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Only You

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It's not worth it anymore. [One shot - contains Self-harm and suicide]

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I don't reallt kniw that the hell this is supposed to be. I wrote it about 10 minutes, so, y'know...

Gerard's POV

The tears fell, each as empty as the last, each with no meaning. Like myself. Like every other living organism stuck on this hell hole of a planet, confined by the restictions of the endless torture of a video game known as life. My pitiful reflection showed no emotion as I watched myself in the bathroom mirror. My jet black hair was glued to my head with sweat, my eyes showed signs of tiredness and constant sobbing. I skimmed my eyes lower, seeing nothing but a pathetic, useless body. I shook my head and staggered uneasily, backwards into the bathoom sink that stood behind me. What did I have? No one needed me. Not really...

I'd tell you I wasn't thinking, but I was. Too much, in fact. I'd tell you I was fine, but I know you'd see though it, Frank. You may as well take the fucking razor and press it against my own skin, drag it across me, for all I care. You created this monster. N-No... You... you chained this monster... but then you let him free again. Frank, why would you do that to me? Why would you free him?

My legs buckled under me, my overwhelming thoughts causing me to choke back a sob as the tears streamed. I grabbed the blade again, and, letting out a shaking breath, dragged it across my flesh, allowing the vivid red teardrops to fall. My skin was crying. Every cell of my body was crying and it could not be stopped. I tried again, again, but no matter how deep I went, the pain never lessened. Why wasn't it working? Why?

I'd kill myself, just to have you back by my side. I would, Frank, I would. ou know I would. Y--You know that, right? Why can't you help me Frank? Why couldn't I help you? I should've noticed, Frank. I should've fucking noticed. I want you Frank, and only you. Only you.

I sobbed harder, holding the shining blade in my shaking hands as I cried. I couldn't stop crying. My eyes were dead, my heart no longer filled with the hope it felt only days ago. That hope... Where did it go? Where is it now? Sitting in Starbucks, waiting for me? Curled up in bed, asleep, with an innocent smile? Watching a movie downstairs? Or perhaps in a morgue?

Frank, why? Why? I would've helped you! I would've given you anything, I would've done I promise. I pr-promise, Frank, I do. I fucking do. Don't... question that. I do. I can't live without you, Frank. I can't. I need you. How could you?! You must've known what this would do to me! You must've done!

I grabbed the razor again and slashed a deep vertical line down my left forearm. The pain was welcoming, I felt myself slip futher away with each second as I bleed to death. And finally, finally I was at peace.

I have you again Frankie. Don't ever leave me like that again. I was so worried. I thought I;d never see you again. I love you so much, don't you know? So much. I fucking love you.
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