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Into Space

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(just some randomness just cause) She was a weird girl. She only had one friend who she always sat with at their own table at lunch. Aside from presenting in class, she didn't really talk. Just.......

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I looked at her as she typed away next to me. Her green eyes reflected her screen, broken only by her long eyelashes.

Black cords hung from her ears and connected back to the computer. Without noticing me watching, she pulled her light brown hair back.

That simple action exposed the huge dark pink mark on the side of her neck for all to see. She didn't seem the least bit embarrassed or proud of it.

Like everything else, she just seemed to be somewhere far away. A minute before the bell rang, she vlivked a few things and pulled out her headphones, winding them tightly and putting them in her bag. She sighed and stood up, standing a good five inches taller than me.

"Hey Mia, we have a meeting today." Cam said from across the room as the bell rang. She nodded silently and slung her bag over her shoulder.

Her green eyes met mine, making me flinch. She turned away slowly, exposing the full expanse of her mark.

I had three more classes with her. And, four out of seven, was a lot. Mia Black was a strange girl.

Feeling like a stalker, I followed her to our English IIII class and took my seat three rows away. No sooner had the bell rang did our teacher, Mrs. Currie, step into the room, brandishing a clipboard and pen.

"Today I will be pairing you for your final project over fiction. I want you and your partner to decide by tomorrow what your subject will be...."

I zoned out her rant until I heard my name. "Mr. Way, you will be paired with Ms. Black." I sat up in pure shock. Mia raised her hand.

"Mrs. Currie, may I please work alone?" Her voice was so soft I hardly heard it. Mrs. Currie shook her head and put her hand on Mia's shoulder lightly.

"You'll survive, dear." She moved on down the list, coupling the entire class. "Now I want you all to spend the rest of the hour with your partners brainstorming."

Mia moved silently to the empty desk beside me, her bag sitting in her lap. I clicked my teeth together for a second and looked over at her. "Do you have-"

"Voodoo." She said easily. "I know a lot about it. We'll get an A plus and be done with each other quickly." She said in such a simple tone.

"Okay." I raised my hand. "Mrs. Currie, may we do voodoo for our project?" She nodded at me and marked something on her clipboard.

"Let me do all the work. You'll just slow me down, Mikey. You're nice and all, but I have my own agenda to keep to." I was going to answer, but she got that far away look in her eyes.

She opened her binder, her pencil flying over a blank page and filling it almost instantly. She flipped it over, filling the back as well.

Five oages - front and back - later, she took them all out, numbered them in one corner and stapled it. "If you want to do something, type this up for me." She handed the packet to me.

The top line was in all capital letters and read CITY OF THE DEAD, A SUMMARY OF NEW ORLEAN'S DARK PAST. "Now how do you know so much about voodoo again?" She shrugged.

Great partnership.

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