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Jay and Theresa... Trapped in a Closet

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More ice cream. Crazy Cronos. Nuuoa Eclaire's meddling mother. An awkward scene with Theresa and Jay. And a poorly done film. The madness finally comes to a close.

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I'm glad that everyone that reviewed enjoy the first chapter. I love making Archie sing... I might have to do it again. I hope you enjoy the next chapter... starring: ME! No it's all Jay and Theresa fluffiness... or me wishing there was fluff. I really enjoyed writing this one. -Nuuoa Eclaire


"Honey!" A questioning voice rang from the other side of Nuuoa Eclaire's doorway. Nuuoa jumped up in shock and pressed her tanned face and hands over the computer screen.
"What is it? I'm... kind of busy at the moment."
"I was just wondering Al-"
"NO!" Nuuoa Eclaire's voice shrieked around the room. Its walls were a lush simple green, and the floor was a brown carpet. Many painting Nuuoa had drawn and framed around the room were mixed with bright colors. Violet, aqua, magenta, azure. And Nuuoa was lucky the glass within the frame protecting her work didn't shatter at her loud reply.

Her mother widened her swirled blue and gray colored orbs in shock. And for a long moment she puzzled the outburst. Then finally spoke, "Why did you scream Al-" Another 'NO!' Was passed to her from the other end of the white door.
"Mom please don't say my name!"
"But why dear?"
"Because then the computer stalkers will know my name."

A few floors down Theresa and Jay found themselves once again in complete and utter darkness. And as they blindly moved their hands over the never ending walls that tightly surrounded them.

Theresa almost knowingly lifted her sparkling grape eyes up to the ceiling. And she turned on a very dimmed light that was hanging from the ceiling. And then they blushed. It was a furiously beet-red blush. They were in a closet.

They looked around the small space. It had dry cracked walls and was jammed packed with useless junk, except for on one wall where there was a firmly locked door. This made it completely uncomfortable for Jay and Theresa, as they were dangerously close. Jay could felt her hot steamy breath on the nap of his neck. He gulped. Then turned away from her fluttering gaze. He felt even more crimson then before.

Theresa tried to step away from Jay. He looked so handsome in the dim light. His light brown hair was like chocolate wafers, his steady and currently averting coffee brown eyes shining with hidden passions. She bit the bottom of her rosy lip.

Jay heaved in a sigh. Even the tiniest fragments of light touched up her golden red hair and spread to its roots like wildfire. He noticed her bite her lower lip. Those sweet, soft, luscious lips that he so long to touch. His mind was furiously pounding at his body to stop. But he was tried of waking up everyday and not having her be his. It was a common teenage rule.

Hormones always won out in a closet.

But then something averted his attentions. It was a small note hanging on the old wooden door.
"Look Theresa... it seems Cronos had left us a present." She blushed and grabbed the note coughing awkwardly. Apparently the newly completely deranged Cronos had taken it upon himself to write a quick note in fine neatly printed writing.

Dear Jay and Theresa,

I truly hope you have enjoyed your time here so far. And if not I know you'll enjoy it now... if you know what I mean. I'll tell my puppet Cronos to give you a nudge. And if still I find an awkward silence between you two, I'll ask Cronos to force you to watch a few of my favorite moments in 'Class of the Titans' history.

Much love,

The Master.

Theresa and Jay went far beyond normal red. Almost red enough to match Archie's previous shade. Wow! Two new colors in one day.
"So this is the master Cronos keep talking about." Theresa still avoided his eyes.
"Apparently. And what of this 'Class of the Titans'... it seems..."
"Strangely familiar. I know."

Then they found another note. Crunched away in a corner.

The NEW list of rules and regulations:
1. No controlling the two couples involved. Unless making Archie blush.
2. No revealing your plan. It's way to risky... but fun.
3. No stealing Neil's three-paneled mirror for fun to hear him do his high-pitched squeal. But allowed to make someone other then the pairs cause him to do so.
4. Only use the ability of the author's keyboard, for truly helping make the fiction funnier or fluffier. No personally gain BESIDES a giant television! Yeah!
5. No forgetting about the teens and letting them rot in the basement. Then what will happen to season 2! But allowed to lock them in a closet.
6. Off track is good.
7. NO stealing Jay or Archie. NO matter how cute they may get. Squeal!
8. Random input of ice cream is to be in each chapter... hey its soo hot in Vancouver!
9. Make Cronos way out of character. As he is now my little puppet.
Nuuoa Eclaire.
"Theresa... what kind of evil master mind could do this? This 'Nuuoa Eclaire' must be evil."


"MOM! Please! For the last time... where did you put that list I had made... what in the closet! NO!!!"


Suddenly a small old broken down television, contained within the closet, turned on and an image of Cronos appeared. He stroked back his black and silver hair. Laughing at Jay and Theresa's shocked movements.
"As my master informed you in that letter. Cronos is here to show you all these little scenes from your television show, 'Class of the Titans', that show you something important."
"We have our own T.V. show!" They blurted.
"Look," Cronos closed his blood red eyes and rubbed his temples in frustration, "Cronos has already been through this with Archie and Atlanta. And he doesn't feel like doing this again. So shut your trap holes and let's proceed."

A theme song began to play and them Cronos's horrifying image faded away to reveal a now starting slideshow. It stated, "JayxTheresa forever!!!!"
"What does the 'x' mean?" Theresa whispered.
"No clue? But let's watch."

A series of images followed. Theresa and Jay huddled in each other's arms under the sewers. The seasons commenting on Theresa being Jay's girlfriend. Jay catching Theresa when she fell. They couldn't help but stare. Someone had stalked them!

Then more rapid music picked up. And it had Jay constantly say in different situations, "Theresa with me." Or, "I'll go with Theresa." And at the end it counted how many times he had said it.

By the end of the odd display of poorly done filmmaking, Jay and Theresa were silent and the blush was inevitable. Cronos leaped for joy at their expressions.
"See! My master knew it! Cronos can see that you are meant to be. You two are like chocolate and vanilla! Like salt and pepper! But I'll use vanilla and chocolate because it's yummier! You two are so different... yet so similar! You two complete each other. You can't imagine the one without the other! And now Cronos's time is through. And Cronos shall be let go. And wake up somewhere with a bad headache. My master will let you go to ponder your thoughts. Bye! And when you meet Cronos again he will try to kill you as usual."


They soon realized they were back in their brownstone dorm. In their kitchen to be precise. All around them slumped on their chairs were the rest of the gang. Odie had fallen asleep on his laptop; Herry was rubbing his belly in his sleep... his mouth was covered in an ooey gooey mess of ice cream. Neil had fallen asleep checking himself out. And Archie and Atlanta had fallen asleep with her head on his shoulder. They seemed content and peaceful.

Theresa and Jay smiled uncertainly. It was still a little awkward.
"Want some ice cream Theresa?" Jay suggested, pulling his polo shirt. Was it just him, or was it hot in here? She leaned towards him. He could smell her faint vanilla bean scent.
"Sure," she placed her lips on his cheek for one heart stopping moment. Her smooth velvety soft, satin lips. 'Thank you Nuuoa Eclaire!' His thoughts screamed. Then she turned and smiled at him.
"And make mine chocolate."
"Make mine vanilla."


I didn't like it as much as the last chapter. But I found parts of it funny. Poor Jay and Theresa... they had such a hormonal battle. I hope you enjoyed this completely random story. Thank you for the support. And I apologize to my mother for making her look so deranged. And I'm not that crazy... it's just fun! -Nuuoa Eclaire
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