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16- Blood

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Giving blood is intimate when it's a method of survival, or protection.

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Madeline shoved forkfuls of eggs in to her mouth, washing it down with copious amounts of orange juice. Some juice dripped down her chin and she wiped it off with the back of her hand, saying nothing.

Ryan stared, while quietly and politely eating his own food.

“You’re quite hungry.” I finally commented.

Madeline glanced at me and smiled, thankfully with no food in her mouth. She was being quite the charmer this morning. “I am. This is just so wonderful, and this orange juice tastes so… juicy, and the sausage is wonderful- and you’re just such a great cook!”

“Oh god.” Ryan set his fork down as his nose wrinkled in disgust.

“What?” I glanced over, completely confused.

What was going on?

It was like I’d fallen in to a parallel universe, and sure it was nice when Madeline was nice but this was kind of creepy nice. It just wasn’t natural.

“Brace yourself for it Brendon.” Ryan warned.

“What?” Madeline cheerfully asked.

“What?” I echoed cluelessly.

Ryan groaned. “Just… never freaking mind. You two be happy in delusion land while I eat my breakfast.”

“Okay.” Madeline grinned in my direction. “So what are we doing today?”

“I… don’t know.” I awkwardly started, before remembering what we’d talked about before bed. “We can still do that music night we were talking about. Plus, I need to practice and get in touch with Spencer and Jon. I’ve put work off for you.” I smirked.

Madeline smiled widely. “How sweet!” Yeah, I was in a parallel universe. This was cornier than usual.

Ryan pretended to gag in the background.

I gazed at Ryan questioningly but he just smiled in a teasing way. This was very awkward, and not in the regular way.

Madeline reached out and took my dark tinted cup much to my confusion. “I’m out of orange juice!” She declared, while bringing the cup to her lips.

In growing horror I reached out, grabbing the cup from her violently. Blood splattered all over her shirt, and her eyes widened.

Seconds passed, and then minutes.

“I loved this shirt!” Madeline finally exclaimed, as tears filled her generally dry eyes.

“It’s my shirt.” I mumbled quietly, unsure as to what I could say safely. She seemed to be in a strange mood.

“… I ruined your shirt!” Tears fell down Madeline’s cheeks slowly.

What was happening?

Ryan sighed heavily and leaned over, whispering horrifying words to me. “Madeline is about to start her period.”

No way.

I forced a smile in Madeline’s direction as she brightly and cheerfully began to talk about something completely unrelated, and at the moment she seemed unbothered by the blood staining her, well my, shirt.

Girls were crazy.


(Madeline’s POV)

I felt as if I’d just downed about fifty red bulls. Energy was coursing through me, but I could taste the crash. It was lingering on the tip of my tongue, and I knew it would suck.

Basically, to sum it all up I just felt a little crazy.

I knocked on Ryan’s door but didn’t even wait for him to invite me in, which was unusual for me. Ryan looked up as I entered his room. “What’s up?” He wearily asked. Brendon and Ryan had both been acting odd ever since breakfast. I’d changed my shirt, so it couldn’t be the blood spill- so what was up with them? I couldn’t figure it out.

“You told me that you hadn’t dated a human girl since being human and that’s a lie.” I could see the surprise on Ryan’s face.

“I did lie.” Ryan finally responded, just as I sat down upon his bed. He shifted, moving away from me slightly.

“I know that much, but why?”

“This isn’t a good topic Madeline. It’s not safe.”

“I’m so sick of tip-toeing around you two.”

Ryan rolled his eyes. “That’s rich considering-”

“Considering?” He’d just trailed off.

“I killed her Madeline, just as I’ll kill you if you don’t shut up and use common sense.” Ryan’s eyes were tinted red as he glared at me.

“I’m not afraid of you.” Okay, so I was. Just a little.

Ryan sighed. “I hate PMS.”


“I can smell it.” Ryan answered, shifting so that he was sitting up. “Your period, that is. I can smell-”

“Okay.” I held my hand up to shut him up. “I don’t want the details of what you’re smelling. It is about that time… and ew, that means… Brendon can smell it too? So what, do I like stink to you guys or something?”

“Well it’s not exactly a scent that causes my stomach to rumble.” Ryan replied. “But it’s just blood.”

I sat down on the edge of his bed and sighed heavily. “I woke up feeling really happy, but I’m pretty sure I’m crashing now.”

“Oh no.” Ryan scooted forward, gazing at me intently. “Don’t do that. Just don’t- don’t do it. Stop it Madeline. Stop /now/.” His eyes had widened dramatically.

I wiped the tears that were spilling down my cheeks away but they quickly regrouped, leaving my cheeks wet and my nose aggravated. I kept sniffling, but it now felt stuffed. I’d never had all of the symptoms hit me so quickly… that I could remember. It always felt natural until someone pointed it out- as Ryan had. Damn Ryan. Ryan was kind of an asshole. I currently hated him, and the way he sat so perfectly- and how he smelled. What was that smell? It was bad, and disgusting.

“I’m sorry. Is there something that I can do, something I can get you?” Ryan looked around, before loudly calling out to Brendon. “Brendon! Get your ass in here!”

“No. I don’t want him to smell… me.” I choked out, wiping my tears away.

It was too late.

The door opened quickly and Brendon was sitting beside me before I could even gather my thoughts.

“It’s okay.” Brendon murmured, gently rubbing my back.

It did feel good.

And Brendon smelled good.

“My neck is sore.” I whined, unable to feel as embarrassed as I knew I should. I was being whiney and stupid- and my emotions were out of control. Periods usually weren’t this bad.

My neck had hurt previously from Brendon’s bite. I healed at a human rate after all. I wasn’t superman- like him. It had simply ached before, but now it hurt. In fact most of my body hurt. It was like every little thing that had occurred was now being brought to my attention and my brain was sending millions of pain signals through out my body, alerting me.

It kind of sucked.

“Remember what I said?” Brendon asked.

I glanced up just as the bedroom door shut but Ryan was already gone.

Brendon chuckled. “He doesn’t want to be around for this.”

“This?” I thought about it for a few seconds. “You mean… me drinking your blood?”

Brendon nodded. “It’ll help. All of that pain…” He trained his finger around the edges of the bandage on my neck. “It’ll be gone.”

I gazed in to Brendon’s eyes, to see that they were tinted red. It was something that I hadn’t really noticed before. It wasn’t always like that though, that I was aware of. “Are you hungry?”

“Yes.” His honesty was something I now found myself drawn to.

“I’ve never had someone in my life be so… honest. I really feel like-” I paused, wondering if I really felt like this, or if it was just my period making me ridiculously out of control. It was worse than being drunk sometimes.

Brendon patiently waited.

“I really feel like you give me something that I’ve needed for a long time. It’s like something inside of me- it, it’s not just the feelings you cursed me with, it’s something more.” I blushed, biting my lip. Brendon was the idiot romantic. I wasn’t the one that spouted off about all this shit. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t. But he was making me like that. It was him, and now it was going to be me- because of him. “I can feel it down to my bones. You’re inside of me.” I cracked a smile. “Normally I’d crack a sex joke, but I think that would just be too cruel considering…”

“Considering?” Brendon’s eyebrow rose.

“Considering you’re a celibate little vamp.” I replied, with a small smile.

Brendon chuckled. “I hate you, you know that right?”

“I hate you too.” I answered, with a laugh.

“I think right now you hate everything. Isn’t that listed as a symptom of being a girl?”

“Just once a month, and not each month. Some months aren’t bad at all.”


“Nah. I’ve had normal periods. You’ll see.”

“I will?” Brendon grinned.

“Well, I figure you aren’t holding me hostage for just one period… but instead many, and many.” I rolled my eyes, at reference of our situation.

Brendon sighed. “There is something that I really need to tell you…”

“Can we er, get this over with first?” I blushed again, feeling my cheeks heat as the blood rushed forward. “I’m kind of getting nauseous thinking about it.”

“You’re going to actually drink my blood?”

“I’m a wimp.” I winked. “I’d rather not be in pain.”

Brendon chuckled and moved his wrist to his lips. I watched in wonder and amazement as he bit in to his own skin. It was morbidly fascinating. His eyes met mine for a brief moment and he … he looked embarrassed. I looked away instantly. “It’s okay to stare.” Brendon softly muttered.

I looked at him again to find that he was extending his wrist to me. There were bite marks, with blood dripping free. “It’ll heal quickly so you’ll have to drink fast.”

“And this won’t- it won’t make me like you, right?” I nervously gazed at the blood that I’d soon be ingesting.

Brendon laughed. “No. No it won’t.”

I was curious about how that happened too, but it wasn’t something that I wanted. It was all just so… strange, and new- and well, previously believed to be make believe. I hesitantly reached out and took hold of Brendon’s wrist. He stared intently at me as I brought his wrist to my lips.

“My god. I really think that sex comes before this in any type of relationship generally.” I muttered.

Brendon chuckled but remained completely still.

I slowly and carefully placed my lips around the open wound, forcing myself to suck the metallic substance from Brendon’s wrist. He didn’t even react to the pressure.

As I pulled away I dropped Brendon’s wrist. “Whoa.” I felt dizzy. It was strange, and I felt as if I’d taken some kind of drug. Though I suppose I had.

Brendon’s smile was all I could see as everything else faded- falling far away, and then I fell away too.


(Brendon’s POV)

“Don’t you think this is something you should do in your own room?” Ryan asked, opening the door for me as I carried Madeline out.

She was completely passed out.

“It’s not my fault that she usually comes in search of you, for whatever reason.”

“It’s because I’m easy to talk to.” Ryan replied.

I rolled my eyes. “Right.” Ryan easy to talk to? I’d been alive a long time, and not once had anyone ever said that.

I didn’t think anyone ever actually would.

Madeline felt light in my arms, and with my blood smeared upon her lips I seriously gave thought to changing her in to a vampire. The idea had struck me before, but I’d never really found myself agreeing to it. Now… it was starting to sound better and better.


(I used to have ‘normal periods’ but now I swear I’m collaborating with the devil a week before and all through my period. And people call this shit beautiful. -XxPerfecttomorrowxX)
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