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William Martin

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Hilary & benji find out whos behind it all and find out more information on the internet.. who is behind it?

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Ch. 7
William Martin

Benji looked at the phone as it started ringing, grabbing it he looked at Hilary, he felt really strange for some reason, "Hello?" He said into the phone

Hilary looked at Benji watching him

Benji's eyes went wide, "Wh... Wha... What! What are you saying!" Benji screamed into the phone tears flooding his eyes

Hilary watched and sat up get worried

Benji shook his head, "No! I wont believe you! How...?" He asked shaking horribly

Hilary grabbed his hand still not knowing what is going on

Benji shook his head wildly, "Fuck no! Joel isn't dead! You are so fucking wrong!" Benji screamed

Hilary's heart fell and she leaned forward laying her forehead on his shoulder, "Joel..." She whispered to herself

Benji started crying harder, "Murdered!" He said closing his eyes, "How... who?" He asked

There was a long silence

Benji opened his eyes again his eyes getting wider, "What? No he was in a mental institute! You can't tell me..." Benji screamed but got cute off

Hilary looked up at Benji puzzled and getting more worried

"He escaped! After fucking killing a professor you guys haven't found that ass hole yet!" Benji screamed

Hilary jumped and closed her eyes, "Who is it?" She tipping her head downward

Benji closed his eyes, "Ok, last night my friend Hilary Sangwin..." He stopped and blinked then nodded, "Yeah... Hilary Sangwin... Why?" He said looking down at Hilary, "Oh... well that is making sense now..." He closed his eyes again, "He's framing people. Well like I was saying," He sniffed trying to clear his senses, "Hilary was at home one night and she got attacked and almost killed. Do you think..." He paused, nodding he said, "Yeah thought so... Ok, I will stay with her all the time. Don't worry..." He looked at Hilary again, "Ok... yeah, bye..." He finally said then hung up and hugged Hilary crying all over again, "Joel's dead Hilary... Joel is gone forever..."

Hilary hugged Benji not wanting to speak



"I know who it is..."

"Who?" Hilary lifted her head looking at him

"You remember William Martin from a few years ago, who killed his mother with a knife?" Benji asked quavering

Hilary nodded then froze, "No... not Billy..." She said looking down, "He had a... crush on me... But I don't understand how he could have gotten out..." She shook her head

Benji looked at the computer, "I don't know... you wanna look it up?" He asked standing up

Hilary nodded and stood up with him whipping tears away

Benji sat at his computer and started clicking through things on the Internet since it was already on the Internet. He clicked into news and started searching

Hilary pointed, "There... Insane teen escapes from Waldorf Institute." She said, "Click on it..."

Benij clicked on it and started reading aloud, "William Dean Martin after killing his mother with a knife at age fifteen was sent to the Waldorf Institute then a few years later escaped from Waldorf Institute, age eighteen, after tricking a professor into making him think the teen could be helped he stabbed the professor in the side of the neck killing him and forcing past the guards. Somehow getting a hold of a weapon William escaped the institute laughing as he killed innocent people. The teen not yet captured is dangerous and must be caught and probably sent to death." Benji looked at Hilary, "He's a born killer... I wonder why. But he got out just recently." He looked back at the screen

Hilary continued reading the information on Billy

Name: William Dean Martin

Birth date: June 15th 1981

Age till release: 15-18

Blood type: B

Height: 5" 11'

Weight: 130 lb

Reason for visit: Insanity (Mental Disability)

Hilary closed her eyes, "Just plan information..." She leaned away from the screen, "I remember now..." She closed her eyes, "He did love me... But why a killing spree?" She asked looking down

Benji shook his head, "I don't know... But until he is caught I am going to protect you for my brother's sake. Trust me. I promise..." He looked up at her tears in his eyes

Hilary hugged him, "Thank you Benji. I know you will."

He hugged her, "You are like a little sister to me now. How can I not..." he said holding her tightly

She smiled, " I know, I know. Thank you." She smiled softly still hugging him
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