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XxPerfectTomorrowxX (Misery Business drawings :3)

by tdeeley 11 reviews

Taylor drawings... with some MCR stuff.

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Hey guys!

I hope your Christmas was as awesome as mine, what did you get?
I got the fucking Mikey Way Squire Bass Guitar By Fender... FUCK YEAH!
I cried when I opened it man like seriously!
So anyway there's this unbelievably amazing fic called Misery Business by XxPerfectTomorrowxX

if you haven't read it i strongly suggest you do... Like RIGHT NOW!

Anyway she asked me to draw her main character Taylor (who is awesome for just having the same name as me!) anyway id already drawn a few fan art pieces of this story so here's two of my favorites but they aren't in colour, just pencil.

so XxPerfectTomorrowxX if you want me to do one in colour that would be fine I have just got a new art set anyway so i'm going to be drawing a lot anyway. but i hope you like them but if you want anything changed just say i don't mind at all :)

^First one- I know its black parade era but that's just how I pictured it, its when Gerard's carrying her from the car to his house.

There's another...

I couldn't decide which picture was better (with or without flash)

But yeah that ones her on her own, well how I imagine her if you want me to post the others I will i have ones of her and mikey and stuff so yeah i hope you like them :)

OH! And here's the MCR stuff...

^^^my attempt at Gee's french art...^^^

So yeah reviews and rates please? And please got and check out XxPerfectTomorrowxX's story, she deserves the appreciation, i love her and her stories!

T xoxo
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