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Naruto picked up the Kusanagi from the ground and spun it before putting it on his back. He looked around at the destruction that was caused from the three Sannin fighting, and their respectful apprentices assisting.

He moved over to where a rock had been, and crouched down looking at the rubble. His Wind Style: Rasengan had utterly obliterated the rock. He had managed to hit Kabuto’s arm with it, completely destroying it, but he hadn’t been able to hit the snake’s apprentice dead on with it.

Still, Naruto felt good about the technique, even if he had missed. That didn’t mean he wouldn’t try to make it stronger, more destructive, with more blades in it as well. Why settle for less when you could have more?

Naruto stood back up and glanced around once more. Jiraiya, Shizune, and Tsunade were all waiting for him back in town; Naruto had stayed behind to gather the sand he had used during the battle. His ability with it wasn’t as perfected as Gaara’s was, but he was quite capable and destructive with it.

Still, it was time to get more. Naruto began at a quick jog, it would be a dead run for a civilian but to him it was only a jog. He loved the feel of the wind whipping past his face, flowing through his hair. He ran up a wall and began to leap across the rooftops, heading towards the bar that they had first met Tsunade at.

Naruto landed and quickly stepped in line with Jiraiya who glanced over at the blonde. “One of these days Gaki, you need to tell me how you got all those abilities. I mean, you have the Sharingan, Rinnegan, control over Sand like that Gaara Gaki, and the Hyoton like that fake Hunter-Nin you met in Wave. What’s next? The Moukton?”

Naruto gave a bit of a grin. “Ero-Sennin, I already told you in a vague method that I got these abilities through a method that if I told you, I would lose it. As for what’s next? Who’s to say?”

Tsunade moved to block Naruto off. “Fine then Gaki, as the Godaime Hokage, I’m ordering you to tell me how you got these abilities.”

Naruto looked at Tsunade in the eyes then shifted his eyes to look at Jiraiya. “You asked her to order me to tell her, didn’t you Ero-Sennin?’

“Guilty, but you still have to answer the question now Gaki, wouldn’t want to disobey your Hokage’s orders do you?” Jiraiya asked.

“I swear by the Log, if I lose the ability to gain more abilities, I am personally going to make a Hyoton based Rasengan and shove it up your ass Ero-Sennin.” Naruto said glaring at the Sannin a bit.

“I’m still waiting Naruto.” Tsunade said, folding her arms under her impressive bust.

‘Just tell her the same thing you tried with the Sandaime Hokage. Tell her you got the abilities from me.’ Kyuubi mentally told the blonde.

Naruto looked to Tsunade’s honey colored eyes. “The Kyuubi has been giving them to me. As I interact with people, I gain their abilities by ‘feeling’ their chakra…” Naruto then thought about it a second. “Mostly.” He added. “The Rinnegan is a recessive gene within the Uzumaki Clan, the Kyuubi just brought it forward for me to use. I’ve been around Mikoto Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha, letting me get the Sharingan, Haku gave me the Hyoton because her chakra entered my system when she used the ice senbon on me and Sasuke. I beat Gaara’s ass, so I got the sand though I’m sort of iffy with it as you’ve both seen.” He lied his ass off, but it looked like Tsunade was buying it

“That doesn’t explain the Mangekyo Sharingan you got.” Jiraiya mentioned now folding his arms

“Well, the Kyuubi was controlled by Madara Uchiha who had the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and she just held onto that feeling and gave it to me.” Naruto lied.

Tsunade nodded a bit tapping her foot. “So is it possible for you to get the Moukton by interacting with me, or my Super Strength technique?” she asked.

Naruto pondered that for a bit. Was it possible that if he had sex with Tsunade, both of those would a become perks? Naruto answered that one honestly. He gave a shrug. “Hell if I know, won’t know for a while.”

“Now why would this method be inaccessible to you for telling us?” Tsunade asked still looking into the blonde’s blue eyes. Part of her felt like he was lying, but at the same damn time, part of her was telling her he was telling the truth. Jiraiya was helping Naruto’s position by not calling him out on lying.

Naruto looked to Tsunade with a blank stare. “I’ve been interacting with the Kyuubi, something most of Konoha would hate for me to do. They’ll be demanding Jiraiya to use a tighter seal, and to seal away my abilities.” Naruto glanced at Jiraiya. “Not that he’d be able to, even if he chose to do it. I’d start using the Hiraishin and the Shadow Clones to escape. As for the Kyuubi, she’s also said that I was to try and keep this as close to the chest as possible. Ji-san found out before he died, Mikoto Uchiha found out, now you, Jiraiya, and Shizune know.” At this point Naruto heard an oink. “And Tonton.” He added for the pig’s benefit.

Tsunade nodded slightly, watching her fellow blonde. Her gut and instinct kept telling her that it wasn’t a lie, but she still had a nagging feeling. If Jiraiya were to call him out, then she would as well, but since her fellow Sannin wasn’t calling the blonde out, she couldn’t really say anything. Too bad she didn’t know that Jiraiya was feeling the exact same way.

“Now, can we please head inside?” Naruto asked motioning to the door. When Tsunade stepped away, Naruto moved past her to go inside. He took a seat and ordered some food, as well as their best sake, surprising the adults when he did so.

Tsunade was quick to follow his lead, it was a time of celebration, and celebrations were made all the better with alcohol. “You’re paying for your Hokage, you have enough money.” She said pointing to Jiraiya who looked like he was going to try to mooch off of Naruto.

Naruto snickered a bit and elbowed Jiraiya in the ribs. “I think that’s an order Ero-Sennin, and I doubt you want to ignore it considering she could have a female ANBU posted at the Hot Springs, just waiting for you to start peeping.”

Jiraiya looked like he was going to refute, before he realized that it was well within Tsunade’s powers as the Hokage to limit his peeping time. “Fine, fine.” Jiraiya said hanging his head as he ordered their finest sake as well.

When their food and sake came out, Naruto grabbed his bottle and held it up, once more surprising the two Sannin by the suddenness. “To having a Godaime Hokage by the name of Tsunade Senju who can take the title of first female Kage, to beating Orochimaru’s ass even though he ran away, and to putting a dent in Ero-Sennin’s wallet.” Naruto said.

Tsunade laughed a bit and raised her own bottle. “I’ll drink to that,” she said tapping the bottom of the bottle against the bottom of Naruto’s.

Even Jiraiya, shaking his head, raised his bottle and tapped it against the bottom of their bottles.

It was precisely then that the night began to go downhill.

Tsunade began to get drunk, heavily drunk, because she challenged Naruto to a drinking contest to try and get her necklace back. Naruto took her up on the challenge, and began to match her bottle for bottle getting drunk himself. Even though they had their respective ways to purge the alcohol, the sake they were drinking was hitting them hard.

Jiraiya had started drinking more himself; he didn’t need his own apprentice to show him up in yet another thing. But he didn’t have the ability to purge the alcohol from his system like Tsunade and Naruto did, thus ending up a drunken mess.

Shizune had drunk a bit, but being a light weight got drunk pretty quickly. She had passed out on her fifth bottle while Naruto and Tsunade were in the upper teens.

Naruto shrugged his shoulder a bit. “Come on Ero-Sennin, stay off my shoulder.” He told the toad sage. He had no idea how he was still pretty coherent, but Tsunade was faring about the same as well. He looked to Jiraiya who was asleep and sighed a bit.

“You can hold your liquor Gaki, that’s impressive.” Tsunade said, with just a slight slur to her speech as she downed another bottle.

Naruto glanced over to the buxom blonde and nodded a bit. “Yeah…” he said and stood up stretching. “We better head back to the hotel rooms so Ero-Sennin and Shizune can sleep in a bed.” Naruto stumbled a bit as he moved to grab Jiraiya and shook his head. He then staggered his way over to the bar and paid for the bill, using Jiraiya’s money of course. It was…rather staggering.

Tsunade hefted Shizune up onto her back and carried her piggy back style. “Mm, come on Stud.” Tsunade said sultrily, but still quite drunk. “Grab the pervert and follow me.”

Naruto’s head whipped over to the older woman before he quickly grabbed Jiraiya and hefted him up to follow Tsunade. Naruto was tempted to make a Shadow Clone to help, but he didn’t want to mess up while he was drunk. Once outside in the cold air, he felt a little better. He staggered after Tsunade who wasn’t fairing much better as she carried Shizune.

The two made their way to Tsunade and Shizune’s hotel which was surprisingly close. Naruto went ahead and got another room for Jiraiya and himself, using Jiraiya’s money of course. They dropped Shizune off, before Naruto dropped Jiraiya off in the room. Naruto grabbed his head, still surprisingly drunk with a remarkable ability of not wanting to sober up.

Naruto then helped Tsunade drop Shizune off in the dark haired woman’s room. He noticed that Tsunade wasn’t doing much better. They both leaned against the wall outside of Shizune’s room, resting a little bit.

Tsunade lolled her head to look to her left at her fellow blonde. “How’s your stomach feeling Naruto?” she asked.

Naruto patted his stomach a bit before looking to the older woman. “Fine. I’m drunk but I’m not going to throw up anytime soon, probably from years of eating ramen.”

“Good.” Tsunade said and pushed off the wall, grabbing the blonde. She then smashed her lips into his own, pulling him with her as she headed to her room, sloppily making out with the blonde.

Naruto kissed Tsunade back, his inhibitions lowered by the alcohol and his sense of danger dulled as he grabbed Tsunade’s ass squeezing as he lifted her up. The door slammed shut and he felt the jacket get jerked down his shoulder, Tsunade’s hands running over his back as he rubbed his tongue along Tsunade’s, his hands squeezing and molesting her ass at the same time.

Tsunade was briefly impressed with the blonde’s physique, it had an undertone of muscle under the rather streamline appearance, making Naruto rather deceptive in what his strength really could be. She moaned into the kiss, feeling her ass being grabbed as she was dropped onto the bed with Naruto still kissing her, their tongues gliding over one another.

Naruto shuddered as he felt Tsunade’s nails slide against his back a bit and he pulled away from the kiss. He removed her obi, before pulling open the top she wore, exposing her large beautiful breasts in their full glory. He briefly wondered how she was able to keep them high and firm. His hands grabbed her breasts, and started to squeeze them rather greedily. Despite her moan, Naruto saw Tsunade roll her eyes briefly and flash him a smirk.

“You know, there is more to a woman than large breasts.” Tsunade said as she slipped the blonde’s mesh shirt off, throwing it to the opposite wall. She pulled back at his slightly confused face and rolled over onto her hands and knees, showing off her round ass that was hugged by her black Shinobi pants. She trailed her hand along the curve, and her smirk grew as she watched his eyes.

Naruto paused when his eyes stopped following the hand that they were meant to. Tsunade was toying with him, and that wasn’t going to fly. He slapped Tsunade on the ass, smirking at the look of shock on her face. He grabbed her pig tails then and pulled back on them, getting Tsunade’s back to arch. “I’m not going to be so simple to get to stop.” Naruto said as he began to pull the Shinobi pants off of Tsunade’s body.

Tsunade took advantage of having her hair released and rolled back over, helping the blonde get her pants off. She then sat up, undoing Naruto’s pants just as quickly as he had done to her own. She licked her lips at the sight of the hard cock and gave a smirk, knowing she was still sexy enough to make men want her. She reached up and cupped his balls in her hand, rolling them between her strong, yet soft fingers. She then glanced up at Naruto’s face and licked her lips a bit more. “Guess I should show you how good the ‘Legendary Sucker’ is shouldn’t I?” She had hated the damned nickname, and the perverts that it brought, but she liked to think that the seduction classes that the Academy had when she was young had taught her quite a bit about pleasing a man, techniques she only sharpened over the years. She dropped her head down, and put the head into her mouth.

Naruto let his head loll back as his back arched as Tsunade swirled her tongue around the head and flicked it across the tip of his cock. He moaned as her full lips began to slide down his shaft, slowly so that he could savor their feel, or so she could savor the taste of his cock. Her tongue trailed along the underside of his shaft as her fingers kept working his balls, and Naruto loved it.

Tsunade paused and moved from the edge of the bed to kneel in front of the blonde. She rolled her eyes up to stare at him, not having taken her mouth off his cock. She estimated she was about halfway down on Naruto’s cock. Her hands moved to her hips and she dropped her head all the way to the base, not once gagging as she kept her eyes locked with Naruto’s cerulean eyes.

Naruto’s breath hitched as he felt Tsunade deep throat his cock without pause. He had to admit, he was rather impressed. He whimpered as she pulled back off of his cock, until he saw her smirk. She raised herself up from sitting on her heels and pressed her breasts around his cock. He moaned as he felt the soft firm flesh rub against his shaft, her mouth taking the tip back in.

Tsunade mentally smirked as she watched the pleasure on Naruto’s face. The blonde was pleasantly endowed, and he should be proud of what he had, but he was still a guy which meant a good pair of breasts and a skilled mouth was more than enough to bend him over backwards with pleasure. Tsunade began to bob her head and her breasts on and off Naruto’s cock, working quickly but skillfully, getting the blonde to moan with more pleasure.

Naruto gave a hiss of pleasure as he felt the soft mounds of Tsunade’s breasts moving against his shaft, and her tongue working over his cock while her lips also stroked him. Naruto clenched his hands tight, digging his nails into his palms to try and force the pleasure away to last longer for the woman kneeling in front of him. It felt wonderful, but he wouldn’t succumb so easily.

Tsunade rolled her eyes up to stare at the blonde and mentally smirked. It seemed he had some self-control, which was always a plus. Still, she refused to give up on making him blow his load like she wanted. She used one hand to hold her breasts tight around Naruto’s length as she reached up with her other hand and began to stroke his balls, using just the slightest hint of nail across his sensitive sac.

Naruto shuddered and he arched his back in pleasure, his head leaning back. “Close. So close.” He warned Tsunade. He knew from experience he released a lot, he didn’t want to give her that amount all at once without a bit of warning. He could practically feel the smugness radiating off of Tsunade, but he would get her back

Tsunade did feel rather smug; her tongue stroked the ridge of Naruto’s cockhead, teasing the sensitive flesh. She felt the surge and swelling as the first jet of the salty fluid spilled into her mouth. She felt Naruto’s balls twitch against her hand as they kept pumping the fluid. Her cheeks bloated out, but she was determined to take it all in her mouth at once. She pulled off of Naruto’s cock and looked up to the panting blonde.

Naruto stared transfixed at Tsunade as she opened her mouth with his thick load still in her mouth; she rolled her tongue around in the fluid before she closed her mouth and her eyes. She seemed to savor it, savor the way it slid down her throat and into her stomach. A hand moved between Tsunade’s legs, and Naruto watched her buck against her fingers.

Tsunade opened her eyes and looked up to the blonde. She needed him buried inside of her. She stood up and sat on the bed before laying back and spreading her legs wide. “Please, Naruto, I need it badly.” She whispered, her hands rubbing and pinching her nipples to try and give herself some pleasure.

Naruto stepped forward and moved between Tsunade’s shapely legs. He ran his hands up along Tsunade’s toned and smooth thighs, looking her over. He pressed his cock between her pussy lips, enjoying the feel of the wetness as he rubbed between them a bit with his cock. He moved his cockhead to rub against her clit to make her breathing hitch a bit. Naruto then pushed into the older blonde woman, moaning as he felt her tight pussy grip his cock.

Tsunade felt her breathing hitch and her back arched. Her eyes opened a little wider as she let out a low moan of pleasure as she felt her fellow blonde’s cock work inside of her. Due to her special seal based Genjutsu; her body was in the prime of its youth, meaning her pussy was tight. Better yet, Naruto was thick, thicker than most and she got to enjoy every full sensation of the younger blonde’s cock steadily working deep into her body.

Naruto looked down to Tsunade before he grabbed her hips. He felt her legs lock around his waist and her ankles lock behind him, no doubt understanding his intentions. Naruto looked to the honey colored eyes of the Sannin, almost challengingly. He eased out before slamming in, getting a louder moan out of Tsunade before he began to withdraw once more.

Tsunade accepted the challenger and she reached up with her hands and dug them into the Genin’s shoulders. Fuck he was thick… She arched her back a bit as she felt Naruto slam back into her, going at a steady pace of withdrawing slowly before slamming back in. “Fuck.” She said as she rocked her hips into Naruto’s.

Naruto hissed slightly as he felt Tsunade rake her hands down over his chest and he felt some blood spill down against his chest. That had hurt like a bitch. He rolled his hips forward, thrusting in and out of Tsunade with more vigor and speed now. He’d get her back. His hands slid from her hips to her stomach and moved up to her breasts, grabbing them tightly and thrusting even harder, grunting with each inward thrust.

Tsunade gave her own grunt of pleasure as the blonde squeezed her breasts. “Damn.” She whispered trying to keep up with the insane pace of the blonde. She had worked for years on building stamina due to a war, and she would prove it. She moved her hands to the blonde’s neck and pulled him down, kissing him deeply, her tongue meeting his.

Naruto swirled his tongue around Tsunade’s as he thrust in and out of her faster. His fingers moved to Tsunade’s nipples and he pinched and twisted them, teasing her and getting whimpers from the busty blonde woman. Still, Naruto began to go faster. He pulled from the kiss and leaned in, biting Tsunade’s nipples and tugging with his teeth.

Tsunade gave a louder moan and she tried to press Naruto into her bosom even more as she felt the blonde hammer into her pussy. She could barely take it, but she wouldn’t cum first. She couldn’t, she wouldn’t have a lower amount of stamina when compared to the blonde Gaki pounding her. She rolled them over so Naruto was on his back and she was on top. She leaned back and bounced up and down faster, her pig tails bouncing a bit as she dug her nails into Naruto’s chest.

Naruto was surprised at the change of pace and position and he thrust up into Tsunade, grunting a bit as he thrust when she came down, driving himself just a touch further into her and with just a bit more power. It really got Tsunade going as she got a bit louder with her moans. Naruto reached up and slapped the blonde on her ass and smirked at the sight of shock and pleasure on her fact, no doubt not many people having the balls to do that to her.

Tsunade grabbed Naruto’s hands and moved them from her ass, to keep the boy from spanking her again, and moved them to her chest, squeezing her hands around his own and moaning as both their fingers dug into her breasts. “Oh Kami…” she muttered as she stayed down and just ground her hips into the boys, whimpering a bit as she made that thick cockhead brush her g-spot. It was just what she needed.

Naruto felt a stirring in his balls and knew he was getting closer to his orgasm. He pulled from Tsunade and shifted their bodies. Tsunade landed on her hands and knees and Naruto was standing behind her. He grabbed her pig tails in one hand and her hip in the other before pushing inside her, giving a low groan as he felt her tight pussy squeezing him once more. He pulled on Tsunade’s hair making her back arch.

Tsunade whimpered a bit more as the blonde brushed her g-spot over and over in the new position that let him in a little deeper. It was what she needed, but the way he grabbed her hair and made her back arch was driving her nuts. She knew her nipples scraping across the sheets would add to her pleasure, but with Naruto pulling on her hair, she just couldn’t get them to do so. “Fuck!” she cried out, grabbing at her own breasts.

Naruto panted and felt a drop of sweat roll down from his brow and into his eye a bit. He reached up, releasing Tsunade’s hip to do so, and wiped it away before he smacked Tsunade’s large ass in front of him. He was standing off the bed for this position and soon he put his foot up on the bed, giving him a higher angle to push down into Tsunade from, getting her to moan louder.

Tsunade couldn’t take it anymore. “Cumming! I’m cumming!” she cried out and her inner muscles tightened up as her orgasm rolled through her like a maelstrom. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her juices spilled over both their thighs as Tsunade had the strongest orgasm she had in over fifteen years. Nothing quite felt right like a hung man, and the blonde pounding her just proved it

Naruto felt Tsunade’s inner walls pulsing around him, squeezing and clamping down on his cock and it had been too much. His back arched and he let out a groan of pleasure as he flooded Tsunade’s pussy, his hips bucked as he tried to drive his cum inside of her as deep as possible. As he fired the last jet of cum inside her, Naruto laid down on Tsunade’s back and held her.

Tsunade rolled them over onto their sides, panting a bit and leaning against her fellow blonde. That was some hard sex, and she had no problem admitting that the blonde had better stamina than she did, especially given that she had been fucked so damned well to be proven that fact. But her exhaustion and drunken state finally caught up to her, and to the blonde behind her, as she closed her eyes. Naruto’s steady heart beat lulled her to sleep.

Naruto woke up the next morning, naked and alone and his head was pounding. “Oh damn.” He whispered, clutching his head and rubbing his temples. For a second, he couldn’t remember what happened. Had he and Shizune had sex?

He glanced around and saw the clothes and realized he and Shizune did not have sex. The events of the night before came rushing back just as Tsunade walked out, wrapped in a towel from having a shower. “Did… do you… “ Gah, this was frustrating.

“Don’t tell me you forgot about last night Gaki… you were a beast last night.” Tsunade said with a bit of a smirk at Naruto’s lack of concentration or embarrassment.

“Oh hell no, I did not forget. In fact, it’s branded in my memory.” Naruto said and stood up, wrapping the sheet around his lower half. “But I don’t want to get hurt because of my drunken state.”

Tsunade gave a bit of a chuckle. “It wasn’t intentional, but I did have fun myself. But let me make one thing absolutely clear. You tell ANYONE about what happened last night, and I will personally castrate you with a plastic Spork.” She said looking to the blonde with a touch of killing intent.

Naruto snapped into a crisp salute. “Yes Ma’am.” He said in a firm voice that showed he got the message loud and clear. She was a Medic Nin; he could believe she would castrate him with a plastic eating utensil.

“Now go shower. I left some pills on the sink to take and help with the headache.” Tsunade said as she grabbed some fresh clothes from her luggage and put them on.

Naruto headed to the bathroom and hopped in the shower, closing his eyes as he scrubbed himself down. ‘Kyuubi?’ Naruto mentally called out to his tenant, hoping she could speed up the recovery process of the hang over.

“Not so loud Gaki. Damn, did you have to drink so much last night?’ Kyuubi came back with mentally.

Naruto winced a bit. “Did you get drunk last night as well?’ he asked.

“Yes, I was originally not going to purge the alcohol, teach you a lesson and all. But I got as drunk as you and that buxom woman did last night. This might be a bad thing… Drink a lot of water, I need it.” Kyuubi said

Naruto moved under the water and opened his mouth, drinking from the shower head and drinking as much of the water as he could. ’Two questions: First, why might being drunk last night be a bad thing, and two why do I need to drink a lot of water?’

‘I can accelerate your body’s process of breaking down the alcohol or purging it from your system with additional water. By the time your shower is over, you should be feeling infinitely better. As for your other question… did you notice the diamond like seal on Tsunade’s forehead? That’s an Uzumaki seal.’ Kyuubi explained as Naruto drank more water. ‘I think…. No, I know I sent my chakra through you, into Tsunade, and more importantly to that seal that is fundamental to her ultimate Healing Technique. My chakra has reversed her age anywhere from one year, to thirty years. I… I might have also given her the Moukton...”

Naruto paused and digested that little nugget of information. In private, he would have to tell Tsunade and soon. “Damn.” He said out loud. He got out of the shower; sure he got as much as humanly possible of the smell of alcohol and sex from his person. He got out of the shower and quickly dried himself off. He popped the two pills to handle his headache and headed out, finding Tsunade had gotten him a fresh set of clothes.

He quickly pulled them on and left via the window. He booked it across town to his and Jiraiya’s other hotel room and he quickly went in, grabbing his back and slinging it onto his shoulder. He scanned for anything he or Jiraiya might have left, but seeing nothing he also grabbed Jiraiya’s pack and took it with him.

Naruto walked across the rooftops, debating on what he should do. Tsunade was awake, obviously, but he didn’t know if Jiraiya and Shizune were. “Damn.” He said again. He pulled out his book and flipped it open.

“CONGRATULATIONS! You had sex with Tsunade Senju (Godaime Hokage)! +1600 points +20 politics, +10 poison making, +10 medicine making, +15 medical Jutsu! Perks added!’ Naruto tapped the points into the bar, “CONGRATULATIONS! You received the Bronze ‘Strong Woman’ medal! +500 points!’” Naruto again tapped the points in.

Flipping through the pages, he quickly found the medals and tapped on the ‘Strong Woman’. ‘Strong Woman: Bronze. Have sex with One S-Ranked Kunoichi.’ Simple enough.

Naruto then flipped over to the list of the women and found Tsunade. There were two, one was blocked off. He tapped it. “Tsunade of the Sannin. Requirements: Have Sex with Tsunade Senju before she takes the title of Godaime Hokage. Status: LOCKED.” Naruto glanced around at the few others, noticing a few that had two spots instead of one. He’d figure everything out

He headed to the Perks page, looking through them for the new ones. “Super Strength. Requirements: Have Sex with Tsunade Senju, Strength 50, Chakra Control 50, Chakra levels 50. So long as your chakra control is equal or better than you Chakra Levels, you can use Tsunade’s famed Super Strength technique!” Naruto had three Perk Points, so he went ahead and got that, a scroll popping out that he tucked away.

“Moukton. Requirements: Have Sex with Tsunade Senju, Chakra Control 50, Chakra Levels 60, Earth Elemental Composition 75, Water Elemental Composition 75. You can use the power of the Shodai Hokage and use the Moukton to grow trees with your chakra. This can contain a Bijuu or a Jinchurikii using their Bijuu’s chakra and calm them down.” Naruto had his finger hovering over it. Kyuubi would be upset if he took it, more so if he ever used it on her. Hell, he already had the Chakra Chains and the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. He went ahead and accepted it, he’d make it up to the Kyuubi in time.

Naruto tucked that scroll away as well and then put the book away. He then ran to find Tsunade, hoping he could get to her before Shizune and Jiraiya woke up to leave.


Naruto’s stats

Level 30 69600/71250

Strength: 50

Speed: 70

Acrobatics: 60

Endurance: 60

Intelligence: 50

Chakra Levels: 70

Chakra Control: 75

Luck: 35


Sexual Aura: 200 points. Master Level. Naruto’s Sexual Aura is at its very highest pinnacle. Even the mighty Kyuubi is heavily affected by it. Mutation Selected: Directive Sexual Aura. Naruto can direct his Sexual Aura onto a single target, making them experience the full weight of his Sexual Aura with an additional Twenty points

Ninja Master: 100 points. Adept level. Gives a Bonus to all Ninja Skills. (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Sealing, Senjutsu, Medical Jutsu, Etc.)

Sneak: 100 points. Adept Level. Naruto can now sneak past an unsuspecting Kage level Shinobi 95 percent of the time. Assists all Sneaky Skills (Lying, Cheating, Assassination, Lock Picking, Pick Pocketing, Trap Making, Poison Making, Hacking, Etc.)

Ninjutsu: 125 points. Adept level (+10 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can learn Ninjutsu easier. His current Repertoire costs less Chakra to use.

Taijutsu: 125 points. Adept Level (+10 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can learn Taijutsu Styles easier. He can also see more openings in a fight.

Genjutsu: 125 points. Adept Level (+10 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can Detect and Dispel B-ranked Genjutsu. Naruto can cast C-ranked Genjutsu, including the standard Clone Jutsu.

Kenjutsu: 150 points. Expert Level (+10 Ninja Master Bonus) Naruto can learn Advanced Kenjutsu Arts as well as see openings in his opponent's own Kenjutsu Styles.

Medical Jutsu: 125 points. Adept Level (+10 Ninja Master Bonus) Naruto can use the most Basic Medical Jutsu in Combat. Can cure bruises, minor cuts, minor fractures and other smaller ailments.

Pick Pocketing: 100 points. Adept Level (+10 Sneak Bonus). Naruto can now pick the pockets of an unsuspecting Kage level Shinobi 95 percent of the time.

Sealing: 150 points. Expert Level (+10 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can now unseal a Bijuu without killing the host.

Wind Elemental Manipulation: 126 points. Adept Level (+10 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can learn Wind based Jutsu easier, and even redirect minor ones that come from his opponent.

Earth Elemental manipulation: 100 points. Adept Level (+10 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can learn Earth based Jutsu easier and redirect minor ones that come from his opponent.

Water Elemental Manipulation: 100 points. Adept Level (+10 Ninja Master Bonus) Naruto can learn Water based Jutsu easier and even redirect minor ones that come from his opponent.

Lightning Elemental Manipulation: 100 points. Adept level (+10 Ninja Master Bonus) Naruto can learned Lightning based Jutsu easier and redirect minor ones that come from his opponent

Fire Elemental Manipulation: 100 points. Adept Level (+10 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can learn Fire based Jutsu easier and redirect minor ones that come from his opponent

Crafting: 100 points. Adept level. Naruto can learn how to craft and build items easier. Also increases all crafting abilities (Trap Making, Poison making, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, etc.)

Lying: 150 points. Expert level (+10 Sneak bonus). Naruto can lie to most anyone almost all the time. Kage level Shinobi may notice.

Haggling: 100 points. Adept level. Naruto can now haggle for better prices and shops he visits often will offer lower prices. Stores in general have lower prices for Naruto


Diamond Out-Do Your Rival: Gang-Bang your Rival's Mom. +1 perk point.

Platinum Clone Man: Use 8 Shadow Clones to have sex with a woman or women. +2400 points.

Have Vaginal Sex 25 Times: +5000 points

Receive 25 Blow Jobs: +2500 Points.

Platinum Hat Trick: Have Sex with Five Women in Twenty Four Hours. +3600 Points

Bronze Marathon Man: Have Sex with Two women at the same time. +500 points and +5 Acrobatics points

Gold Top Fox: Dominate Ichibi no Tanuki. +2400 points.

Have Sex with 3 Jonin Ranked Kunoichi: +1000 points +5 Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu

Have Sex with 5 Kunoichi. +800 points +5 Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu

Bronze Leaf Man: Have Sex with 5 women from Konoha. +800 points.

Bronze Leaf Hunter: Naruto has had sex with 5 Kunoichi with allegiance to Konoha. +1000 points

Silver Evened Up: Have sex with three women using two Shadow Clones for assistance. +1800 points

Bronze MILF Hunter: Have sex with 3 MILFs. +1000 points

Have Sex with a Mother and Daughter combo. +600 points

Have sex with 3 Genin Ranked Kunoichi. +300 points

Bronze Bottomed: Naruto has been Dominated once during sex. +500 points

Bronze Foreigner: Naruto has had sex with 3 Foreign Kunoichi. +600 points

Gold Have Sex with an Enemy Kunoichi: Naruto has had sex with a Special Jonin Level Kunoichi. +2000 points

Bronze Spurt: Naruto has had five orgasms during one session of intercourse without the use or backlash of a Shadow Clone. +1000 points.

Dirty Dozen: Naruto has had sex with 12 different women. +10 stat points, +1 perk point

Bronze Beautiful Black-haired Babes: Naruto has had sex with 4 different women that have black hair. +1000 points

Bronze Danger-Close: Naruto has had sex with a woman that is close to someone that will physically hurt Naruto for having sex with their loved one. +600 points

Bronze Deflowerer: Naruto has taken the virginity of three women. +1200 points

Bronze Strong Woman: Naruto has had sex with an S-Ranked Kunoichi. +1200 points


Hyoton: Allows for the use of the Hyoton Kekkai Genkai.

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan: Allows use of the Sharingan Kekkai Genkai and the more advanced Mangekyo version without Naruto going blind

Chakra Chains: Allows Naruto to make chains out of his chakra

Harem Master: Naruto can now have as many women in his personal Harem as he wants, minimizes the hostilities between the women

Hirashin Jutsu Version 1: Naruto can teleport randomly within a 5 meter radius around the Hirashin Marker

Rinnegan: Naruto can use the Ultimate Dojutsu, the Rinnegan and all the abilities that come with it.

Snake Style: Naruto can use the Snake Taijutsu Style.

Magnetic Release: Naruto can use the Magnetic release of the Sandaime and Yondaime Kazekages.

Sand Manipulation: Naruto can use the Sand Manipulation like Gaara can.

Animal Magnetism: Women are more likely to fall to Naruto’s Sexual Aura and won’t hurt him for having multiple women.

Moukton: Allows for use of the Moukton Kekkai Genkai. Can calm Bijuu and their Jinchuriki

Super Strength: So long as Naruto has an equal or higher Chakra control to Chakra Levels, he can use Tsunade’s Legendary Super Strength Technique
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