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Auditions for another Christmas story...

by Cookie_monster 11 Reviews

Yep... I'm sure you've guessed :')

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012/12/08 - Updated: 2012/12/08 - 145 words


  • Auditions for another Christmas story...

    (#) fatherfuckingmeese 2012-12-08 02:49:26 PM

    Name: Maria Iero

    Nickname: Mia

    Age: 3

    Looks: you know. :3

    What you want for Christmas: I think you know. ;D

    Fears: spiders, heights, meeting new people

    Ten facts about yourself: 1. I have an obsession with squirrels.
    2. I enjoy being held.
    3. I love My Little Pony- my friends say I'm like Pinkie Pie
    4. I'm oh-so-hyper
    5. I will dance to music anywhere
    6. I love snow.
    7. I can chatter at high speeds
    8. I'll climb on anything
    9. I'll draw on anything in sight
    10. I carry my teddy bear with me everywhere

    Hi Hozzie! c:

    Author's response

    I actually don't know what you want for Christmas :')

    Love Hozzie
  • Auditions for another Christmas story...

    (#) tmbfucks 2012-12-08 02:50:00 PM

    Name: You know.
    Nickname: This too is in your knowledge.
    Age: 15, but make me as old as you need me.
    Looks: You know.
    Job: Works with animals, specifically dogs. I love animals. YAY!!! Haha.
    How you met your boyfriend: I was walking one of the dogs in the park, and so was Frank, and as the dogs started sniffing each other, we got to know each other and he asked me out, and since then we loved each other 5eva. Haha. :D
    Opinions on Christmas: I like it, but I'm more of a Hanukkah person myself. :P
    Ten facts about yourself:
    1. I'm Jewish.
    2. I have high-functioning autism
    3. I love Supernatural
    4. I'm originally from London
    5. I love Frank so much and I want him to marry me
    6. I want kids some day, I love them so much.
    7. I love writing and reading
    8. The Internet is the best thing ever. Especially tumblr.
    9. I love music
    10. I have a cat called Smudge, although I really want a dog. But I love Smudge. Haha.

  • Auditions for another Christmas story...

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-12-08 02:51:22 PM

    Name: Jennifer Flores
    Nickname: Jen
    Age: 23
    Hair- black, wavy, shoulder length, sideswept bangs
    Eyes- brown, black rimmed glasses
    Skin- light brown
    Job: owner of a comic book store
    How you met your boyfriend: Bob was getting something for his nephew, and he was in a comic book shop. He looked unsure of what he wanted, so Jen helped out, and knew a lot about comics. They swapped numbers and have been together ever since.
    Opinions on Christmas: LOVES LOVES LOVES
    Ten facts about yourself:
    She's Mexican American
    She has two brothers
    She fights surprisingly well
    She is an avid wrestling fan
    She can write with both of her hands
    She knows 10 languages
    She loves giving
    She can be a bit nervous at times
    She can't cook
    She's very smart

    Hope you like :D
  • Auditions for another Christmas story...

    (#) xxMikeyxx 2012-12-08 02:56:11 PM


    Name: Callie Danielle Jones

    Nickname: Cal

    Age: 18 or whatever fits

    Looks: Bright blue hair, dark blue eyes, pale skin, short and skinny

    Job: I work at the music store

    How you met your boyfriend: I was at a green day concert and I bumped into him and we got really close

    Opinions on Christmas: I usually spend it alone so it's really depressing. But this year I have Mikey.
    Ten facts about yourself:
    1. I like painting
    2. I love music
    3. My favorite superhero is Spiderman, don't judge
    4. I love my video camera
    5. I'm making my own comic called Phantom Circle
    6. Has a whole wall of my favorite photographs
    7. Favorite horror film Orphan
    8. A terrible cook
    9. Loves to laugh
    10. Thinks giant boxed shaped presents are bombs
  • Auditions for another Christmas story...

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-12-08 02:57:31 PM

    Name: Prudence Sadie Bryar

    Nickname: Pru

    Age: 3

    Hair- dark brown , wavy, up to neck
    Eyes- hazel
    Skin- very light brown

    What you want for Christmas: She wants a drum kit and comics

    Fears: clowns, the dark, people fighting, her mom and dad splitting up

    Ten facts about yourself:
    1. She's half Mexican
    2. She's a very fast learner
    3. She is very tough
    4. She's a very loving child
    5. She is very attached to her mom
    6. She can be shy
    7. She loves making her mom smile
    8. She gets a bit nervous easily
    9. She's very mature for her age
    10. She's more boyish than other girls

    Hope you like this, too :D
  • Auditions for another Christmas story...

    (#) ReturnFromTheAshes 2012-12-08 03:41:48 PM

    KIDS: Gerard's daughter please? (:
    Name: Sara Way
    Nickname: Batman
    Age: 14
    Looks: Long straight black hair, bright green eyes, little shorter than frank, skinny, very pale
    What you want for Christmas: Comic books and video games
    Fears: Being alone
    Ten facts about yourself:
    1. Sassy like her dad
    2. Likes to joke around
    3. Very protective
    4. distances herself from others
    5. likes to play videogames alot and read comics
    6. sings very well
    7. Draws horror scenes
    8. mature
    9. doesnt smile alot
    10. afraid of losing people
    Hope this is okay!
  • Auditions for another Christmas story...

    (#) ReturnFromTheAshes 2012-12-08 03:43:34 PM

    Oh wait change age to 11, i misread the thing xD
  • Auditions for another Christmas story...

    (#) AshIsNotOnFire 2012-12-08 03:46:46 PM

    Name: Danni Alvarez (if anyone here gets the Body of Proof reference, I'll love them)

    Nickname: Ni

    Age: 25

    Looks: Dark emerald green hair, goes to her jawline. Black bangs. Dark green eyes. Pale. Skinny. Tall.

    Job: Guitar tech.

    How you met your boyfriend: On Warped Tour '05, Ni was fixing Frank's guitar and Gerard started chatting her up.

    Opinions on Christmas: Loves it. Loves reindeer ears.

    Ten facts about yourself:

    1. She gets tonsillitis every few months.
    2. She adores kittens.
    3. She was a graphic designer for a bit.
    4. She wants to be in a band.
    5. She hates being sick.
    6. She dyes her own hair.
    7. She dyes Gerard's hair.
    8. She is a fabulous cook.
    9. She hated PE when she was in school, she'd lean against the gate and smoke.
    10. She's originally from England, and has an accent like Oli Sykes'.
  • Auditions for another Christmas story...

    (#) BeccaIsNotOnFire 2012-12-08 04:02:36 PM

    Name: Rebecca Black
    Nickname: Missy (please call me this instead of Rebecca) or just Becca.
    Age: Let's say 23
    Looks: Long dark purple hair, wavy, heavy side fringe. Big, brown eyes. Pale skin, very few freckles. Just over 5ft. Too skinny. Dark eyeliner, with flicks.
    Job: Burlesque dancer...or I work in a alternative shop called pulp or an art store or a coffee shop or am a singer of a rock band or a clothes designer. I DUN KNOW
    How you met your boyfriend:
    Opinions on Christmas: Best time of the year SNOW!! TREES! JUMPERS
    Ten facts about yourself
    I would be nothing without music
    Art is really important to me
    I get angry and pissed off really easily
    I get stressed really easily
    Care about my friends and the people I love
    Could easily use judo to throw you onto the floor
    Hate people who say YOLO or SWAG
    I am really REALLY scared of spiders.
  • Auditions for another Christmas story...

    (#) fatherfuckingmeese 2012-12-08 04:12:55 PM

    Hahaha sorry! GOSH I THOUGHT YOU KNEW ME.

    Okey. I'd like


    A MLP t-shirt with Pinkie Pie on it

    An easy-bake oven ;D If you don't know what that is, go straight to the Google!

    Turquoise converse hightops

    A pet squirrel XD

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