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Talk Romanian to Me

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(Hetalia Romerica (RomaniaxAmerica) story) Alfred has never met, let alone heard of Vladimir. Or that he was his father's best friend.

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"Valdimir, you can't be here right now!" Arthur paced back and forth in front of me as I sat on his couch playing with the ribbons on my hat.

"And why whould that be Arthur?" I asked, crossing my legs. He glared at me.

"Because." He growled at me. I smiled and stood, flicking the ribbon over my shoulder.

"You know that's not how this works, draga." I put my hand on his shoulder and wrapped the other around his waist playfully.

"V-vlad!" He gasped as he stumbled back into the wall. I pinned him there with my body. "You're so cold, Vladimir. When was the last time you fed?"

Before I could answer, the door burst open. "Iggy, I'm here!" The tall blond man smiled. "Iggy..." His bags fell to the floor as he saw us.

"Is this what you were worried about Arthur?" I asked quietly as the - rather cute - man stared at us.

"Why yes, Vlad. Yes it is." Arthur sighed. "Vladimir, this is my son, Alfred. You know him as America. Alfred, this is Valdimir. Or Romania."

Well, no wonder he's so cute. "Hello." I smiled. His eyes bugged at my fangs. I quickly closed my lips and sighed. "Sorry. I'm not used to nonmagical humans." I explained.

"I'm not scared bro. I'm the hero." He laughed nervously. I raised my brow at him, making him shake. "Okay. J-just a little scared."

I smiled softly. "It's okay. I'm not allowed to eat nations anymore. Not after what happened when Prussia kidnapp Arthur with the rest of the bad touch trio and-" Arthur put his hand over my mouth."

"None of that now!" He cried frantically. I rolled my eyes at him.

"No I want to hear this!" Alfred laughed, moving Arthur's hand from my face.

I told him the story and he started asking me questions. We sat on Arthur's couch talking well through the night and into day break.

He was so like his father had been. So full of energy. So sure of himself. So cute.

When the sun broke the horizon, my body shut down almost instantly. I remembered falling over onto Alfred who was so warm. After that, it was a blank.

When I woke up, I found that Alfred had somehow laid down behind me on the large couch and was holding me like a doll tightly, his head ducked against my neck.

The hairs rose on the back of my neck at his hot breath rolling over my skin, making me shiver and my stomach clench and growl. In my front pocket, my phone vibrated.

"Da?" I whispered. My boss's voice filled my ear, making my grit my teeth. He asked where I was and what I was doing.

I whispered as quickly and quietly as I could to explain then hung up on him, which I knew would get me hell later on. "He sounded pissed." Alfred's voice made me jump.

"Da." I sighed. "Very. He only calls me a tampit when I don't eat enough." I bit my lip at that. My stomach growled again, making a dying goat sound.

"Dude, you should eat." I slipped out of his arms and crossed the room to the window. Pulling back the curtian, I saw just the slightest beams of sunlight in the sky.

I cursed in Romanian and closed the curtain quickly. Alfred had sat up, warming his hands with his breath. "You're so cold." He shivered.

"I know." I sighed. Alfred frowned as my stomach growled again.

"Do you want me to get you something? I know Iggy doesn't have good food here, but..." His words faded as a picture of him naked and dripping with blood from the holes in his neck filled my head.

I shook it quickly as the loudest growl snarled out of my body. "N-no, Alfred, I'll be fine." I clenched my hands together.

The second the sun was down, I was at the door, unlocking it silently. "Mine if I come? If I don't eat soon, I'm gonna die."

I swallowed hard at that. "Right. Well let's make sure that doesn't happen then, da?" He smiled and grabbed his jacket off the hook where I assumed Arthur had put it.

We slipped out into the night, the dark, cold air relaxing me a little. "Damn I can't see shit." Alfred muttered behind me. I took his hand, making him jump.

"I can, just try to let your eyes adjust." I led him to the sidewalk and headed toward the main part of the city. After about ten minutes or so of walking, Alfred's hand was still in mine. "Can you see yet?" I asked him softly.

"Yeah, I can see." His hand tightened on mine, his gloved fingers squeaking slightly against each other.

"Oh." Was all I could think to say. A boy bumped into me, falling to the ground. "Are you okay?" I offered him a cold hand.

"Just leave me here to die please." Alfred and I shared a look. I picked the boy up by his elbow, making him gasp and shiver. In the dark, his blue eyes -looking much like Alfred's- met my red. "Are you a vampire? Will you kill me?!" He seemed far too excited to be saying that.

"No." I let go of him quickly as I felt his pulse. My stomach sounded much like a lion by now.

"Please!" He begged. "I promise I won't scream or cry or anything!" He followed after us.

"I said no." Magic amplified my voice, making both Alfred and the boy flinch. I pulled Lafred along beside me to a common store. McDonalds. He smiled and held the door open for me.

"Did that guy really want you to kill him?" He asked as we set down with his food. He took his gloves off, putting them in his pockets.

"Da. I get at least one crazy tampit a month begging me to kill them." I sighed. He blinked at me.

"What's tampit mean?" He asked cutely. I smiled.

"It's dumbass in Romanian." I laughed. "As in that tampit outside will probably follow us back to Arthur's house."

"Oh. I just call em dumbasses." His voice took on a Southern drawl I had only heard in movies.

I bit back the squeak of 'That's so cute' and just laughed. In ways, he and his father were alike, but they were still polar opposites from what I could see now. "Alfred, do you mind if I call you Al?" I looked at him.

"Only if I can call you Vlad." I smiled and nodded. He seemed unbothered by my fangs now. I felt the hairs.on my arms raise as a sudden burst of magic surged through the air.

"Well Al, Arthur's awake and looking for us. He thinks I killed you, I'm sure." I rolled my eyes.

"How can you tell?" He asked, crumpling up his trash. I smiled sadly.

"He's searching with magic. I'm too weak to answer him right now though." I sighed. A worried look crossed his face.

"We should head back then." He took care of his trash and stood to go. We walked out into the night again, his bare hand meeting mine. "God you're cold Vlad." He shivered.

"I know." I took my hand back as I heard the runnning footsteps coming toward us.

I caught the attacker and flipped him onto the sidewalk. It was the boy again. "Please kill me." He cried.

My instincts were still peeked from his attack, so I couldn't stop myself. My stomach snarling, my body cold as ice and my head fogged with blood lust, I lashed forward like a cobra and bit into his neck.

His arms wound around my shoulders as tightly as they could as he pressed me against him. My body flared with heat as his blood slowly filled me.

It hit my toes and fingers then moved to graze at my arms and legs. Then, blissfully, it filled my chest and flushed my cheeks.

I gained new life from his death. His arms had fallen limply to the ground under us, his blood rolling down my chin and onto my white collar, tickling my skin.

His breath hitched, catching in his throat as I drained him of the last of his blood. I pulled away, panting slightly,and looked down at him. "Thanks." His pale lips pulled into a smile.

I looked up at Al, who was staring at me with huge eyes. "I...." I stood up, my face even redder now. "Al, I...." I turned and ran.away as fast as I could, not caring that my favorite hat flew off of my head behind me.

While I ran, I sent a silent magic message to Arthur. I told him that Alfred was fine and headed back and that I had to go home.

Before he could tap into my mind any further, I blocked him out and ran all the way back to my castle, swimming the channel into France.

Yes, it would have been easier to just fly home, but I didn't want to stop. I didn't want to slow down.

By the time I got in my castle, the sun rose. I hardly made it to a sitting room before I collapsed. My heart was racing and I was already going cold.

My coffin was up stairs, and I just couldn't make it. I crawled onto a low couch and passed out.

When I woke up, I had tears dripping from the corners of my eyes. I wiped them away and sat up weakly.

I needed to feed again after that run. My chest clenched as I saw Al's face in my mind again.

Of course I had to ruin it with Alfred before it even started. My hands shook violently as I stood.

I left the castle as I was and found someone quickly, biting into them with no thought about it. I hardly felt any better as the woman fell to the ground. Just a little warmer.

When I got back, the gates were open and there was a sense of awe in the air. I walked inside and saw Al looking around the main entrance room, his mouth open.

"Al?" I asked. He jumped and spun around. My hat was in his hands, the ribbon wrapped loosely around the top.

"Vlad!" He ran to me, his arms locking around my neck. I froze in place, not sure what to do. "Iggy told me how to get here. Iw was worried about you man!" He took my shoulders in his hands and shook me.

"I'm. Sorry!" I said as he shook me. He took my face in his hands and kissed me. "Mpfh?" I kissed him back.

I felt way better than I had when I fed. His lip slid across my fang, slicing open. I pulled back quickly as he gasped. "S-sorry!" He touched his lip and shrugged, wiping the blood on his finger on his pants and kissed me again.

"Al." I panted as I pulled away. "Draga mea, I'm so sorry."

"God I love when you speak Romanian." He pulled me into another deep kiss. I pulled away again and touched his cheek. "You're warmer." He noted, his going red.

"Al. I'm sorry you saw that before, draga mea." I hugged him close, his breath rolling over my skin.

"It's okay Vlad. I've seen worse, really." He laughed, making me shiver. I kissed every place I could at the moment, which was mostly his neck. "Oh yeah!" He laughed, pulled away from me.

He unwound the ribbon on my hat and placed it carefully on my head. I smiled at him.

"So?" I took his hand. "Want to see the rest of my castle?" He grinned and nodded. I pulled him to.the stairs and led him to the top.

Hopefully, he can be here more than this. And I could go to America. The thought made me smile brightly.

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