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Part 7

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Originally posted on 3rd April 2005. After seeing Jay kissing Ruby, Stacey is fuming but Jay manages to turn the situation around much to Ruby's upset.

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3rd April 2005

Part 7

Jay and Ruby both look at Stacey. She shakes her head then runs back out of the door through to the vic.
Jay: Stacey wait
(He runs after her)
Scene Changes to Stacey walking through the vic, Jay follows her.
Jay: Stace, wait i can explain
(He stops her and spins her round)
Stacey: Explain? How can you explain?
(Jay shrugs)
Jay: Would you believe it's not what it looks like? (Stacey crosses her arms, unimpressed) No, didn't think so (Stacey goes to walk away) no wait.
Stacey: Give me one good reason why i shouldn't dump you on the spot?
Jay: because i love you
(Stacey looks shocked)
Scene Changes to the back of the vic - Ruby is sat on the stairs crying
Scene Changes back to Stacey and Jay:
Stacey: Then why did you have your tongue shoved half way down her throat?!
Jay: Babes, there's something i think you should know ( He looks around, before lowering his voice) She has got this obsession with me, right now i've tried letting her down gently but she will just not take the hint, and i've got to tread carefully right, you know what she's like, those pills, sleep walking in the middle of the square. I don't wanna be the one to tip her over the edge, you know what i'm saying?
Scene Changes to Ruby - she stands up and looks through to the vic.
Scene Changes back to the vic - camera shows Jim singing on the karaoke, then changes to Jay and Stacey sat at a table.
Stacey: so what exactly has she been doing then?
Jay: sorry?
Stacey: What has she been doing to make you think she's obsessed with you?
Jay: loads of things really...come on you've seen the way she is with me, she's always flirting with me, touching me, saying things.
Stacey: like what?
Jay: Things like, oh i like you best Jay and i've never met anyone like you before (He looks at Stacey) It's creepy.
Stacey: Where does she get off, i should have a word with her.
(He hesitates)
Jay: No you don't wanna do that
Stacey: Why not?
Jay: uh, well it's over now. She knows how i feel and now you've seen her doing it she'll back off.
Stacey: Still i cant believe the nerve of her.
Jay: Yeah, that's what i said on Monday.
Stacey: what happened Monday?
Jay: oh nothing
Stacey: no, go on what happened monday?
(He sighs)
Jay: She came round mine after you'd gone.
Stacey: well what did she say?
Jay: Just how much she liked me and how she knew you'd be hurt but she wanted us to be together, I told you she's mad.
Stacey: Absolutely barking.
Suddenly Ruby walks out of the door, the crowd start cheering as Jim finishes singing. She walks through the pub then looks at Jay and Stacey when she reaches the door and leaves.
Stacey: stuck up cow
(Jay nods)
END of scene
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