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Just a note to say that I'll start working on these tonight :) If you didn't ask for one then I'm sorry but it's too late to ask for one, I'm sorry 3: If I finish them all pretty quickly then I'll post another thing and you can ask for another one or ask for a first one so yeah ;3

So yes a couple of notes for people that I'm writing for...

atomickilljoy - Yours is gonna take a while to write but I shall write it :3 You gave me a plot that I can write and that makes me happy :')

xxMikeyxx - I can write your plot and I watched trailer so I think I know how to add in the lines that you wanted :3

Sam41 - It's not that important but would you like it to be a Christmas party or a normal party? :3 Either way I can write your story :)

Mcrroxursox45 - Hi! I can write yours :3 I will try my best to not make it too fluffy because I know you don't like that :')

So yeah they should be done before Christmas :3

Love Hozzie
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