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Scabbed X-Ray Blues

by CosmicZombie 14 Reviews

Being alone is the easiest thing in the world. Being lonely is the hardest. At eighteen, Gerard Way believes he'll never be anything more. [Bert/Gerard. Chaptered.]

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [V] [X] [?] - Published: 2012/11/04 - Updated: 2012/12/20 - 4377 words


  • Scabbed X-Ray Blues

    (#) Echelonfrommars 2012-11-04 11:20:29 AM

    OMFG I loved it
  • Scabbed X-Ray Blues

    (#) Echelonfrommars 2012-11-04 11:22:40 AM

    I've written a way longer review but ficwad has fucked it up --' Anyways,you're really talented and I'm glad you decided not to give writing up :)
    Good luck with your exams! :D xox

    Author's response

    Ahh, don't worry- thank you very much for reviewing. I'd never give writing up, I love it to bits! Thank you :D
  • Scabbed X-Ray Blues

    (#) MCRkilljoy 2012-11-04 12:23:22 PM

    Please continue, if it's not too much bother with all your other stories.
    I liked this, very well written, although I feel guilty for laughing when you said Ray's head looked like a toilet brush...
    I like the Gerbert pairing, although I don't actually picture Gerard and Bert. I picture the names, but the faces in my head have nothing to do with the actual, real life men :)

    Author's response

    Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. Hopefully you'll be picturing the character's (mine are probably pretty different to the real guys)as the story goes on xD
  • Scabbed X-Ray Blues

    (#) Bitch-Bot 2012-11-04 04:15:02 PM

    I'm quite excited to see how this turns out :D
    You just have to continue it, it's too amazing not to.

    Author's response

    Aw, thank you very much!
  • Scabbed X-Ray Blues

    (#) amos222 2012-11-04 09:11:58 PM

    Hell yes, you should continue this!! Oh my gosh, I love it. So good. I loved the part where Bert was saying that if he does bite its only because he likes him. And I like the whole dynamic of Gerard not getting bullied, because I think that is way too played upon in fanfictions, especially in the MCR category (although your stories are spectacular regardless). Ftank you so much for posting more things!! Your rock.

    Author's response

    Yay, thank you so much! Yeah, I really wanted to write something that showed being bullied isn't the only thing that can make a teenager unhappy. Thanks very much for reviewing, I'm kinda excited for this story!
  • Scabbed X-Ray Blues

    (#) LaurentheHuman 2012-11-13 07:19:28 PM

    Yes, I want you to continue! Please do. This is crazy good. I actually kinda really Gerard and Bert together. I don't see it a lot, so I'm glad you did it. :3
    Plus I need a new story to read and this seems PERFECT.
    So yeah, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. c:
  • Scabbed X-Ray Blues

    (#) Mcrroxursox45 2012-11-16 04:04:49 PM

    As you mentioned, I'm one of the non-Gerbert fans, but I enjoyed this a lot. It was fresh, and different.
  • Scabbed X-Ray Blues

    (#) KelseyChem 2012-11-17 09:45:47 AM

    I very much enjoyed it, you always stun me with how completely extensive toyr gramma and descriptions are, so beautiful o-o
    I like it a lot, I'd continue reading it, though I'm not a gerbert person (that pairing name sounds too much like Gerber's baby food e_e)
  • Scabbed X-Ray Blues

    (#) CarcinoGeneticist 2012-11-18 09:45:40 AM

    ...What the devil does 'Fosy' mean?
    I'm reviewing this as a go along, so pardon me for any strange statements.

    Personally, I don't like the way you've started off. It seems a bit cliched to me, what with the whole "Gerard is an angry/artsy kid who has no friends" diatribe. I mean, it's really overdone, isn't it?
    Although, I must admit, you do this incredibly well.
    Yes, Gerard is a Woobly sort of Hamlet figure in here, but you've got a good balance of Teen Angst and Pity to make it relatable.
    Okay, he's been slitting his wrists. I like the fact that you don't go into Overdetail about it. You don't obsess over it for three essay-worthy paragraphs. That is a good thing.

    OOOOHHHH MY GOD I GET IT NOW. He's always alone because he had a bad Break with Frankie and he doesn't really want to get out again.
    Mad Props, yo. Well done, you.

    There's an awful lot of Gerard-is-gay-and-lonely-until-he-finds-the-right-guy fics on here. However, this one, unlike a lot of them, is actually pretty good. It's actually Very Good.
    This is the highest compliment another writer can give:
    You, Miss, Can Write.
    And you deserve it.

    Author's response

    It means...Ugh, I don't know how to explain! I'll go get a dictionary and type out the definition for you.

    I kind of wanted it to be cliched, but original too, if that makes sense?

    Thank you very much, I really appreciate getting such a detailed review- feedback like this is the best. I'm pretty flattered by your compliment, thank you so much!

    I look forward to reading your fic- it might take me a little while, 'cause there are several chapters, but I'll review each one as I go along.

    Thanks again!
  • Scabbed X-Ray Blues

    (#) Ophthal 2012-11-21 08:43:53 PM

    Hey this was excellent, yes keep going!! God Gee's so sad I just want to hug him & comfort him!! :(
    Can't WAIT for more!!!

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