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Adela becomes more in tune with the things going on around her.

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I woke up curled into my blankets. I was alone.

As soon as my brain began functioning I remembered the events from last night. Or at least I think I did. There were no wounds on my body, but I remembered the cold sensation and easily worked out that Gerard must have healed me. And then sang me to sleep.

My cheeks blushed at the thought. How had a ghost been able to do that? I hadn't been able to open my eyes, so I hadn't seen him. But I had felt him, literally felt him touching me, and picking me up from my closet. Which I looked into and found the tell-tale stain of my blood. It matched the red and black carpet perfectly.

Now I started taking the idea of Eliza's demonic ghost seriously. How the hell was I supposed to deal with that? Exorcism?

My mom would have to be out of the house. I mean, what mother would watch her daughter spreading holy water and sage smoke all over the house and not wonder what the hell?

After throwing on a pair of black sweatpants and a tattered Misfits t-shirt, and getting some breakfast, I went back into my mother's computer. I searched for local priests and ghost hunters.

It was a Sunday morning, so my mother only had to work until noon, which left me with little time to get my plan rolling. I scrolled down the web page and found a name. Iero Paranormal Exterminators.
There was a number under the name and I wrote it down. Tomorrow I'd have to call them and check out a time for them to come by. It would have to be during a weekday, I'd just play hooky from school, and my mother would have no idea that there had been a ghost exorcism in her house.

I started to close down the web page and once again, like before, the screen went black. And letters started to appear. Gerard. . .

I don't think this'll work sugar.

"Do you have any better ideas? I'll never get my mom to move out, she doesn't even know that this place is haunted. So it'll have to be Eliza that goes." I sat back in the cushioned desk chair and waited for him to reply.

You know, if Eliza goes, I'll go with her. She is the only thing tying me to this world, my need to protect other's from her.

That sobered me up from my stroke of ego. I had started to enjoy Gerard's presence. You could see when it was Eliza causing things to happen and when it was Gerard. Eliza would knock things down and try to hurt someone. Like moving a chair as I started to get up from our dining room table, making me hit my knee off of it.

Gerard would just move things gently, giving me a sign that he was there. Over the last week, whenever I had been in my room reading alone, my curtains had started to sway, as if someone was touching them. I always knew it was him and I'd feel a cold presence sit next to me as I continued reading my book, almost like he was reading along with me.

"What else can I do Gerard? My mom and I have as much right to be here as you two do. And if we move out, just another family is going to move in." I sighed and stared at the screen.
[/Fine. Do what you have to. Just saying, I don't think this is going to work though.

"I gotta try though.", I smiled optimistically.

While doing my chores throughout the day, I noticed some things. As I did the dishes, I felt a cold nose nuzzling itself into my neck and as soon as I giggled at the sensation I would hear a faint laugh in return. When I was doing the laundry I found that I was missing a sock or two, and I'd hear a whisper, hinting to where it was. Twice I found the missing sock under the couch.

I wondered how he did it, had enough energy to move a sock, and without me seeing it! I remembered him saying something about how I gave him energy by thinking of him. Well it was hard to keep him off my mind when he was doing so much to keep my attention!

My mother returned home at noon and we enjoyed a regular afternoon (albeit a few odd things from a certain ghost happened) and then ate a usual dinner.

Tomorrow was a Monday, which meant school for me. Oh joy.

After a shower, I crawled into bed and pulled out a book. Once I opened it, I felt a familiar coldness by my arm, I looked over at my mirror and saw Gerard in it. He was dressed in his usual white collared shirt and black dress pants. His black hair pooled on his shoulders as he lounged on my bed next to me.

"Hello again." I smiled. He smirked in the mirror. And I heard his voice, quiet and almost inaudible.

'Evening to you too Addy.' My smile grew at hearing him say my name. The sound if it, almost like the wind through the wind chimes made shivers go up my spine.

I cleared my throat. "So Mr. Way, would you like to tell me why so many odd things happened around my house today?", I asked, crossing my ankles on my bed.

He shrugged in the mirror, a seemingly innocent look on his face. 'I wouldn't have the foggiest idea why'

"Mhmm." I stuck my tongue out at him. He raised a ghostly eyebrow and grinned.

'Did you seriously just stick your tongue out at a me?' I nodded and I heard a laugh as quiet as the rustle of leaves.

'You know what this means right?' He had a devilish smile on as I shook my head.

"No, what?" And then I felt it. Two invisible and freezing hands on my stomach, tickling me. I started twisting and grabbing at my sheets to try and get away from him, tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

"T-that's not fair!" I gasped, as he relinquished me, the invisible hands retracted. "I can't touch you, no fair!"

In the mirror he had put his hands in his lap and was looking at me with sadness. He bit his lip as the next words were spoken.

'You could if you wanted to.'

It was my turn to raise an eyebrow. "What do you mean if I wanted to?"

He continued to bit his lip but raised a hand to my cheek. I felt it touch me, tracing the lines of my jawbones, but when I reached my own hand up to catch his, it went through it. He shook his head.

'Close your eyes Adela. And just focus on feeling everything surrounding you. Imagine the nerves in your skin are on hyper-alert.'

I obeyed him, shutting my eyelids and laying back into my pillow. I took a few deep breaths and focused on feeling. My bed beneath me, my mattress matching the curves of my body perfectly, the pillow under my head holding it up. Even the breaths coming in and out of my lungs. I felt every sensation that was happening to me, and was almost into a tranquil state, when I felt Gerard's arctic hand close itself around mine.

'Don't think, just feel.'

I heard his words, and could instinctively feel his presence next to mine. The hand on mine started rubbing circles on my palm with it's thumb. A smell of cigarettes and cinnamon washed over me as I started to drink in his existence. As slowly as possible, my eyes still shut tight, my mind still letting itself be open to the world around it, I reached my other hand over to touch his.

And I felt skin.

Smooth, cold, skin. As I moved upward, I felt his shirt, the silky thread that made it up, and the creases where his elbow was. I made it to his upper arm and shoulder before I heard him moan and the muscle under my hand start to shudder.

'God, that feels so good. You have no idea how wonderful it is to feel someone touching you again after so many years. . .'

Still the ever curious person I was, I kept my hand moving upward. I felt the hardness of his collar-bone, the silky soft skin of his neck, before I settled my hand in his hair. The tendrils, which I knew were black like the darkness outside of my window, was feathery and flowing. I ran my hands through it and I heard another low moan, this one sounded like he was in another world of pleasure.

I kept running my fingers through his hair, and he leaned his head further into my touch. I was still blind, but I managed not to gouge his eye out when I gently caressed his cheek, running my thumb over it's surface.

'You really aren't scared of me are you? You are such an odd girl.'

I laughed lightly, "You really aren't making yourself very scary, so it's not my fault I'm not frightened." He chuckled too.

'This is true. But I don't want to scare you, it's been so long since I've interacted with someone that wasn't bat-shit crazy, I don't want to ruin it.'

I felt a smile form on my lips. So he enjoyed my presence as much as I enjoyed his? I suppose that was a good thing. By accident, I brushed my finger against his lip and retracted my hand.

"Sorry." I mumbled, my smile turning into a shy one. It was one thing to touch his cheek, but touching his lips? It felt almost a little too intimate.

'Adela? Could I possibly do something I've been wanting to do? This time with your permission of course.'

My heart began to pound. Was he thinking the same thing I was? What was he going to do? I nodded slowly, preparing myself for something. A hand was suddenly on my hip, and I felt a cold breeze on my lips. Someone's breath. And then came the soft lips that accompanied that breath. Gerard. . .
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