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Squirrel vs Eichhörnchen

by killjoy_blackrose 2 Reviews

me trying to say squirrel... (oh the things you make me do..)

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  • Squirrel vs Eichhörnchen

    (#) AdnarimSmada 2012-11-02 08:59:02 AM

    Oh my dear you were so close. Not a half bad job actually, you'd probably pass in some regions. There is a little more emphasis on the last part like the name Earl. It's hard to describe. You friend: oh no. I don't even...

    Eichhörnchen with the h and then sch thing, I don't know how that would be able to work with my English trained mouth. It baffles my mind. I can't even do the double h deal in the middle of a word and then there's that accent point, ugh...

    Whatever, I had fun.

    I enjoy your accent severely but that's me being creepy again, seriously Germans=favorite accented people ever.

    -Adnarim Smada

    P.S: I bet your jealous of my friend Nathan who can say squirrel in both languages because he grew up in the United States with grandparents who taught him German. (They are from western Germany and junk though I believe.)

    P.P.S: What does my so-called American accent sound like to you? I'm just curious. It is fun to have opinions of people around the world.

    Author's response

    haha really? okay i'll say squearl from now on then XD
    we germans have the nasty habit of reading things out the way they're written, because our language pretty much sounds like we spell things, so we always want to pronounce it the weird way the people in that video you watched did (yes, i looked that up...)

    what's whith my friend? xD

    oh so that was your problem? it's not actually that you say two h out loud. the first one belongs to the ch and after that it's just a simple h. and i guess the ö hard. you did well though :D
    if you seperate the words eichhörnchen translates to something like oak-horn or better, oak-croissant xD

    as i'm german it's hard for me to actually hear my accent, but i guess it sounds funny to your ears...

    now that's just not fair xD

    you know, when my scottish exchange partner was here her teacher brought her daughter, who had obviously learned german as a foreign native speaker or something, because the woman was german...well, she could express herself perfectly fine, but she still had an accent simply because she wasn't born here.

    but it's awesome that he's learning german. west germany you say? i'm from the south west^^

    to germans american accents sound like they don't even have ps or ts anymore because they just say budder instead of butter, but many people like american english because it doesn't sound as 'arrogant' as british english.

    xo katie
  • Squirrel vs Eichhörnchen

    (#) AdnarimSmada 2012-11-02 09:53:22 AM

    Sweetheart, I have no problems with your friend personally, I don't even know her. I'm just saying her attempt at squirrel was just... wow. Oh no.

    As for my speaking, it's good to know that I don't sound as arrogant as people from the UK. On the point of your accent (not just yours alone, any German mind you), I do not find it funny bad imitation here Katie, emphasis I kind of heard you putting on the syllables of your own name over, I find it attractive, like, very much so. About as much as Jane was fangirling over ShadowSouls' Egyptian one.

    -Adnarim Smada

    Author's response

    well, she's good at english, but sucks at pronunciation xD

    well the thing is, they sound arrogant, but they're not. they're actually quite nice :3
    well i'm glad you like it as much as you do. i wouldn't be able to record random german words otherwise ;)

    oh...right. recording. translating. oh

    well, i still don't know how...

    i laid down my ship on the keel?
    i laid my ship down on keel?
    i laid my ship down?

    help me D:

    xo k

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