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MCR Halloween Special 2012

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Frank follows Gerard to a Halloween party in which the monsters are all too real.

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Happy Ieroween everyone! Just thought I'd write a little short one-shot for Halloween, in honor of the mighty Frank Iero. Set sometime before all these kids started happening. Yes, I love the little Ieros, and the Way-spring, but I have no idea what to do with them at this age for this fic so... Sorry guys!

Frank was running around outside on Halloween, as it was not only his favorite holiday of the year, but also his birthday. Think of it this way, he got a ton of free candy on his birthday. So at any rate, the young Frank Iero was having quite a fun time, when he saw someone that looked awfully familiar. "Gerard!" He yelled, running up to the figure wearing a black cloak, and walking away from him.

Gerard ignored him, until Frank ran right up to the taller man, pulling on his cloak. "Hey Gee? Where'd ya get this thing? It's fuckin' awesome!" He spewed. "How dare you touch me!" Gerard snarled at Frank. "Woah, no need to be bitchy... Wait you're keeping in character aren't ya?" Frank asked, almost oblivious.

"Sure...." Gerard said, but Frank couldn't help but catch the slightest hint of sarcasm running through his words. "Gee, where ya goin? And where's Mikey?"

"The party." Gerard said, not volunteering any more information than that. It seemed to answer both questions. Frank thought nothing of it, as they usually had a party with a Halloween theme for him every year. He followed Gerard into a more decrepit area of town, up to a house that was seemingly bursting at the seams with the noises of a party inside. The clanking chains seemed all too real, as well as the screams. Gerard opened the door, and walked inside. Frank was about to follow him, when his phone buzzed in his pocket. Before the door closed, he saw a guy with ridiculously good zombie makeup. Good to the point it looked like he was missing half his lower jaw and his brain was exposed.

It was a text message. From Gerard.

Where r u M n I @ ur house 4 20 min

Gerard couldn't text worth a shit, but right then, Frank realized something. Whoever, or whatever he followed, wasn't Gerard. And the monsters at the party were all too real. And the street around them, all too quiet. Frank started to run like he'd never run in his life.
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