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my online diary

by MCR-99 6 Reviews

thought i'd write a diary. I'll talk about anything.. my chem most of the time though.. then you give me feedback. that is how it'll be ok? Good.

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  • my online diary

    (#) xxMikeyxx 2012-12-28 04:24:16 PM

    I fantasised Mikey taking me into his arms and carrying me out of French.
    The teacher has to go and ask me a question at that moment =S

    Author's response

    aww romantic..

    yeah in my fantasy,I really wanted to scream


    but i didn't because i'd get laughed at..

    or i'd get admitted to a mental hospital...
  • my online diary

    (#) nerds_assemble 2012-12-28 05:05:58 PM

    I once had the most fucked up dream. There were like, twenty Ninja Turtles in my room that had escaped from little pods out of a giant spaceship that was traveling to the future and then they were in my room and Gerard was like "I need your help!!!!" And I was like "What the hell do you need my help for? You're Gerard." and he was like "Because! I told the press I'd have some details on TUA and The Killjoys and shit!" And I was like "..." and then he was all "Ugh. I'm fucked." and he left just as the ninja turtle (that does not exist) with a black mask came up to me and asked for pizza money.

    So. It was like, weirder than the time I dreamt I was watching Will & Grace and MCR came on it.

    Author's response

    Freaky shit,yo.

    Wait,what was Gerard doing in your room in the first place?
  • my online diary

    (#) nerds_assemble 2012-12-28 05:24:27 PM

    Tell me about it, home dawg.

    I have no idea. He just kind of wandered up there...perhaps he heard I was hosting a bunch of mutant ninja turtles?

    Author's response


    Or mabye he heard you had the sims and wanted to see if you made a Frerard too..

    Yes,I read that dream life sims story..


    If only he heard I had the sims..
  • my online diary

    (#) nerds_assemble 2012-12-28 06:14:22 PM


    That was like, creepy for a second. XD

    No, I used to have the Sims...I guess I still do, but my computer is like NOPE to it so. Screwy.

    But, I made MCR into a family where only G & Mikey were brothers and...some shit went down, man.

    It was like, Frank and G were going with each other and I didn't do a thing.


    Author's response

    wow creepy...

    Yeah i have sims on my ps3,the sims 3.

    I made Gerard on there..

    When he was with the black parade and killjoy..

    and the exchange was like a total bitch to me,wouldn't put up the killjoy gerard and i deleted the save file..

  • my online diary

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-12-29 05:52:50 AM

    I keep on having Bob fantasies.
  • my online diary

    (#) nerds_assemble 2012-12-29 01:33:10 PM

    Sims 3?!?!?! DUDE that's awesome! I had the Sims 2 with the Holiday pack and the pets pack but the walls kept blinking red...very annoying.

    I guess in a way, it's good that my computer won't take Sims anymore. I barely get anymore homework done now...Imagine if I had Sims...

    Awh, I'm sorry about Killjoy G. That blows. I had Revenge MCR and I also had Green Day...and P!ATD. Weirdness. I once made it for Will & Grace.

    Ugh. Too creepy.


    Author's response

    yeah but i got black parade G up though..

    I don't play sims 3 much now cuz i got a laptop so im like on my laptop for ages..

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