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Fire & ice

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Learn more of Flor and why she the way she is.

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Chapter 4:Fire and ice

( Pov: Mikey )Last night may have been one of the worst dreams. Well more like nightmare I've ever had. I mean yeah, things where getting pretty fucked intense. But the horrible fact that I was murdering Flor scare the living crap out of me. I would never hurt her. The second I lay my eyes on her, the moment we made eye contact. I knew I've found my purpose to live. I need to figure out what the is the bewilderment calling me out to her. Everytime I see her I just need her close to me.

I might hate my family with ever fiber of my being. I may want to kill myself with a burning passion. But I can't leave Flor like my Mother left me. I know I barely know her but something inside of me is begging me to learn about her. And today I do not care how long it takes I will talk to her and she will listen.

I just need her to be close to me. I feel as if my sanity depends on it.

( Pov: Flor )

It's a necessity that Mikey stay the hell far away from me. I can't bear see the cruse poses him. The way he protect me from Pj killing me painfully show me he such an admirable great person. Risking his life for me with out even hesitating, is so encourage. He is a lot braver than what he thinks he is. He can be a courageous person , he can stand up for himself. He just need a person to convince him that he can. But I can not be that person.

I approach the living room and catch a glimpse of Frankie sitting on the cold wooden floor bare foot scamming threw boxes. I love my brother, him and I are basically each other only friend I think it funny how are personality are completely different. He so playful and lay back and easy to get a long with. He so calm and relaxed and has such a care free attitude. I swear nothing bugs him and so many people thinks he is an amazing person to chill with. He would do anything he can to make himself happy.

He not selfish just thinks life's way to short to be unhappy. Unlike me, I have a very stronger personality. Anyone who messed with my brother I'm willing to give those bitches stitches. I'm hard to get a long with, I'm very impatient, and worry way too much about other people who I love. I care about other people ten times more than myself. After my Mom got token away I step up and took care of my family.

I forgot what it feels like to have someone care about me. Until Pj came into my life. Him and I where perfect for each other. I was fire and he was ice. When I stressed out when I hear my Dad cry in the middle of the nights missing my Mom. And I got so furious and began punching walls, Pj would wrap up my sliced knuckles and kiss my checks and hold me in his arms and let me take all my cry and scream it all out.

He was the only real person who has seem me break down. I hate showing people there a weaker side of me, I need to be strong all the time for my family. I can not be a weak person. I sit down near my older brother as he looking through baby picture of our Mom holding us and he seem emotional, so I try to make a pathetic attempt to make him crack a smile."Aw, Frankie you where so firkin cute what the hell happen?"

His eyes light up and he gives me a tender grin "I got sexy, THAT WHAT HAPPEN" he affirms wall doing a sexy hair flip.He slowly stops grinning and kisses Mom photograph and whisper "I miss her so much." I reach out my arms and he leans on my shoulder. I wrap my arms around him and hold him in my arms and a sure him "We both do and even though the cruse make her hate Dad. Doesn't mean she ever stop loving us she still does with all her heart. We just got to remember that." He nods her head and I wipe a tear from his right check and sweetly kiss his forehead.

Sometimes it surprise me that I'm the younger one between both of us. After I made sure Frankie is alright and no longer crying, it kill me to watch him in pain. I can no longer stay home restricted something is making me what to go out and explore the town we just move to. I walk around and gaze around the gorgeous lake house near my street. There is one house that is standing out the most to me.

It has thousand of tiny windows in multiple rainbow colors. When the light hits the house, it makes the inside shine with glories color. It's a breath taking sight. It was so captivating I do not relies someone has just bump into me and send me tumbling brutally on the ground. I gaze up and see a girl with bright pink hair and a tight ass shirt look like it made for baby...Half Her size.

She with a group of girls who look as clueless and as angry as her. She gave me a bitchy face looking at me from top to bottom "Wow... Some baby where drop on their head as a baby it clear to see, you where banged at the wall, several time and by the way look where the fuck you're going." She beginning walking away but I'm NOT going to let her step all over me like a firkin door mat."Maybe if you ate some of that makeup you could be pretty on the inside because it isn't working on the outside. And you watch where the fuck you're going just cause you were born on the highway where most accidents happen. Doesn't mean you can keep causing them and blaming it on me."

She turns back like a creepy blow up doll. "Do you know who the hell, I am, I'm Liana the most popular girl in school don't MESS WITH ME!!!!" She having a stupid bitch fit. I snort and say "Bitch I don't give a flying fuck that you're the most slutlyest girl in school, I just want you to stay the hell away from me cause, I can kick your ass in a heart beat!!!"She see I'm not backing down and stumps her foot, "Shit just got real, bring it bitch!" She did a dumb ass head pop and I knew I could kick her ass but before I even get close someone grabs me and shouts.

"Liana leave her the hell alone, I swear what did you have this morning bitch flake, in site of getting mad at random ass people get mad at your boyfriend who cheated on your so called friends who standing um right there." He points his index finger to one of the girls there and she gives her a death glare.

She swung back around and gave her a fast and powerful roundhouse kick in the ribs and the girl try's and grab her hair. But Liana isn't in to hair pulling she is seriously kicking her ass, IT SO AWESOME. I forgot Mikey is right next to me until he taps my shoulders "Can we hang out today." He gives me this puppy eyes and my cheats burns.

I want to say yes so badly but I don't even look into his eyes and quicky say "No" and dash away but he follows me. Dam this boy is not playing around. I'm in for a long hard day.

Hope you guys like this chapter I work my ass off making it, at like 5 in the morning hopefully it was worth it.
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