and Izzy…

“Fuck me Slash!” Izzy begged in a strangled high pitch scream. “I’m gonna…can’t hold, fuck me!”

“But I didn’t…”

“I don’t care. I need you. Do me hard!” Izzy cried. Slash sat back on his knees taking his dripping cock he positioned it at the brunette’s entrance. “Now, please Slash!”

Slash slammed into the frantic brunette pushing in half way. He wanted to ram it the entire distance, but was afraid of hurting his former lover. Izzy’s eyes rolled over glaring in passionate anger he seized the guitarist’s hips impaling himself onto Slash. Screaming Slash arched his back as his cock completely submerged into Izzy. A reprimanding slap to his ass shocked Slash back into the present sending him thrusting hard into the frenzied guitarist.

“G-ah, yes! Yes Slash, yes!” Izzy screamed as his hands trembled and clawed over Slash’s hipbones.

“You feel so good Iz. So fucking tight, so hot…oh shit going to…can’t wait.” Slash howled in pleasured bliss as he filled his boyfriend with his cum. Izzy squirmed happily milking his lover’s seed as he came spilling himself over Slash’s flat belly.

Collapsing onto the smaller man the musicians panted as the pain and love of the past few weeks dissolved into the translucent air. Now they had each other in their arms. Chests rose and fell hard against each other as they panted for breath. Their hearts beat together hard.

“How did you do it Iz?” Slash asked between gasps for air. He wanted to lie across Izzy’s toned sweat slick body forever, drawing soft lines over Izzy’s chest. “How did you get back in here without Axl seeing you?”

“Simple, babe.” Izzy kissed the bassist’s nose scrunching his own impishly. He tugged Slash’s jeans back into a more reasonable position on his hips rolling him onto his back. “I’m a nymph.”

“A what?” Slash asked then moaned as he felt Izzy’s warm wet tongue lap at his navel. Izzy just smirked pinning the questioning brunette to the floor as his tongue kept up the lapping teases.

“A nymph. You know like in Greek mythology they could become trees to escape men who wanted to sleep with them. Well I can become my guitar.”

“You can become your…”

“Slash are you okay, I heard a crash.” Axl asked coming into the small practice room.

“Axl I can explain…” Slash’s eyes widened with fear as the singer set his piercing green eyes on him.

“What are you doing with Izzy’s guitar?”

Slash sat up on his elbows looking down at the Les Paul he had been playing a short time ago. The very one that Izzy claimed he could turn into.

“That idiot must have left it.” Axl reached out a hand. “Here I’ll take it so it’ll get back to him.”

“No!” Slash crushed the guitar to his chest, hard. “I’ll give it back to him. I’ll do it.” A warm supple feeling twisted around his waist.

“Fine whatever.” Axl shrugged cocked his head. “Come on you look a little cold.”

“Yeah right behind you.” He followed the singer taking his cue that Axl needed that special favor. Slash cringed slightly as he felt a set of mischievous lips grin wide into the side of his waist.

Is that you really you Izzy?
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