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Recap. Youtube's dream self.

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-Congratulations. You have made it to the end of the first Act. Just to Recap, here’s what you missed: Earth is now destroyed due to a video game called “Homestuck”, being run, and it’s only survivors are four teenagers. The four teens are Youtube, a girl who can hear voices from inside her head;, a boy trained in the fatal art of Editing; Pottermore, a lonely boy with his own manipulation problems; and Ficwad, a young girl with a shipping addiction and a bitter hatred of

-Each of them has successfully evaded the end of the world, and are in a place between Earth and the planet Homestuck will create for them. This place is called The Medium. They are all mostly okay. Which is what matters.-

-Homestuck’s destruction of Earth and it’s surrounding galaxy leads to a construction of a new one, where the adventure will take place. This universe is called the Incipisphere.
The biggest planet in the Incipisphere is Skaia. Skaia rests in the centre of the galaxy, and it emits light, heat, and unlimited creative potential. It could be whatever it wants to be, but it hasn’t really done anything as of yet. Since Skaia is a source of unlimited creative energy, the other two definite planets are at war over it.
The first definite planet is Prospit. Prospit circles around Skaia. Prospit is a planet, with a small moon. Prospit is bright and sunny from Skaia’s light, and it is home to a lot of happy optimistic people.
Far away, in the dark reaches of the galaxy, there is another planet, called Derse. Derse is basically the same setup as Prospit, but the people there are generally not as nice. Beyond that is the Furthest Ring, which is somewhere you do not want to end up.-

-Each player gets to make their own guide by tossing random household objects into a sprite egg. Your sprite guide will be based off whatever you give out.-

-When a player runs the game Homestuck on their computer server, they wake up their Dream Self. Their Dream Self is either located on the moon of Derse or on the moon of Prospit. Once the Dream Self awakens, Prospit or Derse can be explored by them.-

-Confused? Okay. I’ll dumb it down. Earth is gone. New Galaxy = Incipisphere. Three planets in the Incipisphere. Skaia, Derse, Prospit. Dream selves of players are resting on the moons of Derse and Prospit. Skaia is made of power. Derse and Prospit have been fighting about it. More planets will be created for each player. In the time it takes for each planet to develop, each player is stuck in a realm between planets called The Medium.-

On Prospit, Youtube’s dream self opens her eyes for the first time. Her room is a mirror image of the one she had on Earth, except for the fact that everything is made of either yellow brick, yellow plastic, or yellow glass. Wandering to the window, she tries not to notice the yellow dress and pink slippers she’s wearing, but is caught staring up at the blue sky above her. She can’t find the door out of her room, so she jumps out the window. She floats, flies, screaming joy, stopping dead short of Skaia, when she realizes how quiet things are.
Floating back to the ground, Youtube tries to think of what’s different.
She can’t hear the voices. They can’t reach her here.
Everything is quiet. Beautifully, quaintly quiet. No anger. No hate. Just her own thoughts.
Looking around at the crowd of aliens she’s unwittingly touched down in front of, she pulls the sleeves of her dress over her hands, looks to the ground.
The inhabitants of Prospit are crablike, blank little carapaces who pass no judgement. They reach out, dragging Youtube’s arms out of her sleeves. The stark whiteness of their shells match Youtube’s skin. Her red irises are not looked down upon. They run their stubby three-fingered hands over the scars on her hands, looking concerned and curious. They don’t say anything, but they make clicking sounds, running hands over Youtube’s scars, her eyelids, her matching-skin.
And she cries. She cries and she can’t make herself stop.
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