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Blood and Tears

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Peterick fic collaboration with RAWRsaysRabidMissile. Patrick's POV: Me. Pete's POV: RAWRsaysRabidMissile.

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Patrick's Pov
What does he mean? I guess he's just homophobic too. It makes sense that he'd warn me about rumors. And that would make everything so much worse for me but, its who I am. I didn't ask to be gay. I didn't decide to be attracted to guys. Ironically, Josh was my first crush, but that was middle school. Back when Josh was my friend and I wasn't so openly despised. Even Pete's already Josh's friend now. Josh doesn't really like Pete, or half of his friends. He just enjoys adding people against me. And I'm honestly expecting the gay rumors to start. Josh knows. Only Josh, but he is head of the "I Hate Fatrick" committee. Fatrick. I hate when they call me that. I hate Patty too, though. And I hated the heart attack I had when I thought the gay rumors where going to start. I regret telling him about that now. But we were friends then, and I thought we always would be... and until Josh got a girlfriend and a whole set of new friends, we were. I don't know why exactly he hates me, other than we' stopped being friends. It isn't my fault he ditched me.

Pete's POV

Making friends at my last school may have been successful, but it damn sure was difficult. Partially because the first day of school, they found out I was gay. I stared a little too long in the locker room. I couldn't help it. But before I knew it, the guy I had been staring at shoved me against a locker and called me a fag. I went home almost daily with black eyes. Girls made fun of me. Guys wouldn't go near me. It was hell for a few months. But that was freshman year. People have short memories. After a while, I met some nice people and settled in. Ate lunch at the same spot every day, no longer got picked on too much...
I'm not proud of the things I had to do to keep the bullies off my back. A few times, I had to do their homework. Other times, I had to give the occasional swirly. I'm not proud, not at all. But it was better than being beaten to a pulp daily. I don't want that for this boy. Poor Patrick, he seems so innocent. It's a delicate balance here. If I'm too nice to him, the gay rumors will start for us both. If I'm too mean, it will crush his soul and I'll end up a bully. Neither sounds at all desirable. So I make up my mind. I'll ignore his existence completely.

Patrick's POV
I sit alone at lunch, closest to the door. When I say I sit alone, I mean completely alone. Not one single person sits at this table, ever, besides me. An by lunch, even the new kids have been informed that I’m not to be friends with. I guess it’s not too bad, though. If you don’t have friends, they can’t turn on you. Today I haven’t even bothered to go in the line for food. Getting pushed and shoved while holding a tray of food is too much of a hassle, plus I’m getting pretty sick of the fat jokes. Maybe if they don’t see me eat it will stop. I glance up at the line and see Josh talking to Pete. Probably about me. I sigh and get out my math homework, deciding to get started on it before I have my mother breathing down my neck about it. I begin scribbling down answers and become so involved in my homework, I don’t notice anyone approaching me. That is, until chocolate milk is poured onto my book. I gasp and try to wipe it off with my jacket, but it’s already spread throughout the pages. I’m so fucked. I look up and see Josh and Pete.

Josh is grinning, pleased with himself, as he tosses the empty milk carton at me.

“Wh-What the hell?!” my voice shakes, “Wh-Why would you-”

Josh shoves me out of the seat, causing me to fall on my back before stepping over the table and leaning down to punch me in the nose. I hold my bleeding nose and whimper.

Pete's POV

I'm shaking in rage. Josh needs to be stopped and now. My goal was to ignore Patrick. I should have focused more on ignoring Josh. He grabbed me as soon as I walked out of my last classroom and started trying to find the lunchroom. Once again, he insisted on showing me where it is. Why this asshole thinks I'm his friend is completely beyond me. I tried to think of ways to get rid of him, but nothing has worked. Do I come across as a jerk? Why do I always attract the horrible people?

I thought it was bad enough when he ruined Patrick's book, but punching him in the face is the last straw. I stand there in shock. I can't decide whether to help. In situations like this, I tend to freeze. Like I'm doing now. Finally, Josh snaps his fingers in my face and wheels me around. We exit the cafeteria and walk down the hall. Josh's friends are laughing and I'm slowly beginning to realize what just happened. I look around at all of them and stop when I see Josh kissing his knuckles. He's proud of what he did. No remorse. No remorse at all for the poor guy.

Josh turns to us and mutters in a low voice, "Run. I know they're gonna come after us, so run!"

At that, he and his friends take off. I don't even think of running, I just freeze once again. He's gone. They all are. They left me there to take the blame. Before I know it, I'm running too. Not in their direction. Instead I run around the corner and down a few hallways. I don't stop until I find a bathroom. I duck inside and rush to the sink, turning on the water and splashing my face. I'm beginning to calm down when I hear footsteps. They've found me.

I run into one of the stalls and lock the door, pulling my feet up onto the toilet. I watch through the crack in the stall to see who walks in and realize it's Patrick. He goes to the sink and groans at his reflection. He's completely covered in blood and he begins to cry. I shift my weight a bit to see his face better and nearly fall. I recover, but not before the pencil I shoved in my pocket comes clattering to the floor. I curse silently.


I close my eyes and cringe.

"Pete, I know that's you. That's my pencil on the floor."

Patrick’s POV

I hear a sigh before Pete steps out of the stall. I glance back at the mirror and try to wash some of the blood off of my face. out of the corner of my eye, I notice him frown. Why does he care? He may not have hit me, but he sure as hell stood there and watched. I’m now covered in blood and chocolate milk, and I owe the school near a hundred bucks for the ruined book. My mother is going to kill me.

“Why don’t they like you?” Pete asks quietly, handing me a few paper towels.

I shrug and wipe off more blood.

“There must be some reason they treat you like this...”

“I’m sure they’ve found ways to justify it. Don’t worry, soon you will too.” I look at the floor.

“I didn’t do anything Patrick.” Pete sighs, “I may not have been very kind to you today, but I didn’t hit you and I didn’t know he was going to. I didn’t laugh like everyone else either. I think it sucks you’re treated this way.”

I look up into his eyes, “It does suck. And while you may think that now, around Josh I’m sure a nice game of make Patrick want to commit suicide sounds like a blast.” I push past him and leave the restroom, going to the office.

I’m not going to tell on Josh for hitting me, that would be stupid. I’m going to tell them about the book, without mentioning Josh at all. My mother will be livid, but if I told them Josh did it, nothing good would happen.

“That book costs ninety-seven dollars...” the principal frowns, “And it was you who split the chocolate milk?”

I shrug a shoulder, “It was my book, So ninety-seven? Okay I’ll tell my mom..sorry about the book.”

“Patrick if you’re having trouble with bullies-”

“I’m fine.” I stand up to leave.

“Patrick there’s blood all over your shirt.” he sighs.

“Imagine how much worse it’d be if I turned them in.” I walk out, slamming the door.

“Didn’t tell on me, didja Patty?” Josh walks up behind me.

I sigh, “No. But I do have to pay for a math book.”

He snorts, “You’re so pathetic. Why not switch yours with some other kid’s and have them deal with it?” he shoves me against the wall.

“Because I’m not you.” I glare up at him.

Before Josh can punch me, as his fist is drew back to do so, he jumps back, hearing a door. The bathroom door, where Pete is slowly walking out.

“Pete, my man!” Josh grins.

I sigh and start to walk away before getting shoved by Josh.

“Hey Pete, want a punch?” Josh’s grin widens.

Pete's POV

"No. No I don't. I'm not gonna punch him and I don't see why the hell you'd think I want anything to do with you. You're pathetic, cruel, stupid, and unoriginal. I didn't want to have anything to do with you in the first place and I sure as hell don't now."

That's what I want to say. But I know to keep quiet. Instead, I shake my head.

"You sure, new kid? It's fun, I swear." Josh grins at Patrick, causing Patrick to try and shrink into the wall. I step between them reflexively. They both stare at me, and I notice what I've done. I step back, but it's too late.

"Oh, well I see how it is. You want to protect the little fatty. Why? Why, hmm? You don't even know him. He's a sniveling little dork who doesn't know when to just ive up and change schools."

"Wh-What?" Patrick murmurs, eyes wide. Josh slams him against the wall again, making him squeak.

"I said, I want you out of this school. I hate seeing your shrimpy little face every day. It makes me sick." At that, he spits in Patrick's face. The spit lands right in Patrick's wound. Josh must have been sucking on a lemon beforehand, because Patrick gasps in pain. Before I know it, I'm shoving Josh to the ground. I don't bother punching him because the evidence would be impossible to hide. Instead, I kick him in the side a few times. He crawls to the door and runs away, leaving Patrick and I alone. I collapse against the wall next to Patrick, who rushes to the sink to clean his face.

"You hurt, man?" I ask, and Patrick nods. I go to stand beside him and watch as he removes the rest of the spit and blood.

"I'm used to it. Anyway, I'm not sure why you did that, but don't expect me to believe you're on my side. I don't trust people easily. I'm not stupid."

I nod, unsure of what to say. I don't expect him to believe me. All this evidence has stacked up against me and it's too much to explain away as coincidence. I should just get used to the fact that he won't be friend material. I sigh.

"What's wrong, sorry you had to beat up your friend to prove yourself?" Patrick asks bitterly, snapping me out of my thoughts. I turn to him, glaring.

"Listen. That asshole is not my friend. Not even in the least."

"Then why are you hanging out with him?" Patrick yells, turning away from the mirror to look at me. I stop. I don't know the answer. Maybe I do. It's because I'm a wimp. Spineless.

"That's what I thought," Patrick says as he starts going to the door. I grab his arm to stop him.

"I don't know what to say. But I want to make it up to you. Prove I mean no harm. Please."

Patrick stands there, glaring at my hand on his arm like it's a poisonous bug. I drop his arm and keep looking at him expectantly. He nods and starts to mutter something, when someone walks into the bathroom. It's one of Josh's friends. He notices us standing closely to each other as he heads to a stall. He nods in our direction as we leave. I barely hear what he says, but when I do, it's enough to nearly stop me in my tracks.

"'Sup, fags?"
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