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A Pointless Conversation Between Two Artists

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After talking about a hypocritical teacher, John asks Stu a big question.

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Stu and John were hanging around in John’s room one day after school. Somehow, their uninteresting conversation about omnivores lead them to talk about their professor, Mr. Wriner, instead.

“I can’t believe he gave you a deduction on your project! I was so sure your sculpture would get an easy A!”

“Eh, that’s just Wriner for you,” John replied casually. “He claimed I should have used more creativity, but I think it’s really cos I made fun of his terrible excuse for a haircut.” The two laughed.

“And he’s the one that supposedly ‘treats all pupils the same,’” Stu said. “The hypocrisy of the situation... What bull!”

“Yeah...” said John. “Just his silhouette makes me want to throw up.”

Stu grinned. “Man, I’d love to see what goes on in your head, Lennon.”

“You’d be surprised,” John said. “There’s actually something in my head that I’ve been meaning to ask you.”


“I need a bass player for my group.”

“Yeah? So?”

“I picked you to be that guy.”

Stu stared at him. “Me? Why me?”

“Cos you’re my mate,” John said. “And we need you.”

“But I’m no virtuoso like you!”

“That doesn’t mean shit. Anyone can learn how to play a fucking bass. What’s so hard about it?”


“C’mon, Sutcliffe...” John kneeled down and made a pleading look. “Pleeeeeeaaaaaase?”

Stu sighed. “Fine... But if I play like shit, it’s not my fault...”

“Don’t worry about that,” John assured him. “Soon enough, you’ll get the hang of it.”

“And when will that be?” Stu asked.

“When we become the greatest group the world has ever known.”

“You think we’ll become that good?”

“I don’t just think so; I know so.”
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