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It's just a game.

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Here we go! Finally, the epilogue! I know, I know, it’s short. But I’ve never heard of a long epilogue – that’s called a sequel.

This is a little more happier than before! I personally like it better…’cos it’s complicatedly weird. It’s probably a little more funny…

This wasn’t how I intended it on being, but, whatever.

The Tragedy of Bob Bryar
The Epilogue:

Patrick groaned as he got up the next morning. He has been under Bob’s control forever; it felt like.

Unfortunately, Kaitlin has ‘passed off’, mysteriously. But, on a brighter side, a new girl arrived about a month ago. Patrick learned almost every thing about her; Jennifer. She seemed to make Bob pretty happy. It was weird to see the biggest asshole, (also known as Baba) look so dreamy and light. To Patrick, Bob was the worst asshole ever.

Day I’m not doing the math, because too many numbers! We’re still counting by Patricks’ Days.

During dinner, something with red all over appeared in the ‘portal spot.’ It’s head was fire-engine red. It wore a blue jacket and blue jeans to match the red.

But it wasn’t only one it. There was two. The other wore a greenish-yellowish vest-y thing. Patrick couldn’t describe what they were. The second one had dirty dark hair and tattoos adorning it’s arms.

They both moved. The red one grunted and tried to stand up. When it was up, it helped the other up. The two looked around the room, absolutely mortified. It got a look at Bob, Jennifer, and Patrick.

Out of no-fucking-where, the red one let out at loud, high pitched, girlish scream. It sounded as if pain was being inflicted upon. But they were just standing, hugging, and screaming, and crying.

“SHUT UP!” Bob yelled after only mere seconds. The two did shut up and stopped crying. “Holy fuck. Where the hell are your manners?”

The red head walked close up to Bob, with a huge face splitting grin – and the other trailing behind. They were now, fucking smiling at Bob. The dirty dark haired waved brightly and enthusiastically at Bob and the others. Bob stood dumbstruck.

“Are you retarded or something? What the fuck are you?” Bob spat. These two were still smiling.

“I’m the Party Poison. This is the Fun Ghoul! Nice to meet you!” The red head spoke very fast and friendly. Things got 95465875percent awkward when Fun Ghoul waved again. They were still fucking grinning.

“Funghoulfunfhoulfungool.” Patrick whispered quietly to himself, then giggled. These two –despite how weird and friendly they were- might not be so bad. How the hell, does someone nice end up here!? Fun Ghoul waved at Patrick.

“Are you even human?” Bob asked. They nodded vigorously.

“Yes! Of course we’re human! What else would we be!? I’m Party Poison, and this is Fun Ghoul!” Party Poison introduced himself again.

“I need break!” Bob shouted, like an old man would when dealing with children. He stormed out of the room, shouting, “Damn it!”

“I’m Party Poison, this is Fun Ghoul! What’s your name?” They advanced on Patrick and Jennifer.

“Pa-Patrick.” Patrick replied. What else would he really say? ...He doesn’t have a cool name like that.

“I’m Jennifer.” Fun Ghoul waved brightly at Jennifer. “Do you have real names?”

“Pssh! No! We’re Killjoys! We don’t need names!” Party Poison shouted.

“What’s a Ki-ill Joy?” Patrick was stumped.….

Fun Ghoul walked closely to Jennifer, being creepy as fuck. Party Poison bugged his eyes out at Patrick. How does he not know what the Killjoys were?

“We’re part of the Fabulous Killjoys. We fight against the evil corporation – Better Living…? What year are you living in?” Fun Ghoul and Party Poison both laughed at his ‘out-of-date joke.’ He said that phrase way too much. Yet, Fun Ghoul thought it was the funniest thing ever.

“Uhh…Twenty-twelve?” Patrick asked, confused.

“Twenty-twelve? Twenty-twelve!? No silly! It’s twenty-nineteen!” Party Fucking Poison shouted with frustration. Was Patrick making fun of him?

\Patrick slammed his head against the solid table – clear definition of frustration.

“You smell nice.” Fun Ghoul said and winked at Jennifer. He ran away giggling. He actually ran to hug Party Poison and whisper, “I made a new friend!”

The red head giggled with Fun Ghoul. He kissed Fun Ghoul’s lips playfully, still giggling.

Before bed time, same day

“So…What’s wrong with that kid?” Patrick asked Party Poison. Jennifer went to Bob’s room to sleep. Patrick was curled on the floor; Party Poison and Fun Ghoul were curled up together.

“Hey! I c-an t-talk!” Fun Ghoul shouted angrily. He never really did talk. This was his second phrase today.

“Sorry. What wrong with you, kid?” Patrick asked again.

“Y-you.” Fun Ghoul barely whispered to Party Poison. He was always very shy.

“He was in an accident. In a car wreck. We was singing songs. We drove into BL/Ind, and BOOM!” Party Poison informed with at loud clap on the BOOM. Fun Ghoul grinned and nodded.

“Thought we was batman!” Fun Ghoul added brightly. This kid seemed full of life.

“Were. Don’t say was, say were.” Party Poison corrected; even though he just said ‘was’ in a previous sentence…

“S-sorry.” Fun Ghoul frowned. Party Poison pecked his lips and smiled.

“Don’t be.”

“Are you two – like, dating?” Patrick made a circle with his right hand fingers, and shoved his left index finger inside.

“HA! No! We’re best friends!” Party Poison laughed with Fun Ghoul. “That’s what we just do.” He added in a more serious voice, one more seductive, and winked. Fun Ghoul nearly drooled with love sick eyes.

“…Okay then.”

Next Day

“Alright! I’m in command now!” Jennifer yelled, waking every body up. Bob was standing right behind her; she also had a bucket of what was presumed, water balloons (or real weapons! Who knows?) in her hands… “It’s November First. You know what holiday that is.” She added again with a wink. Bob finally decided to celebrate his holiday with some actual fun.

“What?...No. NO!” Party Poison screamed with Fun Ghoul. Because they’re emotional babies who don’t understand that this is only a game.

November First – that was a new Russian holiday; the legend was, The witch gets burnt – so do you. Otherwise known as, ‘a scarier holiday than Halloween!’

Not as scary as Hannah Montana, who luckily has died!

Alright! There you go! I’m going to do that thing I hate – let the readers decide what happens next!!! I’ll let you choose if November 1st is just a game!

Hope you enjoyed my first almost killjoy fic. I wanted to end this off with an orgy, but, too weird?
Sorry if you like Hannah Montana

My favorite line was “Patrick was stumped.” I dunno why I laughed at my own pun!
If you say ‘Fun Ghoul’ three times fast, it sounds like ‘vaffanculo.’

P.S, thanks to atomickilljoy for Bobifer!

In case you’re interested:

I’m posting Heads of New Jersey, Part One, before Monday. (That’s the political auditioned fic.)

I’ll see you on my Christmas Special Cliché, next!!!
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