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Sad My Chem Songs

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just a detailed list of sad My Chem songs from Bullets to Conventional Weapons number 3 also I'll do other feelings for the other songs too!

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Hello people.
New topic:My chem songs.

I decided to list the saddest MCR songs from bullets to present (Conventional Weapons 3)
I'll do others too in this list aswell!

So let us begin:
From bullets:

1)Skylines and Turnstiles.

Ok it's sad cuz it was about 9/11,which started My Chem in the first place.
also,it makes you really feel what the victims and eye witnesses felt that day.
so,that's at the top of the list.

2)Early Sunsets Over Monroeville.

The end bit nearly brings me to tears every time.
It just repeats the words and it sounds like Gee is about to kill himself and I don't like that.

3)Demolition Lovers.

It's just really romantic..
and I just cry at it because it's sad..

4)Headfirst For Halos

I know it's not a sad song,but didn't you read the summary?
Other songs too!
Headfirst for halos is a really fun song,makes me dance.

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge:


It's about Gee and Mikey's grandmother,so it's sad..

2.The Ghost Of You

and it's about war and all but..

3.I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

Again,not a saddie..
but,it makes me want revenge on most people..

The Black Parade:

1.Famous Last Words.

This song saved my life.
The chorus gets to you.
'Nuff said.


Did you not get the title?
It's about a disease.


It just sounds real sad ok?

Danger Days:The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys


3 words:


I'll get you one day Korse..

2.The Kids From Yesterday

This song makes you think about the past.
We were all kids from yesterday at one point.

3.The Only Hope For Me Is You.

More romantic songs...


Not sad but I'm talking about it.
I love the uhh...
bits that Gee and Frankie do..

Conventional Weapons number 1 has no sad songs..
But Boy Division and Tommorow's Money are great..

Conventional Weapons 2 only has one sad song.
I don't really know why I think it's sad,but it is.

Conventional Weapons 3:
Both songs are VERY SAD!!
Perfect for sad fics for MCR.

Do you agree with this list?

kk bai!
xxx Sadie xxx
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