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Part 15: We're Light as Snow

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A snow day with Gerard, Willow, and the twins.

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HELLO MY BABIES!! Okay, I'm so so so so so so SO sorry for the delay. I've been busy with the Peter Pan play and my exams and shit. But I had time to finish the chapter up and it's cute so you better love me. LOVE ME DAMMIT! If you guys rate this a 3 or up I'll post the next chapter! RATE! REVIEW! BAKE ME COOKIES! LURV YOU!!!

Part 15: We’re Light as Snow

Gerard’s POV

I was freezing; my fingers felt like they were going to fall off any minute now. I was battling out why I even decided to take a walk after school today. I needed to clear my mind, but this freezing temperature wasn’t exactly helping me. The only thing that actually did prevent my hands from falling off was my leather gloves, and my leather jacket was toasty enough to keep me warm. There was a light sprinkle of snow coming down from the dark clouds.

My small neighborhood in Belleville used to scare the crap outta me. Mom never let me or Mikey play a lot outside. There were a lot of creeps and crimes dotting the area; I remember getting held at gunpoint, but got away. I didn’t really mind now, at seventeen, walking around this area. The danger didn’t bother me as much as it used to.

I somehow began walking into a safer part of town, before realizing that this was actually Willow’s area. It was nice in the richer part of Belleville, where the sidewalk grasses were always tended and the trash actually stayed in the trash cans. I bet even the dogs cleaned up after them selves here. I laughed to myself at the thought.

I noticed a small, well-kept park, and walked up the path. Everything was covered in a light layer of snow, and it was deserted; of course, it was too cold to actually play. I sat down at a bench, and rested my head back, feeling the tiny snowflakes land and melt on my face. My ears tingled from the cold, and I kept sniffling.

From the distance, I could hear the crunching of snow and running feet. I looked up and a smile grew on my face as I saw Cassie and Jack run into the park. Sure enough, Willow followed close behind, and I could feel my heart skip a beat. She wore a black coat that was mid-thigh length, and a gray plaid scarf. The snow fell on her black hair, and it framed her perfectly. She looked so…pretty. She looked up at me, and her eyes lit up and her lips formed that adorable smile of hers that made me instantly melt on the inside.

I immediately thought back to the conversation I had with my mom, and could feel my cheeks flame.

Damn Mom, I thought.

“Gee!” Jack yelled, and ran up to me. His hat flopped around and he sported a big grin.

“Hey, kid,” I chuckled. Cassie caught up to him, and stood there looking at me with a small smile. “Hi, Cass.”

She blushed slightly and said shyly, “Hello, Gee…”

Jack took her hand and they both ran towards the swing set. Despite the cold, they had quite a lot of energy. Willow trudged up the icy path, and gave me a small wave before sitting down next to me.

“Hi,” I smiled and she smiled back. We watched the twins play on the slide, and throwing snow in the air. I laughed, “They really like the park.”

She smiled and nodded. Sometimes I wondered what her voice sounded like, if it was perfect like her. I wanted to have a real conversation with her; I respected her privacy and her choices, but my curiosity kept bubbling inside me. I noticed her fumbling with the phone in her hand and without her noticing and I took out mine and quickly sent her a message. Willow’s phone vibrated and she opened it, a crease forming between her eyebrows. She glanced at me from the corner of her eye and replied.


I smirked from the simple question mark.

What’s up? I texted.

Um, nothing, sitting right next to some weird guy beside me. You?

I chuckled. Not much, just sitting next to a nice girl.

She had a small smile on her face.

Really? Do you know her?

Yeah, but she’s odd.


Yep, she’s not like other girls. She’s different.

Why is she different?

I looked at her, and she stared at the screen of her phone. She chewed on her bottom lip. Why is she different? She just was; she was wonderful in her own special, original way. Willow wasn’t like those girls who faked everything about themselves to gain the people’s attention. She made you feel good about yourself, and that you could be her friend. Even if she didn’t speak, she listened to you. Willow was naturally beautiful; you could get lost in her eyes if you looked at them, and were a perfect shade of icy blue. Her ebony hair framed her pale face, and when I looked at her my heart would skip a beat. She was a brilliant different. And yet her eyes held a pool of secrets, and looked like she was in pain. I could tell that once upon a time, Willow’s eyes had a glow. I wanted to tell her all these wonderful things about her, but what if she got a strange impression and think that I was some sort of creep?

Well, I replied, I think she’s amazing for starters.


Of course, she’s very pretty, too. When she smiles, I smile.

You make her sound like she’s important.

Well, she is important. But she’s very mysterious.

Why do you think she’s mysterious?

When I glanced at her, she was staring at me. Her thumb ran over the keys of her phone as she waited for what I had to say.

Because I think her eyes once glowed, I said.

Willow didn’t reply; she simply stared at the phone screened. I wondered if I hit a weak spot, and I instantly felt guilty. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. I sighed and I looked up at her brother and sister who were throwing snowballs at each other. My phone vibrated a few minutes later, and it surprised me. I looked at her before opening the text message.

I think I know why her eyes stopped glowing, she said.


Maybe she’ll tell you one day, and you’ll understand.

It took me a minute before replying, and I wondered when that day would be, what she would say. All those secrets, I just wanted to know.

I’ll wait for her. I’ll wait for whatever she has to tell me.

I felt her slip her hand in mine, and she leaned her head on my shoulder. I smiled and put my head on top of hers. The snow continued to fall lightly, and I could feel Willow shiver a little.

“You’re cold?” I asked, and she shook her head; I laughed softly. “Liar…”

Her soft, tinkly laugh wrapped around us, and it made me weak at the knees. Without warning, a snowball collided at the back of my head. We both jumped and there was laughter from behind. We turned our heads back to see Cassie and Jack holding their stomachs from the giggles emitting from them.

I glared playfully at the two of them. “Alright, who did it?”

They both pointed at each other, and part of me had a feeling that it was Jack seeing that he had a mischievous glint in his eyes. They ran away and hid under the slide. Willow rolled her eyes, and I simply laughed at them.

“Be right back,” I said to her and got up. This time she rolled her eyes at me, and I playfully flicked her nose.

I slowly walked up to the slide, trying to make as little noise as possible despite the crunching snow under my feet. When I neared the slide, I could hear their adrenaline-filled breathing.

Peaking around the slide, I shouted, “BOO!”

They squealed and started to run and I followed them. Cassie was a little slow and I scooped her into my arms, pretend roaring while she giggled and screamed. Willow was smiling from her seat as she watched us. I raised Cassie into the air and made airplane noises while she squealed with delight. Jack ran up to me and tugged on my jacket.

“I want a turn!” He demanded.

I sighed, and put Cassie down. I picked Jack up and swished him around. My arms started to ache, and I groaned as I put him down.

“My turn, my turn!” Cassie pleaded.

I looked up at Willow and she had an amused look on her face. I mouthed at her to help me, and she rolled her eyes and got up, plucking Cassie into the air and cradling her in her arms. I smiled at the sight; she was so good with her brother and sister.

Jack tugged on my sleeve, urging me to follow him. He started to make a snowball after snowball, placing them in a pile.

“Watch this,” I said, making a snowball of my own. Willow was helping Cassie make some snow-angels and I extended my arm to make a throw.

It hit Willow’s back and she let out a small shriek. Jack and I hurried behind a tree, laughing quietly. We peered behind the tree, and their snow-angels were abandoned.

“Huh?” Jack mused.

Suddenly our backs were attacked by snowballs, and we let out shrieks. To be honest, mine was somewhat girlish, making me somewhat ashamed. We turned around, and Willow had a snowball at hand, tossing it in the air, with Cassie by her side. She had a mischievous smile, and threw her snowball at me, colliding into the tree by my head.

I smirked and kneeled down to rub snow on my clothing. Willow frowned, a little crease forming between her eyebrows. I stood up, snow clinging to my clothes in little packs, my smirk still placed on my face.

“Hey, Willow…” I cooed, giving her a playful yet evil smile. “Can I have a hug?”

Her face turned from confused to frightened as she eyed my snow-covered self. I took a few steps forward, and she took some back. Jack and Cassie giggled from the background, and I chuckled myself. I kept walking towards Willow with my arms outstretched, and she kept walking backwards to avoid me. The look on her face was just so cute; she genuinely was afraid of getting snow on her, and the face she made caused me to melt.

I backed her into a pine, and her back hit the trunk with a thump. Snow was shaken from the branch above, and dropped down on the both of us. She gasped from surprise and shut her eyes. The snow rolled off her shoulders and her ebony hair, and made her look…perfect. Her eyelids fluttered, trying to rid some of the snowflakes on her lashes. I chuckled, and blew them off her face. Her soft, tinkly laughter echoed around us; and before I could grab her, she slipped away from my arms and ran in the opposite direction.

“Hey!” I laughed, running after her.

She wound her way in the trees, and I followed her. Jack and Cassie had gotten bored of us, and started to construct a snowman. Willow went behind a large pine, concealing herself from my view. I smile formed on my face, and I tiptoed my way in the snow up to the pine. I was on the other side, and peeked around to look at Willow and the small smile she had on her face.

I moved my head to her ear without her noticing and whispered softly, “Boo.”

She jumped in the air, losing her balance and was about to fall. I caught her hand before she hit the ground, and pulled her to my chest. She laughed and looked up at my face. My eyes darted around her face, taking her in. Why did she have to be so damn pretty? I looked at her pale lips, and I had the urge to kiss her. I really wanted to kiss her, and I tried to hard to resist. But I leaned my face down slowly, and I could feel her breath on my face and could almost feel her lips on mine until…

“Gerard! Willow!” Jack and Cassie called from the distance. “We need help!!”

She laughed softly, and I sighed and gave her a smile, taking her hand as we went back to the two kids. The twins struggled with picking up the second part of their snowman. I shook my head, and picked it up for them, placing in on top of the one they already made. Willow walked over with the head she made for their snowman, and set it on top, adjusting it so it’d fit. I laughed when I noticed how it was taller than the twins by two inches.

“Looks good,” I said to the two, and gave them an approving smile. “Why don’t you find some branches and stones for its body?”

They nodded eagerly and ran off to find parts for the snowman. I looked around to find Willow making one of her own, rolling snow into a large ball for her base. I grinned and started making my own, only the base was bigger as were the other two snowballs. She looked over at me, and smirked, continuing onto her head as she finished her second part.

I pat its body down with extra snow, and glanced at her every few seconds. She put the head on, and looked around, finding some small stones under her feet. I watched her as she laid them around the neck of her snowman like a necklace. The twins came back, attaching branches for arms and rocks for the mouth and eyes. I finished up mine, and found some pine needles that I used for hair that stuck out at awkward angles, and the rocks for its face. Willow giggled at it, and I glared at her.

“What?” I asked; she shook her head and went back to her snowman. I walked up to her and poked her arm. “Tell meeee…”

She laughed again, and pushed my arm away. I sniffed pitifully and rested my head on her shoulder as she worked.

“You know it’s not nice to laugh at someone’s snowman,” I said quietly, and I felt her shrug.

I sighed, and wrapped my arms around her as I watched from behind her. I felt her tense up a bit, and wondered if maybe I shouldn’t have done that, but then she relaxed in my arms. I watched as her delicate hands shape the shoulders and neck of her snowman so it could look a little more like a person.

“Gerard, can this be a family?” I turned to look at Cassie who smiled innocently at me, and gestured to the snowmen we made.

I chuckled and said, “Yeah, sure, kiddo.”

She giggled and pointed at the one she and Jack made, “This is the baby,” then pointed at mine, “That’s the daddy,” and then at Willow’s, “And that’s the mommy.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” I nodded, and I felt Willow laugh.

Cassie nodded in approval, and then said, “And you can be the daddy snowman, and Willow can be
the mommy snowman!”

Willow tensed in my arms and groaned, while my cheeks flared up and I released a shaky laugh. The twins laughed at our reactions while Willow glared at them.


God, kids are so weird, I thought to myself.

Time passed as Willow and I played with her brother and sister in the snow. I felt happy just being in their presence; I smiled at the sight of Willow bonding with the twins, and could see the love she had for them. It reminded me of Mikey and me when we were younger, and we still shared that bond. I could tell by looking in her eyes that Cassie and Jack were her entire world.

I sat on the ground watching the twins create snow-angels, not minding the fact that my pants would soon get wet. I felt a hand take mine, and I looked up to see Willow. She smiled and tugged on my hand to follow. I quirked my brow up, but I followed her anyway. She stopped and pointed to the ground, and I smiled.

“Thank you.” Was displayed on the ground and made of stones. Willow had drawn swirls in the snow around it; framing the words and making it look pretty. I wondered why she was thanking me, and then it I remember our conversation earlier and what I said.

I looked at her, flashing a genuine smile and replied, “You’re welcome.”

She gave me her heart-warming smiles, and gently placed her lips on my cheek. My face flared up in a blush when she pulled away. Her tinkly laughter warmed me up when she saw my face and I couldn’t help but grin.

God, do I love Willow Adams.
Third Person POV

He was angry. No, he wasn’t angry. He was furious.

He had driven by in his polish, black Mercedes that his father had bought him for his sixteenth birthday last year, and parked across the street from the park. He pulled put a plastic bag from the glove compartment, taking the dried plant he had recently grown and rolled it in some discarded paper. Taking his lighter, he took a thick drag at his sloppy joint as he lit it.

The pot soon took its effect and he felt sky high like he always did after school. He popped open a beer that lay on the seat beside him and took a drink. The teen looked across the street at the park, and he bent his joint in half as he watched the dark haired girl he fancied kiss Gerard Way’s cheek.

This is when he saw red.

The girl that he believed to be his was with the boy he told her to stay away from. Yet here she was, risking his malicious order. He wanted revenge. He wanted to get back at her and Gerard Way.

If Willow Adams decided to take herself away from him, then he decided to take her what self-esteem, innocence, and dignity she had away from her.

This was the revenge he wanted.

And Brandon Neary would make sure of it.
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